First name for Andrea

First name for Andrea

Now, you already have the Andrea name idea for second name, or even this is your last name, and you looking for first name ideas – keep reading and find your right first name for Andrea.

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Choose your first name for Andrea – list of names

Start of the name

First Name Middle/Last Name
Aaliyah Andrea
Aayden Andrea
Abdirahman Andrea
Abdryann Andrea
Abdullah Andrea
Abdulrahman Andrea
Abiageal Andrea
Abigail Andrea
Abilina Andrea
Abraham Andrea
Ace Andrea
Adalea Andrea
Adaleah Andrea
Adalyn Andrea
Adalynn Andrea
Addison Andrea
Addyson Andrea
Adea Andrea
Adelaide Andrea
Adelina Andrea
Adeline Andrea
Adelyn Andrea
Adelynn Andrea
Adolfo Andrea
Adonis Andrea
Adrian Andrea
Adriana Andrea
Adrienne Andrea
Adrinah Andrea
Agueda Andrea
Agustin Andrea
Aguyar Andrea
Aida Andrea
Aiglentina Andrea
Aileen Andrea
Aindrea Andrea
Aisea Andrea
Alamea Andrea
Alanea Andrea
Alaric Andrea
Alathea Andrea
Alberto Andrea
Alciato Andrea
Alea Andrea
Aleea Andrea
Aleeah Andrea
Aleida Andrea
Alejandra Andrea
Alejandro Andrea
Aleksander Andrea
Aleksi Andrea
Alessandro Andrea
Alethea Andrea
Alexander Andrea
Alexandra Andrea
Alexandrea Andrea
Alexandria Andrea
Alexandro Andrea
Alexia Andrea
Alexis Andrea
Alexzander Andrea
Alföldi Andrea
Alfonso Andrea
Alfredo Andrea
Alice Andrea
Alicea Andrea
Alicia Andrea
Alijah Andrea
Alina Andrea
Alison Andrea
Alisson Andrea
Alistair Andrea
Alithea Andrea
Alivea Andrea
Aliyah Andrea
Alizea Andrea
Allan Andrea
Allison Andrea
Allyson Andrea
Almanzora Andrea
Alonso Andrea
Alonzo Andrea
Althea Andrea
Alvaro Andrea
Alyssa Andrea
Amadea Andrea
Amalea Andrea
Amanda Andrea
Amari Andrea
Amarion Andrea
Amati Andrea
Amber Andrea
Ambrosia Andrea
Amea Andrea
Amelea Andrea
Amiyah Andrea
Ammonio Andrea
Amy Andrea
Amylea Andrea
An Andrea
Ana Andrea
Anaahat Andrea
Anaaya Andrea
Anab Andrea
Anabel Andrea
Anabela Andrea
Anabell Andrea
Anabella Andrea
Anabelle Andrea
Anabeth Andrea
Anabia Andrea
Anaceli Andrea
Anacelia Andrea
Anaclara Andrea
Anael Andrea
Anaeli Andrea
Anaelle Andrea
Anaely Andrea
Anagha Andrea
Anah Andrea
Anahat Andrea
Anahi Andrea
Anahit Andrea
Anahita Andrea
Anahla Andrea
Anahli Andrea
Anahlia Andrea
Anahy Andrea
Anahya Andrea
Anai Andrea
Anaia Andrea
Anaiah Andrea
Anaid Andrea
Anaiis Andrea
Anaika Andrea
Anaily Andrea
Anaira Andrea
Anais Andrea
Anaisa Andrea
Anaise Andrea
Anaisha Andrea
Anaiya Andrea
Anaiyah Andrea
Anaiza Andrea
Anajah Andrea
Anakaren Andrea
Anakin Andrea
Anala Andrea
Analah Andrea
Analaura Andrea
Analaya Andrea
Analayah Andrea
Analea Andrea
Analeah Andrea
Analee Andrea
Analei Andrea
Analeia Andrea
Analeigh Andrea
Analeigha Andrea
Analena Andrea
Analeya Andrea
Analeyah Andrea
Anali Andrea
Analia Andrea
Analiah Andrea
Analicia Andrea
Analie Andrea
Analiese Andrea
Analilia Andrea
Analina Andrea
Analis Andrea
Analisa Andrea
Analise Andrea
Analisia Andrea
Analissa Andrea
Analisse Andrea
Analiya Andrea
Analiyah Andrea
Analiz Andrea
Analucia Andrea
Analuisa Andrea
Analuz Andrea
Analy Andrea
Analya Andrea
Analyah Andrea
Analyn Andrea
Analynn Andrea
Analysa Andrea
Analyse Andrea
Analysia Andrea
Analyssa Andrea
Analysse Andrea
Anam Andrea
Anamaria Andrea
Anamarie Andrea
Anamta Andrea
Anand Andrea
Ananda Andrea
Anandi Andrea
Anani Andrea
Anania Andrea
Ananiah Andrea
Ananias Andrea
Anannya Andrea
Anant Andrea
Ananth Andrea
Ananya Andrea
Anapaola Andrea
Anapaula Andrea
Anar Andrea
Anara Andrea
Anarae Andrea
Anari Andrea
Anaria Andrea
Anarie Andrea
Anarosa Andrea
Anarose Andrea
Anas Andrea
Anasia Andrea
Anasofia Andrea
Anasophia Andrea
Anastacia Andrea
Anastacio Andrea
Anastaisa Andrea
Anastasha Andrea
Anastasia Andrea
Anastasija Andrea
Anastasios Andrea
Anastasiya Andrea
Anastassia Andrea
Anastasya Andrea
Anastazia Andrea
Anastazja Andrea
Anaston Andrea
Anastyn Andrea
Anatoly Andrea
Anauri Andrea
Anav Andrea
Anavae Andrea
Anavay Andrea
Anavey Andrea
Anavi Andrea
Anavictoria Andrea
Anay Andrea
Anaya Andrea
Anayah Andrea
Anayansi Andrea
Anayeli Andrea
Anayelli Andrea
Anayi Andrea
Anayia Andrea
Anayiah Andrea
Anayla Andrea
Anaylah Andrea
Anayra Andrea
Anaysha Andrea
Anberlin Andrea
Anchor Andrea
Ancil Andrea
Andalucia Andrea
