First name for Amelia

First name for Amelia

You have the Amelia name as a surname or second name, and you looking for the First name for this beautiful name? – so keep reading and find more than 790 name ideas for you. The only thing you need to do is filter and find your right name.

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Start of the name

First Name Middle/Last Name
Aaliyah Amelia
Abby Amelia
Abigail Amelia
Acacia Amelia
Adah Amelia
Adair Amelia
Adamo Amelia
Adams Amelia
Addie Amelia
Addison Amelia
Adelaide Amelia
Adeline Amelia
Adley Amelia
Adriana Amelia
Adriana paige Amelia
Adrianne Amelia
Aemelia Amelia
Aemilia Amelia
Aimiliona Amelia
Alba Amelia
Alexandra Amelia
Alexis Amelia
Alianna Amelia
Alice Amelia
Alicia Amelia
Alise Amelia
Alison Amelia
Alive Amelia
Allie Amelia
Alyanna Amelia
Ama Amelia
Amal Amelia
Amala Amelia
Amalberga Amelia
Amalea Amelia
Amalee Amelia
Amaleta Amelia
Amalia Amelia
Amalie Amelia
Amalija Amelia
Amalina Amelia
Amaline Amelia
Amalita Amelia
Amaliya Amelia
Amalka Amelia
Amaly Amelia
Amalya Amelia
Amalyna Amelia
Amalyne Amelia
Amalyta Amelia
Amandine Amelia
Amber Amelia
Ame Amelia
Amel Amelia
Amelia Amelia
Amelie Amelia
Amélie Amelia
Amelina Amelia
Ameline Amelia
Amelita Amelia
Ameliya Amelia
Amelya Amelia
Amelyna Amelia
Amelyne Amelia
Amelyta Amelia
Amie Amelia
Amiel Amelia
Amiela Amelia
Amil Amelia
Amilia Amelia
Amiliya Amelia
Amillia Amelia
Amilya Amelia
Amma Amelia
Amora Amelia
Amy Amelia
Anaïs Amelia
Analu Amelia
Andersdotter Amelia
Andrea Amelia
Angel Amelia
Angelina Amelia
Angie Amelia
Aniela Amelia
Anika Amelia
Anila Amelia
Anise Amelia
Ann Amelia
Anna Amelia
Anna belle Amelia
Annabel Amelia
Annabelle Amelia
Anne Amelia
Anne marie Amelia
Annette Amelia
Annily Amelia
Antonia Amelia
Aphrodite Amelia
Apple Amelia
Arabelle Amelia
Aranza Amelia
Aretha Amelia
Aria Amelia
Ariana Amelia
Aries Amelia
Ariya Amelia
Artemis Amelia
Arya Amelia
Ash Amelia
Aspen Amelia
Atarah Amelia
Aubrey Amelia
Audrey Amelia
Augustine Amelia
Aurora Amelia
Ausha Amelia
Austine Amelia
Auxane Amelia
Ava Amelia
Avacyn Amelia
Avalee Amelia
Avalon Amelia
Avery Amelia
Avie Amelia
Ávila Amelia
Ayunli Amelia
Azalea Amelia
Bailey Amelia
Barbara Amelia
Bay Amelia
Bea Amelia
Beatrice Amelia
Beckett Amelia
Bedelia Amelia
Belinda Amelia
Bella Amelia
Belle Amelia
Benjamine Amelia
Bennet Amelia
Bery Amelia
Beth Amelia
Bethany Amelia
Birchlyn Amelia
Blaine Amelia
Blair Amelia
Blaire Amelia
Blairy Amelia
Blake Amelia
Bloomer Amelia
Blue Amelia
Blyth Amelia
Blythe Amelia
Bones Amelia
Bonetti Amelia
Bostyn Amelia
Boynton Amelia
Brand Amelia
Braylee Amelia
Breckyn Amelia
Bree Amelia
Brennan Amelia
Bria Amelia
Bridget Amelia
Brielle Amelia
Brienne Amelia
Bright Amelia
Brittany Amelia
Brooke Amelia
Brooklyn Amelia
Bryn Amelia
Bryn Amelia
Brynn Amelia
Brynn Amelia
Brysen Amelia
Bullmore Amelia
Caitlin Amelia
Calder Amelia
Callie Amelia
Camden Amelia
