My name is Simon, and I like names and everything related to them.

My goal is to help you (in a practical way :)) choose a name, with no-fluff name ideas, filtering options, and more.

There is something special about this site compared to other name sources, in that we offer what you are looking for in a practical manner.

For example, if you are looking for specific name suggestions, that’s what you’ll get, not a fluff explanation about what a name is and why it’s important to choose, and blah blah blah…

Our story

It all began with the birth of my little son. My wife wanted a name that would be similar to the other kids who finish with an “er”.

As I couldn’t find any good resource for this mission, I decided to create this practical website to provide exactly this solution. On every name page, there is a list that you can filter by the letter(s) at the start/middle/end of the name.

For example:

An example of name filtering on the OinkNames site
An example of name filtering on the OinkNames site

Our values

Practical and straight to the point.

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Simon - oinknames
Simon – OinkNames

We hope that you will enjoy the content on this site 🙂


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