Andalyn Andrea
Ande Andrea
Andee Andrea
Andel Andrea
Andelyn Andrea
Anden Andrea
Ander Andrea
Andera Andrea
Andere Andrea
Anderea Andrea
Anders Andrea
Andersen Andrea
Anderson Andrea
Andersson Andrea
Andersyn Andrea
Andi Andrea
Andie Andrea
Andilyn Andrea
Andilynn Andrea
Andjela Andrea
Andon Andrea
Andoni Andrea
Andra Andrea
Andrae Andrea
Andrah Andrea
Andranetta Andrea
Andranik Andrea
Andray Andrea
Andraya Andrea
Andre Andrea
Andreah Andrea
Andrean Andrea
Andreana Andrea
Andreanah Andrea
Andreane Andrea
Andreani Andrea
Andreann Andrea
Andreanna Andrea
Andreannah Andrea
Andreanne Andrea
Andreas Andrea
Andree Andrea
Andreea Andrea
Andreean Andrea
Andreeana Andrea
Andreeanah Andrea
Andreeane Andrea
Andreena Andrea
Andrei Andrea
Andreia Andrea
Andreina Andrea
Andrej Andrea
Andrel Andrea
Andrela Andrea
Andrelah Andrea
Andrell Andrea
Andrella Andrea
Andrellah Andrea
Andrelle Andrea
Andrena Andrea
Andrene Andrea
Andres Andrea
Andresa Andrea
Andressa Andrea
Andretta Andrea
Andrette Andrea
Andreu Andrea
Andreus Andrea
Andrew Andrea
Andrewena Andrea
Andrewina Andrea
Andrews Andrea
Andrey Andrea
Andreya Andrea
Andreyah Andrea
Andrez Andrea
Andri Andrea
Andria Andrea
Andriah Andrea
Andrian Andrea
Andriana Andrea
Andriann Andrea
Andrianna Andrea
Andriannah Andrea
Andrianne Andrea
Andric Andrea
Andrick Andrea
Andriel Andrea
Andrielle Andrea
Andrienne Andrea
Andrieta Andrea
Andrietta Andrea
Andrik Andrea
Andrina Andrea
Andrine Andrea
Andriy Andrea
Andromeda Andrea
Andros Andrea
Andru Andrea
Andry Andrea
Andrya Andrea
Andryah Andrea
Andryan Andrea
Andryana Andrea
Andryanah Andrea
Andryane Andrea
Andryanem Andrea
Andryanna Andrea
Andryannah Andrea
Andryanne Andrea
Andrzej Andrea
Andy Andrea
Andyn Andrea
Anea Andrea
Aneah Andrea
Aneek Andrea
Anees Andrea
Aneesa Andrea
Aneesah Andrea
Aneesh Andrea
Aneira Andrea
Aneka Andrea
Anel Andrea
Anela Andrea
Anele Andrea
Aneli Andrea
Anelia Andrea
Aneliese Andrea
Anelis Andrea
Anelise Andrea
Anelisse Andrea
Anella Andrea
Anelle Andrea
Anelly Andrea
Anely Andrea
Aneri Andrea
Anes Andrea
Anesa Andrea
Anessa Andrea
Aneta Andrea
Aneth Andrea
Anette Andrea
Anevay Andrea
Aneya Andrea
Anfal Andrea
Anfernee Andrea
Angad Andrea
Ange Andrea
Angee Andrea
Angel Andrea
Angela Andrea
Angeldejesus Andrea
Angele Andrea
Angelea Andrea
Angeleah Andrea
Angelee Andrea
Angeleen Andrea
Angelena Andrea
Angelene Andrea
Angeles Andrea
Angelgabriel Andrea
Angeli Andrea
Angelia Andrea
Angeliah Andrea
Angelic Andrea
Angelica Andrea
Angelie Andrea
Angelik Andrea
Angelika Andrea
Angelin Andrea
Angelina Andrea
Angelinamarie Andrea
Angeline Andrea
Angelino Andrea
Angelique Andrea
Angelis Andrea
Angelisa Andrea
Angelise Andrea
Angelisse Andrea
Angelita Andrea
Angelito Andrea
Angeliyah Andrea
Angeliz Andrea
Angell Andrea
Angella Andrea
Angelle Andrea
Angelli Andrea
Angellica Andrea
Angellina Andrea
Angello Andrea
Angelly Andrea
Angelmarie Andrea
Angelo Andrea
Angelos Andrea
Angelus Andrea
Angely Andrea
Angelyn Andrea
Angelyna Andrea
Angelyne Andrea
Angelynn Andrea
Angelys Andrea
Angie Andrea
Angus Andrea
Angy Andrea
Angye Andrea
Anh Andrea
Anhad Andrea
Anhar Andrea
Ani Andrea
Ania Andrea
Aniah Andrea
Anias Andrea
Aniaya Andrea
Aniayah Andrea
Anibal Andrea
Anica Andrea
Anicia Andrea
Aniela Andrea
Aniella Andrea
Anieya Andrea
Aniiyah Andrea
Anijah Andrea
Anik Andrea
Anika Andrea
Aniken Andrea
Aniket Andrea
Aniketh Andrea
Anikin Andrea
Anikka Andrea
Anil Andrea
Anila Andrea
Anilah Andrea
Anilyah Andrea
Anina Andrea
Anique Andrea
Anira Andrea
Anirah Andrea
Anirudh Andrea
Anis Andrea
Anisa Andrea
Anisah Andrea
Anise Andrea
Anish Andrea
Anisha Andrea
Anishka Andrea
Anisia Andrea
Anissa Andrea
Aniston Andrea
Anistyn Andrea
Anistynn Andrea
Anita Andrea
Anitra Andrea
Aniv Andrea
Aniya Andrea
Aniyah Andrea
Aniyaha Andrea
Aniyahlee Andrea
Aniyha Andrea
Aniyla Andrea
Aniylah Andrea
Anja Andrea
Anjali Andrea
Anjana Andrea
Anjanette Andrea
Anjani Andrea
Anjel Andrea
Anjeli Andrea
Anjelica Andrea
Anjelina Andrea
Anjola Andrea
Anjolaoluwa Andrea
Anjolie Andrea
Anjuli Andrea
Anker Andrea
Ankit Andrea
Ankita Andrea
Anmarie Andrea
Anmol Andrea
Ann Andrea
Anna Andrea
Annabel Andrea
Annabell Andrea
Annabella Andrea
Annabelle Andrea
Annabellee Andrea
Annabeth Andrea