Camellia Amelia
Camille Amelia
Camreigh Amelia
Candice Amelia
Caprice Amelia
Carla Amelia
Carlie Amelia
Carmen Amelia
Caroline Amelia
Carrie Amelia
Carter Amelia
Carys Amelia
Casey Amelia
Cassidy Amelia
Catalina Amelia
Cate Amelia
Catelyn Amelia
Catherine Amelia
Cecily Amelia
Céilidh Amelia
Celeste Amelia
Celia Amelia
Celine Amelia
Cersei Amelia
Cezanne Amelia
Charlotte Amelia
Charlotte rose Amelia
Chelsea Amelia
Cheyenne Amelia
Chloe Amelia
Christine Amelia
Cia Amelia
Claire Amelia
Clara Amelia
Clare Amelia
Clarke Amelia
Claudette Amelia
Clementine Amelia
Clover Amelia
Colette Amelia
Constance Amelia
Cookie Amelia
Cora Amelia
Coral Amelia
Coraline Amelia
Cordelia Amelia
Corliss Amelia
Cornelia Amelia
Cosette Amelia
Courtney Amelia
Curran Amelia
Daenerys Amelia
Daisy Amelia
Dakota Amelia
Daleyza Amelia
Dana Amelia
Danielle Amelia
Dawn Amelia
Dean Amelia
Delaney Amelia
Delia Amelia
Dell Amelia
Della Amelia
Delphine Amelia
Demi Amelia
Denver Amelia
Devine Amelia
Diane Amelia
Dianna Amelia
Dimoldenberg Amelia
Dixie Amelia
Donaghy Amelia
Dora Amelia
Dorothy Amelia
Dove Amelia
Dream Amelia
Earhart Amelia
Easton Amelia
Eden Amelia
Edith Amelia
Éire Amelia
Eisenhower Amelia
Elaine Amelia
Eleanor Amelia
Elein Amelia
Elena Amelia
Eliana Amelia
Elisa Amelia
Elise Amelia
Elizabeth Amelia
Ella Amelia
Elle Amelia
Ellie Amelia
Elliott Amelia
Ellsworth Amelia
Elodie Amelia
Eloise Amelia
Elyse Amelia
Em Amelia
Emalia Amelia
Ember Amelia
Emelea Amelia
Emeli Amelia
Emelia Amelia
Emelie Amelia
Emelina Amelia
Emeline Amelia
Emelita Amelia
Emersyn Amelia
Emery Amelia
Emilia Amelia
Emily Amelia
Emma Amelia
Emme Amelia
Emmeline Amelia
Emmie Amelia
Emmy Amelia
Emmy’ Amelia
Emryn Amelia
Erin Amelia
Esme Amelia
Esmeralda Amelia
Estelle Amelia
Estrella Amelia
Eva Amelia
Eve Amelia
Evelyn Amelia
Everest Amelia
Everleigh Amelia
Everly Amelia
Eyre Amelia
Ezlynn Amelia
Fairleigh Amelia
Faith Amelia
Falala Amelia
Fallon Amelia
Fanny mae Amelia
Farah Amelia
Farrah Amelia
Fay Amelia
Faye Amelia
Fayre Amelia
Feechi Amelia
Felician Amelia
Felicity Amelia
Fern Amelia
Fey Amelia
Finn Amelia
Fiona Amelia
Fionna Amelia
Fletcher Amelia
Fleur Amelia
Flora Amelia
Florence Amelia
France Amelia
Frances Amelia
Freddine Amelia
Frenly Amelia
Frida Amelia
Gabble Amelia
Gabriella Amelia
Gabrielle Amelia
Gem Amelia
Genevieve Amelia
Genisis Amelia
Georgette Amelia
Georgia Amelia
Giovanna Amelia
Grace Amelia
Gracelyn Amelia
Gray Amelia
Gray hamlin Amelia
Gretrude Amelia
Grey Amelia
Guinevere Amelia
Gwen Amelia
Gwendolyn Amelia
Hailey Amelia
Haley Amelia
Hallie Amelia
Hannah Amelia
Harley Amelia
Harlow Amelia
Harmony Amelia
Harper Amelia
Harriet Amelia
Hayes Amelia
Hazel Amelia
Heaven Amelia
Heidi Amelia
Heinle Amelia
Helen Amelia
Henrietta Amelia
Hermione Amelia
Hippolyta Amelia
Holland Amelia
Holly Amelia
Holt Amelia
Honey Amelia
Honor Amelia
Hope Amelia
Hughes Amelia
Hyacinth Amelia
Iggy Amelia
