First Names for Charlotte

First Names for Charlotte

If you choose to call your child Charlotte as your child’s second name, or maybe this is your last name, that’s great. On this page, you will find more than 670 ideas for first names. All you have to do is pick the one you prefer.

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First name for CharlotteAbbott	Adelle
Abigail	Adrianne
Abril	Adrienne
Acacia	Agathe
Adair	Agnes
Adaline	Aimee
Addison	Ainsley
Adelaide	Alaina
Adele	Alastair
Adeline	Alayah
First name for Charlotte

First Names for Charlotte – The Names List

Start of the name

First name for Charlotte
Abbott Charlotte
Abigail Charlotte
Abril Charlotte
Acacia Charlotte
Adair Charlotte
Adaline Charlotte
Addison Charlotte
Adelaide Charlotte
Adele Charlotte
Adeline Charlotte
Adelle Charlotte
Adrianne Charlotte
Adrienne Charlotte
Agathe Charlotte
Agnes Charlotte
Aimee Charlotte
Ainsley Charlotte
Alaina Charlotte
Alastair Charlotte
Alayah Charlotte
Alba Charlotte
Alejandra Charlotte
Alexander Charlotte
Alexandra Charlotte
Alexis Charlotte
Alia Charlotte
Alice Charlotte
Alicia Charlotte
Aliénor Charlotte
Alivia Charlotte
Allion Charlotte
Allison Charlotte
Alma Charlotte
Althea Charlotte
Amanda Charlotte
Amara Charlotte
Amber Charlotte
Amelia Charlotte
Amelie Charlotte
Amélie Charlotte
Amora Charlotte
Amy Charlotte
Ana Charlotte
Anastasia Charlotte
Andrea Charlotte
Angel Charlotte
Angela Charlotte
Angelica Charlotte
Aniyah Charlotte
Ann Charlotte
Anna Charlotte
Annabelle Charlotte
Annalise Charlotte
Anne Charlotte
Annette Charlotte
Annie Charlotte
Antonia Charlotte
Aoibh Charlotte
Aoibhe Charlotte
Apolline Charlotte
Arabella Charlotte
Ari Charlotte
Aria Charlotte
Ariana Charlotte
Ariel Charlotte
Arielle Charlotte
Artemis Charlotte
Artemise Charlotte
Arya Charlotte
Ashford Charlotte
Astrid Charlotte
Athena Charlotte
Aubree Charlotte
Aubrey Charlotte
Audrey Charlotte
Augusta Charlotte
Augustine Charlotte
Aurelia Charlotte
Aurora Charlotte
Autumn Charlotte
Ava Charlotte
Avalon Charlotte
Aveline Charlotte
Avery Charlotte
Ayla Charlotte
Azalea Charlotte
Azzurra Charlotte
Bahlman Charlotte
Bailey Charlotte
Barnadette Charlotte
Bay Charlotte
Bea Charlotte
Beatrice Charlotte
Béatrice Charlotte
Beatrix Charlotte
Beckham Charlotte
Bella Charlotte
Belle Charlotte
Benicia Charlotte
Benjamine Charlotte
Bennet Charlotte
Bernadette Charlotte
Beth Charlotte
Beverly Charlotte
Bexley Charlotte
Bingham Charlotte
Blaine Charlotte
Blair Charlotte
Blake Charlotte
Blossom Charlotte
Blue Charlotte
Braelynn Charlotte
Bree Charlotte
Briana Charlotte
Brianna Charlotte
Brid Charlotte
Bridget Charlotte
Brielle Charlotte
Briona Charlotte
Brooke Charlotte
Brooklyn Charlotte
Bryn Charlotte
Bryne Charlotte
Brynn Charlotte
Bryony Charlotte
Calista Charlotte
Callie Charlotte
Camelia Charlotte
Camilla Charlotte
Camille Charlotte
Campbell Charlotte
Camryn Charlotte
Candice Charlotte
Carla Charlotte
Carmen Charlotte
Carolina Charlotte
Caroline Charlotte
Carson Charlotte
Carys Charlotte
Casey Charlotte
Cassandra Charlotte
Cassidy Charlotte