Annaclaire Andrea
Annaelise Andrea
Annaelizabeth Andrea
Annaelle Andrea
Annagrace Andrea
Annah Andrea
Annahi Andrea
Annais Andrea
Annajane Andrea
Annaka Andrea
Annakate Andrea
Annakay Andrea
Annalaya Andrea
Annalea Andrea
Annaleah Andrea
Annalecia Andrea
Annalee Andrea
Annaleese Andrea
Annalei Andrea
Annaleia Andrea
Annaleigh Andrea
Annaleigha Andrea
Annaleise Andrea
Annalena Andrea
Annalese Andrea
Annaley Andrea
Annali Andrea
Annalia Andrea
Annaliah Andrea
Annalice Andrea
Annalicia Andrea
Annalie Andrea
Annaliese Andrea
Annalin Andrea
Annalina Andrea
Annaline Andrea
Annalis Andrea
Annalisa Andrea
Annalise Andrea
Annalisia Andrea
Annalisse Andrea
Annaliyah Andrea
Annaliz Andrea
Annaliza Andrea
Annalize Andrea
Annalucia Andrea
Annaly Andrea
Annalya Andrea
Annalyce Andrea
Annalycia Andrea
Annalyn Andrea
Annalynn Andrea
Annalynne Andrea
Annalysa Andrea
Annalyse Andrea
Annalysia Andrea
Annalyssa Andrea
Annalysse Andrea
Annamae Andrea
Annamaria Andrea
Annamarie Andrea
Annamary Andrea
Annapurna Andrea
Annarae Andrea
Annarose Andrea
Annaruth Andrea
Annas Andrea
Annasofia Andrea
Annasophia Andrea
Annastacia Andrea
Annastasia Andrea
Annastin Andrea
Annaston Andrea
Annastyn Andrea
Annaya Andrea
Annayah Andrea
Annayeli Andrea
Anndrea Andrea
Anne Andrea
Annebelle Andrea
Anneka Andrea
Anneke Andrea
Annel Andrea
Anneli Andrea
Annelie Andrea
Annelies Andrea
Anneliese Andrea
Annelisa Andrea
Annelise Andrea
Annelle Andrea
Annely Andrea
Annelyse Andrea
Annemarie Andrea
Annesley Andrea
Annessa Andrea
Anneth Andrea
Annetta Andrea
Annette Andrea
Anni Andrea
Annia Andrea
Anniah Andrea
Annica Andrea
Annie Andrea
Annika Andrea
Annikah Andrea
Annikka Andrea
Annilee Andrea
Annisa Andrea
Annissa Andrea
Annisten Andrea
Anniston Andrea
Annistyn Andrea
Anniyah Andrea
Annlee Andrea
Annleigh Andrea
Annley Andrea
Annlouise Andrea
Annmarie Andrea
Annora Andrea
Annslee Andrea
Annsleigh Andrea
Annsley Andrea
Anny Andrea
Annya Andrea
Annzley Andrea
Anokhi Andrea
Anola Andrea
Anoop Andrea
Anora Andrea
Anorah Andrea
Anouk Andrea
Anoushka Andrea
Anova Andrea
Anquan Andrea
Ansel Andrea
Anselm Andrea
Anselmo Andrea
Ansen Andrea
Ansh Andrea
Anshi Andrea
Anshika Andrea
Anshul Andrea
Anshuman Andrea
Anslee Andrea
Anslei Andrea
Ansleigh Andrea
Ansley Andrea
Anslie Andrea
Anson Andrea
Anta Andrea
Antalya Andrea
Antania Andrea
Antara Andrea
Antares Andrea
Antavious Andrea
Antavius Andrea
Anthea Andrea
Antheia Andrea
Anthem Andrea
Anthon Andrea
Anthonella Andrea
Anthoney Andrea
Anthoni Andrea
Anthonia Andrea
Anthonie Andrea
Anthony Andrea
Anthonyjames Andrea
Antico Andrea
Antigone Andrea
Antione Andrea
Antionette Andrea
Antjuan Andrea
Antoine Andrea
Antoinette Andrea
Antolin Andrea
Anton Andrea
Antone Andrea
Antonela Andrea
Antonella Andrea
Antonette Andrea
Antoni Andrea
Antonia Andrea
Antonin Andrea
Antonina Andrea
Antonino Andrea
Antonio Andrea
Antonios Andrea
Antonious Andrea
Antonius Andrea
Antony Andrea
Antonyo Andrea
Antron Andrea
Antuan Andrea
Antwain Andrea
Antwan Andrea
Antwane Andrea
Antwann Andrea
Antwaun Andrea
Antwoine Andrea
Antwon Andrea
Antwone Andrea
Antwuan Andrea
Anu Andrea
Anuar Andrea
Anubis Andrea
Anuhea Andrea
Anuj Andrea
Anum Andrea
Anuoluwa Andrea
Anuoluwapo Andrea
Anup Andrea
Anupama Andrea
Anurag Andrea
Anusha Andrea
Anushka Andrea
Anuska Andrea
Anvay Andrea
Anvi Andrea
Anvika Andrea
Anvita Andrea
Anvith Andrea
Anvitha Andrea
Anwar Andrea
Anwen Andrea
Anwita Andrea
Anwyn Andrea
Any Andrea
Anya Andrea
Anyae Andrea
Anyah Andrea
Anyela Andrea
Anyeli Andrea
Anyelin Andrea
Anyelo Andrea
Anyely Andrea
Anyi Andrea
Anyia Andrea
Anyiah Andrea
Anyla Andrea
Anylah Andrea
Anysia Andrea
Anyssa Andrea
Anyston Andrea
Anzal Andrea
Anzar Andrea
Anze Andrea
Anzel Andrea
Anzlee Andrea
Anzleigh Andrea
Anzley Andrea
Anzlie Andrea
Aondrea Andrea
Apollo Andrea
Appiani Andrea
Araceli Andrea
Aracelly Andrea
Aracely Andrea
Ares Andrea
Argoli Andrea
Arian Andrea
Ariea Andrea
Aristea Andrea
Armando Andrea
Armani Andrea
Armstrong Andrea
Aromatico Andrea
Arturo Andrea
Ashley Andrea
Asteria Andrea
Astraea Andrea
Atenea Andrea
Athea Andrea
Athenea Andrea
Atreyu Andrea
Atticus Andrea
Aubrea Andrea
Audrea Andrea
Audrey Andrea
Augustine Andrea
Augustus Andrea
Aundrea Andrea
Aura Andrea