Imani Amelia
Indiana Amelia
Ingrid Amelia
Iona Amelia
Iowa Amelia
Ireland Amelia
Irene Amelia
Iris Amelia
Isa Amelia
Isabel Amelia
Isabella Amelia
Isabelle Amelia
Isla Amelia
Isobel Amelia
Isolde Amelia
Ivana Amelia
Ivy Amelia
Jacqueline Amelia
Jade Amelia
Jamelia Amelia
James Amelia
Jane Amelia
Janelle Amelia
Janet Amelia
Janis Amelia
January Amelia
Jasmine Amelia
Jazz Amelia
Jazzlyn Amelia
Jean Amelia
Jeanne Amelia
Jenks Amelia
Jennifer Amelia
Jessica Amelia
Jett Amelia
Jewel Amelia
Jing Amelia
Jo Amelia
Joan Amelia
Joanna Amelia
Joanne Amelia
Jocelyn Amelia
Joelle Amelia
Joffe Amelia
Jolene Amelia
Jones Amelia
Joni Amelia
Jordyn Amelia
Josephine Amelia
Josie Amelia
Journey Amelia
Joy Amelia
Joyce Amelia
Jude Amelia
Jules Amelia
Julia Amelia
Julian Amelia
Julianne Amelia
Juliet Amelia
Juliette Amelia
June Amelia
Juniper Amelia
Juno Amelia
Jurnee Amelia
Justine Amelia
Kace Amelia
Kaija Amelia
Kaley Amelia
Kali Amelia
Karina Amelia
Karma Amelia
Kate Amelia
Kate louise Amelia
Katey Amelia
Katherine Amelia
Katie Amelia
Kay Amelia
Kayla Amelia
Kelly Amelia
Kelsey Amelia
Kemp Amelia
Kenya Amelia
Keva Amelia
Khaleesi Amelia
Kiera Amelia
Kimberly Amelia
Kingsley Amelia
Kinkade Amelia
Kinsley Amelia
Kitty Amelia
Knightley Amelia
Kristen Amelia
Lady Amelia
Lake Amelia
Lana Amelia
Lane Amelia
Lark Amelia
Laurel Amelia
Lauren Amelia
Laurie Amelia
Laurine Amelia
Lavender Amelia
Layla Amelia
Leaf Amelia
Leah Amelia
Lee Amelia
Legacy Amelia
Leighton Amelia
Lena Amelia
Lennon Amelia
Lennox Amelia
Leonore Amelia
Lexi Amelia
Lia Amelia
Liberty Amelia
Liesel Amelia
Lili Amelia
Lilian Amelia
Lilibeth Amelia
Lilith Amelia
Lillian Amelia
Lily Amelia
Linden Amelia
Lise Amelia
Lively Amelia
Liz Amelia
Llyr Amelia
Lola Amelia
Loretta Amelia
Lou Amelia
Louise Amelia
Love Amelia
Lu Amelia
Lucia Amelia
Lucie Amelia
Lucienne Amelia
Lucille Amelia
Lucy Amelia
Luna Amelia
Lux Amelia
Lux- Amelia
Lydia Amelia
Lynn Amelia
Lyra Amelia
Lyric Amelia
Mabel Amelia
Macie Amelia
Mackenzie Amelia
Madeleine Amelia
Madeline Amelia
Madison Amelia
Mae Amelia
Maeve Amelia
Magdalena Amelia
Magdalene Amelia
Magnolia Amelia
Maia Amelia
Maise Amelia
Maisie Amelia
Malia Amelia
Malsci Amelia
Maple Amelia
Maren Amelia
Margaery Amelia
Margaret Amelia
Margo Amelia
Mariana Amelia
Marie Amelia
Marigold Amelia
Marion Amelia
Marise Amelia
Marisol Amelia
Marissa Amelia
Marley Amelia
Marlow Amelia
Marlowe Amelia
Martine Amelia
Mary Amelia
Mary jo Amelia
Marybeth Amelia
Mathilde Amelia
Matilda Amelia
Maud Amelia
Maude Amelia
May Amelia
Mae Amelia
Maya Amelia
Mazie Amelia
Meadow Amelia
Meale Amelia
Mealie Amelia
Meals Amelia
Meelia Amelia
Meg Amelia
Megan Amelia
Mel Amelia
Melanie Amelia
Melcia Amelia
Melia Amelia
Meline Amelia
Meliora Amelia
Melisandre Amelia
Mella Amelia
Melly Amelia
Melody Amelia
Memphis Amelia
Meredith Amelia
Mia Amelia
Micah Amelia
Michelle Amelia
Middle Amelia
Mila Amelia