Cate Charlotte
Catherine Charlotte
Cécile Charlotte
Cecilia Charlotte
Cecily Charlotte
Celeste Charlotte
Cêlestine Charlotte
Celia Charlotte
Celine Charlotte
Chloe Charlotte
Christina Charlotte
Christine Charlotte
Chrysalis Charlotte
Ciara Charlotte
Cicely Charlotte
Claire Charlotte
Clara Charlotte
Clare Charlotte
Clarisa Charlotte
Clark Charlotte
Claude Charlotte
Clementine Charlotte
Cody Charlotte
Colette Charlotte
Constance Charlotte
Cora Charlotte
Coralie Charlotte
Cordelia Charlotte
Corinthia Charlotte
Corliss Charlotte
Corrine Charlotte
Cosette Charlotte
Cove Charlotte
Crawford Charlotte
Cristina Charlotte
Cynthia Charlotte
Dahlia Charlotte
Daisy Charlotte
Daleyza Charlotte
Dana Charlotte
Danica Charlotte
Daniela Charlotte
Danielle Charlotte
Daphne Charlotte
Darcy Charlotte
Daria Charlotte
Dawn Charlotte
Deborah Charlotte
Dee Charlotte
Delaney Charlotte
Delilah Charlotte
Delphine Charlotte
Demi Charlotte
Denver Charlotte
Désirée Charlotte
Destiny Charlotte
Diane Charlotte
Dobrosława Charlotte
Donatella Charlotte
Dorothy Charlotte
Dorotka Charlotte
Dove Charlotte
Drew Charlotte
Drisscoll Charlotte
Easton Charlotte
Eden Charlotte
Edie Charlotte
Edith Charlotte
Eireann Charlotte
Elaine Charlotte
Eleanor Charlotte
Eleanora Charlotte
Elena Charlotte
Elenor Charlotte
Eliana Charlotte
Elisabeth Charlotte
Elise Charlotte
Eliza Charlotte
Elizabeth Charlotte
Elizabth Charlotte
Ella Charlotte
Elle Charlotte
Ellie Charlotte
Elliott Charlotte
Elodie Charlotte
Eloise Charlotte
Elsa Charlotte
Elsie Charlotte
Ember Charlotte
Embry Charlotte
Emelia Charlotte
Emerald Charlotte
Emerson Charlotte
Emilia Charlotte
Emilie Charlotte
Emily Charlotte
Emma Charlotte
Emmeline Charlotte
Erin Charlotte
Erson Charlotte
Esme Charlotte
Estella Charlotte
Estelle Charlotte
Esther Charlotte
Étiennette Charlotte
Eugenia Charlotte
Eva Charlotte
Evangeline Charlotte
Evanthe Charlotte
Eve Charlotte
Evelyn Charlotte
Everest Charlotte
Everly Charlotte
Fabienne Charlotte
Fabiola Charlotte
Faith Charlotte
Fatima Charlotte
Fay Charlotte
Faye Charlotte
Felicia Charlotte
Felician Charlotte
Felicity Charlotte
Fern Charlotte
Fiona Charlotte
Flavia Charlotte
Fleur Charlotte
Flora Charlotte
Florence Charlotte
Frances Charlotte
Francine Charlotte
Franciszka Charlotte
Frederick Charlotte
Freya Charlotte
Gabriella Charlotte
Gabrielle Charlotte
Gail Charlotte
Garnet Charlotte
Gem Charlotte
Genesis Charlotte
Genevieve Charlotte
Georgia Charlotte
Geraldine Charlotte
Germaine Charlotte
Ginevra Charlotte
Godfrey Charlotte
Gosia Charlotte
Grace Charlotte
Gracen Charlotte
Grainne Charlotte
Grecia Charlotte
Gregoria Charlotte
Greta Charlotte
Grey Charlotte
Guadalupe Charlotte
Guinevere Charlotte
Gwen Charlotte
Gwendolyn Charlotte
Hailey Charlotte
Haisley Charlotte
Haley Charlotte
Hannah Charlotte
Harlow Charlotte
Harper Charlotte
Harriet Charlotte
Hayes Charlotte
Haze Charlotte
Hazel Charlotte
Heather Charlotte
Hebe Charlotte
Hedwig Charlotte
Helen Charlotte
Helena Charlotte
Hendrix Charlotte
Henrietta Charlotte
Henriette Charlotte
Hermione Charlotte