Aurea Andrea
Avea Andrea
Averie Andrea
Avery Andrea
Ávila Andrea
Avonlea Andrea
Avraham Andrea
Axl Andrea
Ayda Andrea
Ayde Andrea
Ayla Andrea
Azalea Andrea
Azaleah Andrea
Azariah Andrea
Azaylea Andrea
Azelea Andrea
Bacci Andrea
Bailea Andrea
Baker Andrea
Baldini Andrea
Bang Andrea
Bania Andrea
Barbara Andrea
Barber Andrea
Bargnani Andrea
Barthwell Andrea
Barzagli Andrea
Baylea Andrea
Bea Andrea
Bear Andrea
Beau Andrea
Beauregard Andrea
Beautiful Andrea
Beaux Andrea
Belén Andrea
Belli Andrea
Benita Andrea
Benjamin Andrea
Berea Andrea
Berg Andrea
Beth Andrea
Bethany Andrea
Bettina Andrea
Betzabe Andrea
Bianca Andrea
Bianchi Andrea
Blake Andrea
Boattini Andrea
Bocelli Andrea
Bogdani Andrea
Bonomi Andrea
Borrell Andrea
Bowen Andrea
Braylea Andrea
Brea Andrea
Breah Andrea
Breann Andrea
Breanne Andrea
Breea Andrea
Brettany Andrea
Briana Andrea
Brielle Andrea
Brillantes Andrea
Briosco Andrea
Brooke Andrea
Brooks Andrea
Brown Andrea
Bryan Andrea
Bryce Andrea
Brylea Andrea
Brynlea Andrea
Brynn Andrea
Caitlin Andrea
Calea Andrea
Calista Andrea
Cambrea Andrea
Cambree Andrea
Cameron Andrea
Camila Andrea
Camilleri Andrea
Canning Andrea
Carla Andrea
Carlea Andrea
Carmen Andrea
Carol Andrea
Carola Andrea
Carolina Andrea
Caroline Andrea
Carolyn Andrea
Casey Andrea
Cash Andrea
Casiraghi Andrea
Cassandra Andrea
Cassidy Andrea
Catalea Andrea
Cate Andrea
Catherine Andrea
Cecilia Andrea
Cecily Andrea
Celine Andrea
Celstina Andrea
Cesalpino Andrea
Češková Andrea
Cesy Andrea
Ceverina Andrea
Chance Andrea
Character Andrea
Charlea Andrea
Charles Andrea
Charlotte Andrea
Chase Andrea
Chelsea Andrea
Cherye Andrea
Chloe Andrea
Christian Andrea
Christopher Andrea
Cibeli Andrea
Cinciarini Andrea
Cindy Andrea
Ciria Andrea
Claire Andrea
Clara Andrea
Claret Andrea
Clea Andrea
Cole Andrea
Colin Andrea
Cordero Andrea
Corina Andrea
Corinne Andrea
Corr Andrea
Costa Andrea
Cristian Andrea
Cristiani Andrea
Dabeiba Andrea
Daisy Andrea
Damian Andrea
Daniela Andrea
Daphne Andrea
Darlin Andrea
Darly Andrea
Davenport Andrea
Dayanna Andrea
Dea Andrea
Deaaron Andrea
Dean Andrea
Deandra Andrea
Deandre Andrea
Deandrea Andrea
Deangelo Andrea
Deante Andrea
Deanthony Andrea
Dearius Andrea
Deaundre Andrea
Debono Andrea
Dee Andrea
Delancy Andrea
Delaney Andrea
Delilah Andrea
Delphi Andrea
Demarea Andrea
Demetria Andrea
Demetriades Andrea
Demirović Andrea
Denese Andrea
Dennise Andrea
Desirea Andrea
Destiny Andrea
Devereaux Andrea
Dewar Andrea
Diana Andrea
Diane Andrea
Dianne Andrea
Dominic Andrea
Donaldson Andrea
Donovan Andrea
Doria Andrea
Doris Andrea
Dorothea Andrea
Dorys Andrea
Dovizioso Andrea
Dre Andrea
Drea Andrea
Dream Andrea
Dreama Andrea
Dreamer Andrea
Dreanna Andrea
Dreena Andrea
Drena Andrea
Dsean Andrea
Dubeyza Andrea
Dulcinea Andrea
Dworkin Andrea
Eaden Andrea
Eagan Andrea
Eain Andrea
Eames Andrea
Eamon Andrea
Eamonn Andrea
Ean Andrea
Eann Andrea
Earl Andrea
Earle Andrea
Early Andrea
Earnest Andrea
Eashan Andrea
Eason Andrea
Easten Andrea
Eastin Andrea
Easton Andrea
Eastyn Andrea
Eastynn Andrea
Eathan Andrea
Eathen Andrea
Eaton Andrea
Eaven Andrea
Echeverri Andrea
Edelina Andrea
Edma Andrea
Eduardo Andrea
Ehritt-vanc Andrea
Elba Andrea
Eldoris Andrea
Elea Andrea
Eleanor Andrea
Eleanore Andrea
Eleazar Andrea
Eleazer Andrea
Elenir Andrea
Eleuteria Andrea
Elias Andrea
Elijah Andrea
Elisa Andrea
Elisea Andrea
Elizabeth Andrea
Ellea Andrea
Elleanor Andrea
Ellis Andrea
Eloise Andrea
Elsa Andrea
Emerson Andrea
Emery Andrea
Emilea Andrea
Emileah Andrea
Emiliano Andrea
Emilio Andrea
Emily Andrea
Emma Andrea
Emmajean Andrea
Emmalea Andrea
Emmanuel Andrea
Enea Andrea
Enrico Andrea
Estephanie Andrea
Esthefany Andrea
Ethan Andrea
Evander Andrea
Evangeline Andrea
Evelyn Andrea
Everett Andrea
Everlea Andrea
Everly Andrea
Exalta Andrea
Ezekiel Andrea
Facundina Andrea
Faith Andrea
Farkas Andrea
Faustina Andrea
Feldman Andrea
Felicity Andrea
Fernando Andrea
Ferrara Andrea
Figallo Andrea
Finn Andrea
Fiorela Andrea
Fioroni Andrea
Fischer Andrea
Flora Andrea
Florencia Andrea
Florentia Andrea
Fontanne Andrea
Francisco Andrea
Gabrieli Andrea
Gabriella Andrea
Gael Andrea
Gage Andrea
Galilea Andrea
Galileah Andrea
Garrett Andrea
Genesis Andrea
Genevieve Andrea
Geraldine Andrea
Gertrudis Andrea