Milena Amelia
Milica Amelia
Millie Amelia
Milly Amelia
Mimi Amelia
Minerva Amelia
Minnie Amelia
Mireille Amelia
Missandei Amelia
Misty Amelia
Mitchell Amelia
Molly Amelia
Monroe Amelia
Montana Amelia
Morgan Amelia
Morgane Amelia
Murgatroyd Amelia
Myrcella Amelia
Nadine Amelia
Nalia Amelia
Nancy Amelia
Naomi Amelia
Natalia Amelia
Natalie Amelia
Nell Amelia
Nicole Amelia
Nixie Amelia
Noah Amelia
Noelle Amelia
Nolan Amelia
Nora Amelia
North Amelia
Nuela Amelia
Nyla Amelia
Oakley Amelia
Oaklynn Amelia
Octavia Amelia
Odette Amelia
Okoli Amelia
Olive Amelia
Olivia Amelia
Opal Amelia
Ophelia Amelia
Opie Amelia
Ora Amelia
Owen Amelia
Paige Amelia
Paisley Amelia
Palmer Amelia
Paloma Amelia
Pansy Amelia
Paola Amelia
Parker Amelia
Patrice Amelia
Patricia Amelia
Paula Amelia
Pauline Amelia
Paxton Amelia
Peabody Amelia
Pearl Amelia
Penelope Amelia
Perrier Amelia
Petra Amelia
Peyton Amelia
Phoebe Amelia
Phoenix Amelia
Phyllis Amelia
Piper Amelia
Platts Amelia
Plum Amelia
Pollyana Amelia
Pond Amelia
Poppy Amelia
Poulain Amelia
Prairie Amelia
Princess Amelia
Priscilla Amelia
Prudence Amelia
Quincy Amelia
Quinn Amelia
Quinny Amelia
Rachel Amelia
Rae Amelia
Raegan Amelia
Rain Amelia
Raquel Amelia
Raven Amelia
Raya Amelia
Raye Amelia
Raynne Amelia
Rayonne Amelia
Rebecca Amelia
Rees Amelia
Reese Amelia
Reeselyn Amelia
Regan Amelia
Renee Amelia
Rhiannon Amelia
Richardson Amelia
Riley Amelia
River Amelia
Roberta Amelia
Robles Amelia
Rosalind Amelia
Rose Amelia
Roselyn Amelia
Rosemary Amelia
Rowan Amelia
Roxanne Amelia
Ruby Amelia
Rubyrose Amelia
Ruth Amelia
Ryan Amelia
Rylan Amelia
Rylie Amelia
Sabine Amelia
Sachs Amelia
Sage Amelia
Samantha Amelia
Sarah Amelia
Saturn Amelia
Sawyer Amelia
Scarlett Amelia
Scarlette Amelia
Scout Amelia
Sedley Amelia
Selene Amelia
Shae Amelia
Shannon Amelia
Shay Amelia
Shea Amelia
Shepherd Amelia
Shiloh Amelia
Sienna Amelia
Sierra Amelia
Simone Amelia
Skinner Amelia
Sky Amelia
Skye Amelia
Skyler Amelia
Sloane Amelia
Solenne Amelia
Sophia Amelia
Sophie Amelia
Starling Amelia
Stella Amelia
Sue Amelia
Sunny Amelia
Susan Amelia
Susanna Amelia
Sydnie Amelia
Talise Amelia
Tamsin Amelia
Tara Amelia
Tate Amelia
Taylor Amelia
Teagan Amelia
Tenley Amelia
Teresa Amelia
Terra Amelia
Tess Amelia
Thea Amelia
Theodosia Amelia
Thermopolis Amelia
Thomasina Amelia
Trinity Amelia
Valentine Amelia
Valery Amelia
Vega Amelia
Venus Amelia
Vera Amelia
Vermillion Amelia
Vernon Amelia
Veronica Amelia
Victoria Amelia
Violet Amelia
Vivian Amelia
Voght Amelia
Von Amelia
Warner Amelia
Warren Amelia
Waverley Amelia
Waverly Amelia
West Amelia
Wil Amelia
Willa Amelia
Willow Amelia
Wilma lou Amelia
Wilson Amelia
Winnie Amelia
Winona Amelia
Winter Amelia
Wren Amelia
Xanthe Amelia
Xavynn Amelia
Xena Amelia
Ximena Amelia
Yolanda Amelia
Yvette Amelia
Yvonne Amelia
Zadro Amelia
Zahara Amelia
Zahli Amelia
Zara Amelia
Zaylee Amelia
Zelda Amelia
Zirin Amelia
Zoe Amelia
Zoey Amelia