Honey Charlotte
Hope Charlotte
Hortensia Charlotte
Ianthe Charlotte
Ignatia Charlotte
Imogen Charlotte
India Charlotte
Inés Charlotte
Ingrid Charlotte
Irene Charlotte
Iris Charlotte
Isabel Charlotte
Isabella Charlotte
Isabelle Charlotte
Isla Charlotte
Isobel Charlotte
Isolde Charlotte
Ivana Charlotte
Ivy Charlotte
Jacqueline Charlotte
Jade Charlotte
Jane Charlotte
Janelle Charlotte
Janet Charlotte
Jasmine Charlotte
Jean Charlotte
Jeanne Charlotte
Jemima Charlotte
Jennifer Charlotte
Jo Charlotte
Joanna Charlotte
Joanne Charlotte
Jocelyn Charlotte
Joelle Charlotte
Jolene Charlotte
Jolie Charlotte
Josephine Charlotte
Josie Charlotte
Journey Charlotte
Joy Charlotte
Joyce Charlotte
Julia Charlotte
Juliet Charlotte
Juliette Charlotte
June Charlotte
Juniper Charlotte
Juno Charlotte
Kamryn Charlotte
Karina Charlotte
Karolina Charlotte
Katarzyna Charlotte
Kate Charlotte
Katelyn Charlotte
Katerina Charlotte
Kathleen Charlotte
Kathryn Charlotte
Katrina Charlotte
Kay Charlotte
Kayla Charlotte
Kaylani Charlotte
Keegan Charlotte
Kelly Charlotte
Kelsey Charlotte
Kennedy Charlotte
Kenya Charlotte
Kiera Charlotte
Kim Charlotte
Kimberly Charlotte
Klara Charlotte
Laine Charlotte
Lake Charlotte
Laken Charlotte
Lane Charlotte
Lark Charlotte
Laura Charlotte
Laurel Charlotte
Lauren Charlotte
Lavender Charlotte
Lavinia Charlotte
Layla Charlotte
Leah Charlotte
Leigh Charlotte
Lena Charlotte
Léna Charlotte
Lenna Charlotte
Leona Charlotte
Léonie Charlotte
Leonora Charlotte
Leonore Charlotte
Léopoldine Charlotte
Leticia Charlotte
Liana Charlotte
Liesel Charlotte
Lila Charlotte
Lilah Charlotte
Lilian Charlotte
Lillah Charlotte
Lillia Charlotte
Lillian Charlotte
Lilly Charlotte
Lily Charlotte
Lina Charlotte
Lindsay Charlotte
Linnea Charlotte
Lobelia Charlotte
Londyn Charlotte
Lorelei Charlotte
Lorraine Charlotte
Louisa Charlotte
Louise Charlotte
Lourdes Charlotte
Lucie Charlotte
Lucienne Charlotte
Lucille Charlotte
Lucinda Charlotte
Lucy Charlotte
Ludmilla Charlotte
Luna Charlotte
Lux Charlotte
Lydia Charlotte
Lynn Charlotte
Lynne Charlotte
Lyra Charlotte
Mabel Charlotte
Mackenzie Charlotte
Madeleine Charlotte
Madeline Charlotte
Madelyn Charlotte
Madison Charlotte
Mae Charlotte
Maeve Charlotte
Magdalena Charlotte
Magdalene Charlotte
Magnolia Charlotte
Maise Charlotte
Maisie Charlotte
Makayla Charlotte
Makenna Charlotte
Malia Charlotte
Maliyah Charlotte
Mallory Charlotte
Manon Charlotte
Maple Charlotte
Maren Charlotte
Margaret Charlotte
Margaux Charlotte
Margo Charlotte
Margot Charlotte
Marguerite Charlotte
Maria Charlotte
Marianne Charlotte
Maricela Charlotte
Marie Charlotte
Marissa Charlotte
Marlène Charlotte
Marlow Charlotte
Marrie Charlotte
Mars Charlotte
Martha Charlotte
Martine Charlotte
Mary Charlotte
Mathilda Charlotte
Mathilde Charlotte
Matilda Charlotte
May Charlotte
Maya Charlotte
Meadow Charlotte
Meg Charlotte
Megan Charlotte
Melanie Charlotte
Memphis Charlotte
Meredith Charlotte
Mia Charlotte
Micah Charlotte
Michaela Charlotte
Michelle Charlotte
Mila Charlotte
Milena Charlotte
Millie Charlotte
Mira Charlotte