Ghez Andrea
Gianna Andrea
Gibson Andrea
Gilda Andrea
Gioannetti Andrea
Giovana Andrea
Giovanni Andrea
Glass Andrea
Grace Andrea
Grant Andrea
Gueisa Andrea
Gyarmati Andrea
Hadlea Andrea
Hall Andrea
Hannah Andrea
Harlea Andrea
Harmony Andrea
Harriett Andrea
Harrison Andrea
Haruzi Andrea
Hasney Andrea
Hayes Andrea
Haylea Andrea
Heartleigh Andrea
Heath Andrea
Heavenlee Andrea
Heavenleigh Andrea
Heavenly Andrea
Heidi Andrea
Heidy Andrea
Heigler Andrea
Helen Andrea
Henriques Andrea
Hermine Andrea
Hlaváčková Andrea
Hope Andrea
Hosea Andrea
Iannone Andrea
Ibelisse Andrea
Idalia Andrea
Ifeanyichukwu Andrea
Ifigenia Andrea
Immer Andrea
Indeera Andrea
Indira Andrea
Irasema Andrea
Isabeau Andrea
Isabel Andrea
Isabelle Andrea
Isaiah Andrea
Isidora Andrea
Isla Andrea
Iudora Andrea
Ivana Andrea
Ivanney Andrea
Ivette Andrea
Ivy Andrea
Izalea Andrea
Izea Andrea
Jabrea Andrea
Jace Andrea
Jack Andrea
Jackelin Andrea
Jacqueline Andrea
Jade Andrea
Jadea Andrea
Jaeger Andrea
Jael Andrea
Jake Andrea
Jalea Andrea
Jaleea Andrea
Jaleeah Andrea
Jalimar Andrea
James Andrea
Jameson Andrea
Jamicheal Andrea
Jane Andrea
Janea Andrea
Jase Andrea
Jasmine Andrea
Jason Andrea
Jax Andrea
Jayce Andrea
Jayceon Andrea
Jaylea Andrea
Jean Andrea
Jeancarla Andrea
Jeancarlo Andrea
Jeancarlos Andrea
Jeanett Andrea
Jeanette Andrea
Jeanne Andrea
Jelmy Andrea
Jemma Andrea
Jennifer Andrea
Jeny Andrea
Jeremiah Andrea
Jeremy Andrea
Jesika Andrea
Jesse Andrea
Jessica Andrea
Jheny Andrea
Jhilian Andrea
Jhilka Andrea
Jillian Andrea
Jo Andrea
Jocelyn Andrea
Joeangel Andrea
Joeanthony Andrea
Joel Andrea
John Andrea
Jolie Andrea
Jonathan Andrea
Jordana Andrea
Jorge Andrea
Jose Andrea
Joseangel Andrea
Joseantonio Andrea
Josephine Andrea
Josiah Andrea
Jream Andrea
Jsean Andrea
Judaea Andrea
Jude Andrea
Judea Andrea
Judith Andrea
Juila Andrea
Julian Andrea
Julianne Andrea
Julieann Andrea
Julieanne Andrea
Julieta Andrea
June Andrea
Jung Andrea
Jürgens Andrea
Justine Andrea
Kahlea Andrea
Kai Andrea
Kaikea Andrea
Kailea Andrea
Kairena Andrea
Kalea Andrea
Kaleeah Andrea
Kamea Andrea
Kameron Andrea
Karen Andrea
Karim Andrea
Karin Andrea
Karla Andrea
Karlea Andrea
Karolay Andrea
Katalea Andrea
Kataleah Andrea
Kate Andrea
Katelyn Andrea
Katerine Andrea
Katherine Andrea
Kathleen Andrea
Katieann Andrea
Kaylea Andrea
Kayleeann Andrea
Kealani Andrea
Kean Andrea
Keandra Andrea
Keandre Andrea
Keane Andrea
Keats Andrea
Kelea Andrea
Kelsea Andrea
Kendra Andrea
Kenlea Andrea
Kennedy Andrea
Kenzo Andrea
Kevichüsa Andrea
Khalea Andrea
Khloe Andrea
Kim Andrea
Kimberly Andrea
King Andrea
Kinslea Andrea
Klea Andrea
Kobetić Andrea
Koevska Andrea
Komšić Andrea
Koppel Andrea
Korea Andrea
Kyle Andrea
Kylea Andrea
Kynlea Andrea
Laakea Andrea
Lacee Andrea
Laila Andrea
Lanea Andrea
Lanza Andrea
Lashea Andrea
Laura Andrea
Lauren Andrea
Lea Andrea
Leaf Andrea
Leah Andrea
Leahmarie Andrea
Leam Andrea
Lean Andrea
Leandre Andrea
Leandrea Andrea
Leann Andrea
Leanne Andrea
Lediz Andrea
Leea Andrea
Leeani Andrea
Leeds Andrea
Lehotská Andrea
Leilani Andrea
Lekić Andrea
Lely Andrea
Leon Andrea
Leonardo Andrea
Leonora Andrea
Levy Andrea
Lewis Andrea
Leyla Andrea
Libertad Andrea
Libman Andrea
Liealia Andrea
Ligia Andrea
Lilia Andrea
Liliana Andrea
Lillian Andrea
Lillieann Andrea
Lily Andrea
Linnea Andrea
Lisa Andrea
Lisbeth Andrea
Lisett Andrea
Liz Andrea
Lorenzo Andrea
Lourdes Andrea
Lowe Andrea
Luca Andrea
Luchesi Andrea
Lucia Andrea
Lucille Andrea
Lucinda Andrea
Lucy Andrea
Lueni Andrea
Luke Andrea
Luna Andrea
Lupe Andrea
Lydia Andrea
Lynlea Andrea
Lynnea Andrea
Lynnlea Andrea
Maaria Andrea
Mabel Andrea
Macarena Andrea
Maciel Andrea
Mackenzie Andrea
Maddison Andrea
Madeleine Andrea
Madeline Andrea
Madelyn Andrea
Madilyn Andrea
Madison Andrea
Madolen Andrea
Mae Andrea
Maelea Andrea
Magdalen Andrea
Magdalene Andrea
Mahealani Andrea
Mahlea Andrea
Maisie Andrea
Maity Andrea
Makenzie Andrea
Malachi Andrea
Malea Andrea
Maleeah Andrea
Malia Andrea
Mallory Andrea
Malory Andrea
Mantegna Andrea
Margaret Andrea
Maria Andrea
Mariah Andrea
Mariam Andrea
Marie Andrea
Mariea Andrea
Mariela Andrea
Marina Andrea
Marisol Andrea
Mark Andrea
Marlea Andrea
Marrion Andrea
Martha Andrea
Martin Andrea
Mary Andrea
Massena Andrea
Matea Andrea