The Amelia name origin

Amelia is an English-language variation of Amalia, derived from the Germanic word “Amal” meaning ‘work’, and connoting industriousness and fertility.

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How to pronounce Amelia?


Famous people with Amelia name

  • Amalberga of Maubeuge (died 690), Saint Amelia, Early Medieval Saint
  • Amelia “millie” Catherine (bennett) Warner Aka Slow Moving Millie English Actress and Singer, Wife of Irish Actor Jamie Dornan
  • Amelia Adamo (born 1947), Swedish Magazine Founder and Editor
  • Amelia Adamsaustralian Tv Presenter
  • Amelia Andersdotter (born 1987), Swedish Politician
  • Amelia Ann Deen (b. 2018) Daughter of American Tv Chef and Personality Bobby Deen
  • Amelia B. Coppuck Welby (1819–1852), American Poet
  • Amelia Bloomer (1818–1894), American Feminist, Started the Newspaper the Lily, Popularized Bloomers
  • Amelia Boynton Robinson (born 1911), American Activist and Civil Rights Leader
  • Amelia Bullmore (born 1964), English Actress
  • Amelia Calder (mitchel) Wife of British Nelson,era Admiral Sir Robert Calder
  • Amelia Curran Canadian Singer,songwriter
  • Amelia Dimoldenberg (born 1994), English Journalist and Comedian
  • Amelia Earhart (1897–1937), American Aviator and Feminist
  • Amelia Edith Huddleston Barr (1831–1911), English Novelist
  • Amelia Eisenhower Mahon Daughter of Susan Eisenhower; Granddaughter of U.s. President Dwight D. Eisenhower
  • Amelia Fiona “minnie” Driver English Actress
  • Amelia Fletcherenglish Pop Singer
  • Amelia Gray Hamlin (b. 2001) Daughter of Actors Harry Hamlin and Lisa Rinna
  • Amelia Heinle Luckinbill (born 1974), American Actress
  • Amelia Holt Atwaterrhodes, American Novelist
  • Amelia Jane Henson (b. 2005)daughter of Actress Mia Sara and Brian Henson
  • Amelia Jenks Bloomer American Feminist, Popularized “bloomers”
  • Amelia Jonesamerican Art Historian and Author
  • Amelia Kemp, English Footballer
  • Amelia Kinkade American Actress
  • Amelia Lily [oliver] (born 1994), English Singer
  • Amelia Lucille Francisco (b. 2014) Daughter of Actors Jason Francisco and Melisa Cantiveros
  • Amelia Magdalena Hundleyamerican Gymnast
  • Amelia Mary Earhart American Aviator
  • Amelia Minerva Starkweather (1840–1926), Educator and Author
  • Amelia Okoli (born 1941), Nigerian High Jumper
  • Amelia Opie English Novelist
  • Amelia Perrier (1841–1875), Irish Novelist and Travel Writer.
  • Amelia Platts Boynton Robinsonamerican Civil Rights Activist
  • Amelia Princess of the U.k., Daughter of King George Iii
  • Amelia R. Coats (1877-1967), American Printmaker
  • Amelia Robles Ávila, Known as Amelio Robles Ávila, Colonel During the Mexican Revolution
  • Amelia Rose Andre (b. 2014) Daughter of Tv Presenter Peter Andre
  • Amelia Rose Blaireamerican Actress
  • Amelia Rose Earhart (born 1983), American Pilot and News Anchor
  • Amelia Skinner (b. 2009) Daughter of Rapper Mike Skinner of the Streets
  • Amelia Sophia Eleanor Princess of Great Britain, Daughter of King George Ii
  • Amelia Vernon (b. 1996) Daughter of Ice Hockey Player Mike Vernon
  • Amelia Warner (born 1982), English Actress
  • Amelia Wilson American Swimmer
  • Amelia Zadro Australian Model
  • Amelia Zirinbrown Aka Lady Rizo, American Comedienne
  • Lady Amelia Windsor (born 1995), English Model
  • Mary Amelia Ingallselder Sister of Novelist Laura Ingalls Wilder
  • Minnie Driver (born Amelia Fiona J. Driver, 1970), English Actress
  • Princess Amelia of the United Kingdom (1783–1810)
  • Saint Amelia Aka Amalberga of Maubeuge, 7th Century Belgian Saint
  • Princess Amelia of Great Britain (1711–1786)