Miranda Charlotte
Mireille Charlotte
Miriam Charlotte
Molly Charlotte
Monroe Charlotte
Morgan Charlotte
Morwenna Charlotte
Muse Charlotte
Mya Charlotte
Nadine Charlotte
Nancy Charlotte
Naomi Charlotte
Natali Charlotte
Natalia Charlotte
Natalie Charlotte
Nathalie Charlotte
Nelya Charlotte
Neve Charlotte
Nia Charlotte
Niamh Charlotte
Nicole Charlotte
Nicolette Charlotte
Nina Charlotte
Noa Charlotte
Noah Charlotte
Noelle Charlotte
Nolan Charlotte
Nora Charlotte
Norah Charlotte
North Charlotte
Nova Charlotte
Nylah Charlotte
Octavia Charlotte
Odelia Charlotte
Odessa Charlotte
Odette Charlotte
Olive Charlotte
Olivia Charlotte
Olympe Charlotte
Olympia Charlotte
Opal Charlotte
Ophelia Charlotte
Orchid Charlotte
Paige Charlotte
Paisley Charlotte
Paloma Charlotte
Pam Charlotte
Patrice Charlotte
Patricia Charlotte
Paula Charlotte
Paxton Charlotte
Payton Charlotte
Pearl Charlotte
Penelope Charlotte
Persephone Charlotte
Petra Charlotte
Peyton Charlotte
Philippa Charlotte
Phoebe Charlotte
Phoenix Charlotte
Phyllida Charlotte
Piper Charlotte
Pippa Charlotte
Plum Charlotte
Poppy Charlotte
Quin Charlotte
Quinn Charlotte
Rae Charlotte
Raelyn Charlotte
Rafaella Charlotte
Rain Charlotte
Ramona Charlotte
Raphaëlle Charlotte
Reagan Charlotte
Rebecca Charlotte
Reese Charlotte
Remi Charlotte
Renee Charlotte
Renée Charlotte
Rhea Charlotte
Rhiannon Charlotte
Riley Charlotte
Roberta Charlotte
Rosalie Charlotte
Rosalind Charlotte
Rosalyn Charlotte
Rosanna Charlotte
Rose Charlotte
Rosemary Charlotte
Rowena Charlotte
Roxanne Charlotte
Ruby Charlotte
Ruth Charlotte
Ryan Charlotte
Sabine Charlotte
Sabrina Charlotte
Sadie Charlotte
Safia Charlotte
Sage Charlotte
Salomé Charlotte
Samantha Charlotte
Sarah Charlotte
Sasha Charlotte
Savannah Charlotte
Sawyer Charlotte
Saylor Charlotte
Scarlet Charlotte
Scarlett Charlotte
Scout Charlotte
Serafina Charlotte
Seraphina Charlotte
Serena Charlotte
Shae Charlotte
Shannon Charlotte
Shea Charlotte
Sherwin Charlotte
Sienna Charlotte
Sierra Charlotte
Simone Charlotte
Sirine Charlotte
Sky Charlotte
Skye Charlotte
Skylar Charlotte
Snow Charlotte
Sofía Charlotte
Solenne Charlotte
Sophia Charlotte
Sophie Charlotte
Stella Charlotte
Stephanie Charlotte
Su Charlotte
Sue Charlotte
Summer Charlotte
Sunny Charlotte
Sybil Charlotte
Sylvia Charlotte
Talia Charlotte
Talise Charlotte
Tamra Charlotte
Tansy Charlotte
Tasnim Charlotte
Tate Charlotte
Tatum Charlotte
Taylor Charlotte
Tess Charlotte
Tessa Charlotte
Thaïs Charlotte
Thelma Charlotte
Theodora Charlotte
Theodosia Charlotte
Thisbe Charlotte
Thomasina Charlotte
Trinity Charlotte
Valencia Charlotte
Valentina Charlotte
Valentine Charlotte
Valeria Charlotte
Vanessa Charlotte
Vera Charlotte
Vermillion Charlotte
Veronica Charlotte
Victoria Charlotte
Victorie Charlotte
Violet Charlotte
Violeta Charlotte
Vivian Charlotte
Vivienne Charlotte
Waverly Charlotte
Whitlock Charlotte
Wilhelmina Charlotte
Willa Charlotte
Willow Charlotte
Winifred Charlotte
Winter Charlotte
Wren Charlotte
Xanthe Charlotte
Xiomara Charlotte
Zélie Charlotte
Zoe Charlotte
Zoey Charlotte
Zora Charlotte