Mateo Andrea
Matilda Andrea
Mattea Andrea
Matthias Andrea
Maverick Andrea
Max Andrea
Maximus Andrea
May Andrea
Maya Andrea
Mayerlin Andrea
Maylea Andrea
Mayr Andrea
Mayra Andrea
Mcardle Andrea
Mea Andrea
Meah Andrea
Medina Andrea
Melanie Andrea
Meldolla Andrea
Melea Andrea
Melfy Andrea
Melina Andrea
Melisa Andrea
Melissa Andrea
Meliza Andrea
Melody Andrea
Melvy Andrea
Miguelina Andrea
Mikal Andrea
Mila Andrea
Milena Andrea
Milenca Andrea
Miles Andrea
Minerva Andrea
Miqueas Andrea
Mireya Andrea
Miriam Andrea
Mirtha Andrea
Mishel Andrea
Mishell Andrea
Mitchell Andrea
Molly Andrea
Moody Andrea
Murez Andrea
Mylea Andrea
Myles Andrea
Nadia Andrea
Nadine Andrea
Nailea Andrea
Nalea Andrea
Nancy Andrea
Naomi Andrea
Natalea Andrea
Nataleah Andrea
Natalie Andrea
Nataly Andrea
Natasha Andrea
Nathalia Andrea
Nathaneal Andrea
Nathaniel Andrea
Natividad Andrea
Naylea Andrea
Nayra Andrea
Nea Andrea
Neah Andrea
Neal Andrea
Neamiah Andrea
Neave Andrea
Neida Andrea
Nerea Andrea
Nevea Andrea
Newman Andrea
Nicaela Andrea
Nicholas Andrea
Nicolas Andrea
Nicole Andrea
Nikhol Andrea
Nilda Andrea
Nivea Andrea
Nivia Andrea
Noa Andrea
Noah Andrea
Noelle Andrea
Nohea Andrea
Nolberta Andrea
Novalea Andrea
Nuciforo Andrea
Nylea Andrea
Oaklea Andrea
Ohndrea Andrea
Ohndreea Andrea
Ohndria Andrea
Olivea Andrea
Oliver Andrea
Olivia Andrea
Olsen Andrea
Ondra Andrea
Ondrea Andrea
Ondreea Andrea
Ondria Andrea
Onndrea Andrea
Onndreea Andrea
Onndria Andrea
Opal Andrea
Orcagna Andrea
Orfa Andrea
Oscar Andrea
Oshea Andrea
Paige Andrea
Paislea Andrea
Paizlea Andrea
Palladio Andrea
Pamela Andrea
Paola Andrea
Paul Andrea
Paula Andrea
Pazienza Andrea
Peace Andrea
Pearce Andrea
Pearl Andrea
Penelope Andrea
Petkovic Andrea
Philip Andrea
Phoebe Andrea
Pirlo Andrea
Pisano Andrea
Prader Andrea
Preslea Andrea
Pressley Andrea
Prosperetti Andrea
Raducan Andrea
Raea Andrea
Rau Andrea
Raylea Andrea
Rea Andrea
Reagan Andrea
Reagann Andrea
Reagen Andrea
Reaghan Andrea
Reagyn Andrea
Real Andrea
Reality Andrea
Realynn Andrea
Reana Andrea
Reann Andrea
Reanna Andrea
Reanne Andrea
Reason Andrea
Reata Andrea
Rebeca Andrea
Reese Andrea
Reid Andrea
Renea Andrea
Renzullo Andrea
Rhea Andrea
Ricardo Andrea
Rihana Andrea
Rina Andrea
Rocio Andrea
Rohais Andrea
Romano Andrea
Romayra Andrea
Rory Andrea
Rosalea Andrea
Rosali Andrea
Rosalie Andrea
Rosario Andrea
Rose Andrea
Roselin Andrea
Rubitza Andrea
Ruby Andrea
Russett Andrea
Ruth Andrea
Růžičková Andrea
Ryan Andrea
Rylea Andrea
Sachs Andrea
Sadie Andrea
Sage Andrea
Sahara Andrea
Salome Andrea
Samantha Andrea
Samira Andrea
Sandra Andrea
Sanke Andrea
Sansovino Andrea
Santa Andrea
Santiago Andrea
Saraí Andrea
Savannah Andrea
Saya Andrea
Sean Andrea
Seanpatrick Andrea
Sebastian Andrea
Seren Andrea
Serenity Andrea
Sessa Andrea
Seth Andrea
Shane Andrea
Shanel Andrea
Shaw Andrea
Shea Andrea
Shelsea Andrea
Shelvy Andrea
Silvia Andrea
Simon Andrea
Skye Andrea
Sloane Andrea
Sofia Andrea
Solari Andrea
Sophea Andrea
Sophia Andrea
Sophiea Andrea
Sorely Andrea
Steffani Andrea
Stella Andrea
Stephanie Andrea
Suárez Andrea
Sulma Andrea
Susana Andrea
Suzanne Andrea
Svea Andrea
Tacquet Andrea
Tafi Andrea
Talea Andrea
Talia Andrea
Tea Andrea
Teal Andrea
Telma Andrea
Temesvári Andrea
Teresa Andrea
Thalia Andrea
Thea Andrea
Theodore Andrea
Thomas Andrea
Thompson Andrea
Timea Andrea
Tóth Andrea
Trinity Andrea
Troy Andrea
Tylea Andrea
Valentina Andrea
Valerie Andrea
Van Andrea
Vanesa Andrea
Vannia Andrea
Vassallo Andrea
Vavassori Andrea
Vera Andrea
Verrocchio Andrea
Vesalius Andrea
Vibel Andrea
Victor Andrea
Victoria Andrea
Vilma Andrea
Violet Andrea
Virginia Andrea
Viterbi Andrea
Vivian Andrea
Viviana Andrea
Vondra Andrea
Walter Andrea
Wilda Andrea
Wilkens Andrea
Wyatt Andrea
Xander Andrea
Ximena Andrea
Yackeline Andrea
Yadira Andrea
Yael Andrea
Yanine Andrea
Yara Andrea
Yaretzi Andrea
Yaruska Andrea
Yasmin Andrea
Yates Andrea
Yery Andrea
Yessenia Andrea
Yilka Andrea
Ynga Andrea
Yolanda Andrea
Yoli Andrea
Yudith Andrea
Yusara Andrea
Zachary Andrea
Zalea Andrea
Zane Andrea
Zanzotto Andrea
Zea Andrea
Zeal Andrea
Zion Andrea
Zobeida Andrea
Zoe Andrea
Zollo Andrea
Zonn Andrea
Zsadon Andrea
Zubesther Andrea
Zulayna Andrea
Zuleima Andrea
Zulema Andrea
Zulma Andrea
Zuria Andrea