Fictional characters that called Amelia

  • Title Character in Henry Fielding’s Novel Amelia (novel)
  • Title Character in Amelia’s Notebooks, a Series of Books by Marissa Moss
  • Naughty Amelia Jane, Doll Antiheroine of a Children’s Book Series by Enid Blyton
  • Amelia (underworld), the Only Female Vampire Elder in the Underworld Film Series
  • Amelia Bedelia, Title Character in Books by Peggy Parish
  • Amelia Bones in the Harry Potter Series
  • Amelia Bonetti, Character Portrayed by Giulietta Masina in the 1986 Film Ginger and Fred by Federico Fellini
  • Amelia Brand in the 2014 Film Interstellar, Played by Anne Hathaway
  • Amelia Gabble, an English Goose in the 1970 Animated Film the Aristocats
  • Amelia Louise Mcbride, Title Character in the Graphic Novel Series Amelia Rules! by Jimmy Gownley
  • Amelia “milly” Michaelson, a Character in 1986 American Fantasy Drama Film the Boy Who Could Fly
  • Amelia Murgatroyd (nicknamed Amy), Minor Character in the 1950 Novel a Murder Is Announced by Agatha Christie
  • Amelia Peabody, the Main Character in a Series of Mystery Novels by Elizabeth Peters
  • Amelia Pond, Usually Called Amy Pond, Companion of the Eleventh Doctor in the Television Series Doctor Who
  • Amélie Poulain from Jean-pierre Jeunet’s French Comedy Film Amélie
  • Amelia Sachs in the Lincoln Rhyme Series, Written by Jeffrey Deaver, Played by Angelina Jolie in the Movie Version of the Bone Collector
  • Amelia Sedley in Vanity Fair (novel) by William Thackeray
  • Amelia Wil Tesla Seyruun in Anime Slayers
  • Amelia Shepherd, a Neurosurgeon in the Popular Tv Medical Dramas Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice
  • Amelia Thermopolis, Commonly Called Mia, Main Character in the Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot
  • Amelia Voght, a Marvel Comics Character in the X-men Franchise
  • Amelia Von Butch, a Treasure Hunter and Main Antagonist in the 2005 Animated Film Scooby-doo! in Where’s My Mummy?
  • Amelia in the Tv Series Rubbadubbers
  • Amelia Hughes, the First Season Antagonist of the 2019 Animated Series Infinity Train
  • Captain Amelia in the 2002 Film Treasure Planet