10 Variants for Charlotte

  1. Carla
  2. Carlotta
  3. Carli/Carlie/Carly
  4. Carol/Carole
  5. Caroline/Carolyn
  6. Charlene/Charline
  7. Charli/Charlie/Charlee
  8. Charlize
  9. Karla
  10. Karlee

Top 10 Famous People Named Charlotte

  1. Charlotte Ainslie (1863-1960), Scottish educationalist and headmistress
  2. Charlotte Emma Aitchison, British singer known as Charli XCX
  3. Charlotte Armstrong, American author
  4. Charlotte Auerbach, German scientist
  5. Charlotte Arnold, Canadian actress
  6. Charlotte Ayanna (born 1976), Puerto Rican-American actress and former Miss Teen USA
  7. Charlotte Fowler Baldwin (1805 – 1873), American missionary
  8. Charlotte Becker, German cyclist
  9. Charlotte Beers, American businesswoman and former Under Secretary of State
  10. Charlotte Hawkins Brown, American educator

Top 10 Fictional Characters Named Charlotte

  1. Charlotte Heywood, main character in the Jane Austen novel Sanditon
  2. Charlotte DiLaurentis, a former antagonist in Pretty Little Liars
  3. Charlotte Fairchild, a character in The Infernal Devices, part of The Shadowhunter Chronicles by Cassandra Clare
  4. Charlotte Gray, Scottish protagonist in the novel Charlotte Gray
  5. Charlotte (Making Fiends), a character in Making Fiends
  6. Charlotte York Goldenblatt, a main character in Sex and the City played by actress Kristin Davis
  7. Charlotte Lewis, a secondary character in the now completed ABC show, Lost, portrayed by Rebecca Mader.
  8. Charlotte A. Cavatica, the spider, from E. B. White’s Charlotte’s Web and film adaptations
  9. Charlotte Christine de Colde, a character of the Samurai Shodown video game series by SNK
  10. Charlotte “Charlie” Duncan, a character on Disney Channel’s Good Luck Charlie, portrayed by Mia Talerico

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First Names For Charlotte: Insights From Around The Web

Here are some quotes from various sites that talked about first name ideas for Charlotte:

I like two-syllable first names with Charlotte like Ruby, Lucy, Emma, Ivy and Sophie.

My husband’s grandma was named Sophie Charlotte. Always makes me think of a princess.

Ava – Another popular name to add to Charlotte. Ava means “lively.”

Taylor – This trendy name has two syllables. This french name means “cutter of cloth.”

Bar – This Israeli name is chic and short and would make a great first name for Charlotte. It means “one who sings.”

Frida – This beautiful first name for Charlotte means “peace.”

Jet – This modern name is named after the plane. Its sleek meaning is great for those who want a new and contemporary first name to match nicely with the traditional name of Charlotte.

Violet – This outdoorsy name is after the beautiful violet flower.

I’ve always loved very “girly” and “dainty” feminine names for girls. This is why I chose Charlotte and Emilie for my other daughter. In my opinion, they’re timeless and beautiful names.

My daughters full name is Charlotte Shirley named after my grandparents on my mothers side.

I like the name charlotte because it was my dad great aunts name and it is from Charlottes web the movie

My little love is named after Charlotte Bront?. We wanted a name that sounded traditional and timeless, but had a fun nickname

Named her for my father Charles and her middle name is Harper for the woman who helped raise me when I was little.

I love “old fashioned” names and names you don’t hear much anymore. Plus, I love the nicknames that go with Charlotte, like “Charlie” or “Lottie“

We love classic, timeless names and Charlotte certainly fits the bill, but we loved that we could have a modern twist by nicknaming her Charlie as well. Also, Charlotte Bronte is one of my favorite writers

Sunny – This happy name is a description of the sunshine from the sun.

Riley – This name be very popular at the moment, but it is hundreds of years old. This outdoorsy name means “wood clearing.”

Lynne or Lynn – The name Lynne or Lynn is a water name meaning “waterfall.”

Hera – This name originates from Greek and is named after the Goddess Juno. It means “protector.”

Molly – This water based name means the star in the sea.”