The origin of Andrea’s name

The name is both a boy’s name and a girl’s name of German, English, and Italian origin meaning “strong” and some can add “manly” too.
Andrea — is most as a feminine form of Andrew (and a male name in several European cultures) — comes with a good selection of pronunciations.


How to pronounce Anrdrea

  • ANN-dree-a
  • AHN-dree-a
  • Ahn-DRAY-a
  • ANN-dree-uh
  • AHN-dree-ah
  • Ann-DRAY-ah


Names that sound like Andrea

  • Andromeda
  • Anitra
  • Indeera
  • Indira
  • Ondra


Variations names for Andrea

  • Aindrea
  • Anderea
  • Andra
  • Andrah
  • Andreana
  • Andreanah
  • Andreane
  • Andreann
  • Andreanna
  • Andreannah
  • Andreanne
  • Andree
  • Andreean
  • Andreeana
  • Andreeanah
  • Andreeane
  • Andrel
  • Andrela
  • Andrelah
  • Andrell
  • Andrella
  • Andrellah
  • Andrelle
  • Andretta
  • Andrette
  • Andria
  • Andriah
  • Andrian
  • Andriann
  • Andrianna
  • Andriannah
  • Andrianne
  • Andrina
  • Adrinah
  • Andrya
  • Andryah
  • Andryan
  • Andryana
  • Andryanah
  • Andryanem
  • Abdryann
  • Andryanna
  • Andryannah
  • Andryanne
  • Andryane
  • Andrena
  • Ande
  • Andee
  • Andera
  • Andere
  • Andi
  • Andie
  • Andranetta
  • Andre
  • Andrean
  • Andreas
  • Andreena
  • Andreina
  • Andrene
  • Andresa
  • Andrewena
  • Andrewina
  • Andreya
  • Andri
  • Andrielle
  • Andrienne
  • Andrietta
  • Andrine
  • Andy
  • Aondrea
  • Aundrea
  • Drea
  • Dreena
  • Drena
  • Ohndrea
  • Ohndreea
  • Ohndria
  • Ondrea
  • Ondreea
  • Ondria
  • Onndrea
  • Onndreea
  • Onndria
  • Andréa (Brazilian)
  • Andrée (French)
  • Andreea (Romanian)
  • Andrej (masculine, Croatia, Serbia, and Slovenia)
  • Andreia (Portuguese)
  • Andreja (Croatia, Serbia, and Slovenia)
  • Andreo (masculine, Spanish)
  • Andressa (Spanish)
  • Ndrea (Albanian)


Andrea’s nicknames

  • Andi
  • Ann
  • Dea
  • Dee
  • Dre
  • Drea


Famous people with Andrea name

  • Andrea Barber, American actress
  • Andrea Berg, German volleyball player
  • Andrea Bocelli, Italian operatic singer and instrumentalist
  • Andrea Corr, Irish musician
  • Andrea Ghez, American astronomer
  • Andrea Ferrara, Scottish artificer
  • Andrea Lanza di Montezemolo, Archbishop of Tuscania
  • Andrea Bowen, actress at “Desperate Housewives”
  • Andrea Baker, actress at “Totally Spies”
  • Andrea Romano, voice actress at “July Tales”
  • Andrea Parker, actress at “The Pretender”
  • Andrea Hall, actress at “The Mask Podcast”
  • Andrea Pyle, actress at “Galaxy Quest”
  • Andrea Cook, actress at “Criminal Minds”


From the culture

  • Andrea, Character from animated TV series “Daria”
  • Andrea Davenport, Character from animated TV series “The Ghost and Molly McGee”
  • Andrea Harrison, Character from the comic and TV series “The Walking Dead”
  • Andrea Medina Rojas, Character from the anime series “My Hero Academia”
  • Andrea Sachs, Protagonist from the book and movie “The Devil Wears Prada”
  • Andrea Malone, character from “Crumbs”
  • Andrea Cantillo, character from “Breaking Bad”
  • Andrea, character from “The Walking Dead”
  • Andrea Zuckerman, character from “Beverly Hills 90210”
  • Andrea Sachs, character from “The Devil Wears Prada”
  • Andra, character from LEGOs toys


Famous women called Andrea

  • Andrea Alföldi (born 1964), Hungarian race walker
  • Andrea Allan (born 1946), American actress
  • Andrea Anders (born 1975), American actress
  • Andrea Armstrong (born 1982), former American collegiate basketball player
  • Andrea Ávila (born 1970), Argentine long and triple jumper
  • Andrea Baker, American actress
  • Andrea Bang, Canadian actress
  • Andrea Barber (born 1976), American actress
  • Andrea Barthwell (born 1953), American federal civil servant and Illinois political hopeful
  • Andrea Berg (born 1966), German singer
  • Andrea Berg (born 1981), German volleyball player
  • Andrea Borrell (born 1963), Cuban basketball player
  • Andrea Bowen (born 1990), American actress
  • Andrea Brown (born 1974), American singer
  • Andrea Brillantes (born 2003), Filipina actress
  • Andrea Canning (born 1972), Canadian-American broadcast journalist
  • Andrea Češková (born 1971), Czech MEP
  • Andrea Corr (born 1974), Irish musician
  • Andrea Demetriades (born 1983), Australian actress
  • Andrea Demirović (born 1985), Montenegrin singer
  • Andrea Dewar (born 1979), Canadian water polo player
  • Andrea Donaldson, Canada theatre director
  • Andrea Dworkin (1946–2005), American radical feminist and writer
  • Andrea Echeverri (born 1965), Colombian singer and guitarist, lead singer of the rock band Aterciopelados
  • Andreea Ehritt-Vanc (born 1973), Romanian tennis player
  • Andrea Farkas (born 1969), Hungarian handball goalkeeper
  • Andrea Feldman (1948-1972), American actress
  • Andrea Fioroni (born 1969), Argentine field hockey player
  • Andrea Fischer (born 1960), German politician
  • Andrea Ghez (born 1965), American astronomer
  • Andrea Glass (born 1976), German tennis player
  • Andrea Gibson (born 1975), spoken word artist and activist
  • Andrea Gyarmati (born 1954), Hungarian swimmer
  • Andrea Hall (born 1947), American soap opera actress
  • Andrea Hayes (born 1969), American backstroke swimmer
  • Andréa Henriques (born 1980), Brazilian water polo player
  • Andrea Hlaváčková (born 1986), Czech tennis player
  • Andrea van den Hurk (born 1979), Dutch tennis player
  • Andrea Immer Robinson (born 1964), Master Sommelier and Dean of Wine Studies at the French Culinary Institute
  • Andrea Jaeger (born 1965), American former tennis player
  • Andrea Jeremiah (born 1985), Indian Tamil playback singer, film actress and a model.
  • A. J. (Andrea) Cook (born 1978), Canadian actress
  • Andrea Jung (born 1959), business executive
  • Andrea Jürgens (1967–2017), German singer
  • Andrea Kevichüsa (born 2001), Indian model and actress
  • Andrea King (1919–2003), American actress
  • Andrea Kobetić (born 1985), Croatian handball player
  • Andrea Koevska (born 2000), Macedonian singer and Eurovision Song Contest 2022 entrant
  • Andrea Komšić (born 1996), Croatian alpine skier
  • Andrea Koppel (born 1963), American news correspondent
  • Andrea Leeds (1914–1984), American actress
  • Andrea Lehotská (born 1981), Slovak television hostess, actress, and top model.
  • Andrea Lekić (born 1987), Serbian handball player
  • Andrea Levy (1956-2019), British authorAndrea Lewis (born 1985), Canadian actress
  • Andrea Libman (Born 1984), Canadian Voice Actress
  • Andrea Lowe (born 1975), British actress
  • Andrea Martin (born 1947), actress and comedian
  • Andrea Mayr (born 1979), Austrian long-distance runner
  • Andrea McArdle (born 1963), American singer and actress
  • Andrea Mitchell (born 1946), American news correspondent
  • Andrea Moody (born 1978), Canadian swimmer
  • Andrea Murez (born 1992), Israeli-American Olympic swimmer for Israel
  • Andrea Newman (1938–2019), British author
  • Andrea Olsen (born 1961), American politician
  • Andrea Petkovic (born 1987), German tennis player
  • Andreea Raducan (born 1983), Romanian gymnast
  • Andrea Rau (born 1947), German actress
  • Andrea Russett (born 1996), American actress
  • Andrea Růžičková (born 1984), Slovak actress and model
  • Andrea Romano (born 1955), American voice actress
  • Andrea Sanke, American television journalist and presenter
  • Andrea Shaw (born 1983), American professional bodybuilder
  • Andrea Suárez (born 1979), Thai singer
  • Andrea Temesvári (born 1966), Hungarian former tennis player
  • Andrea Thompson (born 1960), American actress
  • Andrea Tóth (born 1980), Hungarian water polo player
  • Andrea True (born 1943), Porn actress and singer
  • Andrea Wilkens (born 1984), German footballer
  • Andrea Yates (born 1964), American defendant in a notorious filicide case
  • Andrea Zollo (born 1975), American singer
  • Andrea Zonn (born 1969), American singer and musician
  • Andrea Zsadon, (born 1946) Hungarian soprano
  • Andrea, (born 1987), Bulgarian singer