Amelia in the pop culture

  • “Amelia Bedelia” Children’s Book Series by Peggy Parish
  • Amelia “mia” Thermopolis Main Character in “the Princess Diaries” Series
  • Amelia Wil Tesla Seyruun Character in Anime “slayers”
  • Dr. Amelia Shepherd Character on Tv’s “private Practice” & “grey’s Anatomy”
  • Amelia Jessica “amy” Pond Williams Character on Tv’s “doctor Who”
  • Amelia Donaghy Character in Movie “the Bone Collector”
  • “Amelia” Novel by Henry Fielding and Main Character
  • Amelia ’emmy’ Sedley Later Osbourne Character in “vanity Fair”
  • Amelia Character in the “fire Emblem” Video Game Series
  • Amelia Peabody Main Character in Books by Elizabeth Peters
  • Amelia Bonetti Character in 1986 Movie “ginger and Fred”
  • Amelia Louise Mcbride Character in Graphic Novel Series “amelia Rules!” by Jimmy Gownley
  • Amelia C. Voght Character in X,men Comics
  • “Amelia’s Notebook” Book Series by Marissa Moss
  • “Our Only May Amelia” Novel by Jennifer L. Holm
  • Amelia Richardson Character on Tv’s “supernatural”
  • Amelia Joffe Character on Soap “general Hospital”
  • Amelia Bones. Character from the “harry Potter” Series
  • Amelia Gabble Character in Disney’s “the Aristocats”
  • Amelia Main Character in “in a Heartbeat” by Loretta Ellsworth
  • Amelia Character in “animal Crossing” Video Game Series
  • Amelia Character in the “underworld” Series
  • Amelia Cackle Character on Tv’s “the Worst Witch”
  • “Naughty Amelia Jane” Novel by Enid Blyton
  • Amelia the Singing Fairy Character in the “rainbow Magic” Series
  • Amelia Character in “the Terminal”
  • Amelia Duckworth Character on Disney Channel’s “bizaardvark”
  • Amelia “amy” Dubanowski Character on Nbc’s “superstore”
  • “Amelia” Song by Tonight Alive
  • “Amelia” Song by Joni Mitchell
  • Amelia Island Florida, Usa
  • Amelia Hughes Character in the Animated Series “infinity Train”

Nicknames for Amelia

  • Em
  • Am
  • Amu
  • Ami
  • Ams
  • Ame
  • Meli
  • Mil
  • Mila
  • Lili
  • Mei
  • Anila
  • Amiel
  • Amalie
  • Amalia
  • Analu
  • Amelie
  • Amal
  • Amil
  • Annily
  • Aniela
  • Amiela
  • Ayunli
  • Amy
  • Melly
  • Amelia
  • Malia
  • Emma
  • Millie
  • Mel
  • Lia
  • Mia

Amelia name variations

The Amelia name have a variety of variation across the cultures and languages, you should know them:

  • Amalia (Czech and Hungarian)
  • Delia (Greek)
  • Amalie (French)
  • Amelie (French and German)
  • Amélie (French)
  • Malsci (Hungarian)
  • Amelita (Italian)
  • Ama (Polish)
  • Melcia (Polish)
  • Milica (Slavic)
  • Nuela (Spanish)
  • Āmēlīya (Amharic)
  • Amielija (Belarusian)
  • Ameliya (Bulgarian)
  • Amalía (Greek)
  • Aemiliae (Latin)
  • Amelija (Macedonian)
  • Ameliya (Russian)
  • Aemelia
  • Aimiliona
  • Amalea
  • Amalee
  • Amaleta
  • Amalia
  • Amalie
  • Amalija
  • Amalina
  • Amaline
  • Amalita
  • Amaliya
  • Amaly
  • Amalya
  • Amalyna
  • Amalyne
  • Amalyta
  • Amelie
  • Amelina
  • Ameline
  • Amelita
  • Ameliya
  • Amelya
  • Amelyna
  • Amelyne
  • Amelyta
  • Amilia
  • Amiliya
  • Amillia
  • Amilya
  • Amy
  • Emelie
  • Emelina
  • Emeline
  • Emelita
  • Emma
  • Emmeline
  • Meline

*Sources: Part of the article is from the Wikipedia page about Amelia given name