Famous men called Andrea

  • Andrea Aguyar (died 1849), Uruguayan slave turned soldier and revolutionary
  • Andrea Alciato (1492–1550), Italian jurist
  • Andrea Amati (1505–1577), luthier from Cremona, Italy, credited with making the first instruments of the violin family that are in the form we use today
  • Andrea Antico (c. 1480 – c. 1538) was an Istrian music printer, editor, publisher and composer of the Renaissance
  • Andrea Aleksi (1425–1505), Albanian architect
  • Andrea Ammonio (c. 1478–1517), Italian poet
  • Andrea Andreani (1540–1623), Italian engraver on wood
  • Andrea Appiani (1754–1817), Italian painter
  • Andrea Argoli (1570–1657), Italian mathematician and astronomer
  • Andrea Aromatico (born 1966), Italian historian and expert in Hermetic iconography
  • Andrea Bacci (born 1972), Italian race car driver
  • Andrea Baldini (born 1985), Italian fencer
  • Andrea Bargnani (born 1985), Italian basketball player
  • Andrea Barzagli (born 1981), Italian football player
  • Andrea Belli (1703–1772), Maltese architect
  • Andrea Bianchi (born 1925), Italian film director
  • Andrea Boattini (born 1969), Italian astronomer
  • Andrea Bocelli (born 1958), Italian singer, writer and music producer
  • Andrea Bogdani (1600–1683), Albanian prelate and scholar
  • Andrea Bonomi (1923–2003), Italian footballer
  • Andrea Briosco (c. 1470–1532), Italian sculptor and architect
  • Andrea Camilleri (born 1925), Italian writer
  • Andrea Casiraghi (born 1984), eldest child of Princess Caroline of Monaco
  • Andrea Cesalpino (1519–1603), Italian physician, philosopher and botanist
  • Andrea Cinciarini (born 1986), Italian basketball player
  • Andrea Cordero Lanza di Montezemolo (born 1925), Archbishop of Tuscania
  • Andrea Costa (1851–1913), Italian socialist activist
  • Andrea Debono (1821–1871), Maltese trader and explorer
  • Andrea Doria (1466–1560), Genoese condottiere and admiral
  • Andrea Dovizioso (born 1986), Italian motorcycle racer
  • Andrea Ferrara, 16th century Scottish artificer who introduced the manufacture of the high-quality steel blades bearing his name
  • Andrea Figallo (born 1972), Italian composer and conductor
  • Andrea da Firenze (?-1415), Italian composer
  • Andrea del Verrocchio (c. 1435–1488), Florentine sculptor
  • Andrea diSessa, (born 1947) American academic and epistemologies
  • Andrea Gabrieli (c. 1532/33-1585), Italian composer
  • Andrea Gioannetti (1722–1800), Italian Roman Catholic bishop and cardinal
  • Andrea Iannone (born 1989), Italian MotoGP driver
  • Andrea Kim Taegŏn (1821–1846), first Korean Catholic priest, Patron Saint of Korea for the Catholic Church
  • Andrea Luchesi (1741–1801), Italian composer
  • Andrea Mantegna (c. 1431–1506), Florentine painter
  • Andrea Massena (1758–1817), French military commander of Sardinian origin during the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars, one of the original eighteen Marshals of the Empire created by Napoleon
  • Andrea Nuciforo (1964), US politician who served as Democratic State Senator (1997–2007)
  • Andrea Orcagna (c. 1308–1368), Florentine painter, sculptor and architect
  • Andrea Palladio (1508–1580), Italian architect
  • Andrea Pazienza (1956–1988), Italian comics artist
  • Andrea Pirlo (born 1979), Italian football player
  • Andrea Pisano (c. 1270–1348), Italian sculptor and architect
  • Andrea Prader (1919–2001), renowned Swiss scientist and physician, co-discoverer of the Prader-Willi syndrome
  • Andrea Prosperetti (born 1944), Italian physicist, member of the U.S. National Academy of Engineering
  • Andrea Renzullo (born 1996), German singer
  • Andrea Sansovino (c. 1467–1529), Italian sculptor
  • Andrea Meldolla (1510/1515–1563), also known as Andrea Schiavone or Andrija Medulic, was a Dalmatian Renaissance painter and etcher
  • Andrea Solari (c. 1460–1524), Renaissance painter
  • Andrea Tacquet (1612–1660), Flemish mathematician and Jesuit priest whose work prepared the ground for the eventual discovery of the calculus
  • Andrea Tafi (fl. 1300–1325), Italian artist
  • Andrea Vassallo (1856–1928), Maltese architect
  • Andrea Vavassori (born 1995), Italian tennis player
  • Andrea Vesalius (1514–1564), Flemish physician, author of influential books on human anatomy and often referred to as the founder of modern human anatomy
  • Andrea Viterbi (born 1935), birthname of Italian-American scientist and engineer Andrew Viterbi, winner of the National Medal of Science
  • Andrea Zanzotto (1921–2011), Italian poet


*Sources: Part of the article is from the Wikipedia page about Andrea name