First name for Alexandra

First name for Alexandra

Did you choose Alexandra as your child’s second name, and now you are looking for first name ideas? Here is your best source on the internet for this purpose, I especially gathered for this more than 2,600 first name ideas. Enjoy 🙂

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Choose your first name for Alexandra – the names list

Start of the name

First Name Middle/Last Name
Aadhira Alexandra
Aaira Alexandra
Aamira Alexandra
Aara Alexandra
Aarya Alexandra
Aayra Alexandra
Abbott Alexandra
Abeera Alexandra
Abigail Alexandra
Abra Alexandra
Abraham Alexandra
Abram Alexandra
Abril Alexandra
Ada Alexandra
Adaira Alexandra
Adaline Alexandra
Adam Alexandra
Adams Alexandra
Adaora Alexandra
Adara Alexandra
Addilynn Alexandra
Adele Alexandra
Adelina Alexandra
Adeline Alexandra
Adelynn Alexandra
Adera Alexandra
Adhara Alexandra
Adhira Alexandra
Adia Alexandra
Adira Alexandra
Adolfo Alexandra
Adonis Alexandra
Adora Alexandra
Adoracion Alexandra
Adra Alexandra
Adriana Alexandra
Adrianna Alexandra
Adrien Alexandra
Agatha Alexandra
Agnieszka Alexandra
Ahinara Alexandra
Ahmira Alexandra
Ahmyra Alexandra
Aida Alexandra
Aidan Alexandra
Aide Alexandra
Aidee Alexandra
Aiden Alexandra
Aileen Alexandra
Ainara Alexandra
Ainhara Alexandra
Ainhoa Alexandra
Aira Alexandra
Ajana Alexandra
Akeira Alexandra
Akera Alexandra
Akiera Alexandra
Akira Alexandra
Akshara Alexandra
Akyra Alexandra
Alabama Alexandra
Alaia Alexandra
Alaina Alexandra
Alaira Alexandra
Alandra Alexandra
Alani Alexandra
Alara Alexandra
Alasdair Alexandra
Alaura Alexandra
Alayna Alexandra
Alba Alexandra
Albara Alexandra
Albert Alexandra
Albertine Alexandra
Alberto Alexandra
Aleena Alexandra
Aleera Alexandra
Alegra Alexandra
Aleira Alexandra
Alejandra Alexandra
Aleksandra Alexandra
Alera Alexandra
Alesandra Alexandra
Alessandra Alexandra
Alex Alexandra
Alexandria Alexandra
Alexia Alexandra
Alexis Alexandra
Alexsandra Alexandra
Alexzandra Alexandra
Alfred Alexandra
Alia Alexandra
Aliandra Alexandra
Alice Alexandra
Alicia Alexandra
Alina Alexandra
Alira Alexandra
Alisandra Alexandra
Alison Alexandra
Alissandra Alexandra
Alisson Alexandra
Alistair Alexandra
Alivia Alexandra
Alixandra Alexandra
Aliya Alexandra
Aliyah Alexandra
Alizandra Alexandra
Aljawhara Alexandra
Allan Alexandra
Allegra Alexandra
Allen Alexandra
Allena Alexandra
Allie Alexandra
Allisandra Alexandra
Allison Alexandra
Allora Alexandra
Allura Alexandra
Alma Alexandra
Almendra Alexandra
Almeta Alexandra
Almira Alexandra
Alondra Alexandra
Alora Alexandra
Aloura Alexandra
Alura Alexandra
Alyra Alexandra
Alysandra Alexandra
Alyssa Alexandra
Alyssandra Alexandra
Alyxandra Alexandra
Amadeus Alexandra
Amaira Alexandra
Amalia Alexandra
Amara Alexandra
Amarantha Alexandra
Amarra Alexandra
Amaura Alexandra
Amayra Alexandra
Ambra Alexandra
Ameera Alexandra
Ameira Alexandra
Amelia Alexandra
Amelie Alexandra
Amera Alexandra
Amiera Alexandra
Amiira Alexandra
Amira Alexandra
Amirra Alexandra
Amiyra Alexandra
Ammara Alexandra
Amora Alexandra
Amos Alexandra
Amoura Alexandra
Amparo Alexandra
Amra Alexandra
Amy Alexandra
Amyra Alexandra
Ana Alexandra
Anabelle Alexandra
Anaclara Alexandra
Anaira Alexandra
Anais Alexandra
Analaura Alexandra
Analia Alexandra
Anara Alexandra
Anastasia Alexandra
Anaya Alexandra
Anayra Alexandra
Andi Alexandra
Andra Alexandra
Andrae Alexandra
Andranik Alexandra
Andray Alexandra
Andraya Alexandra
Andre Alexandra
Andrea Alexandra
Andree Alexandra
Andreea Alexandra
Andreina Alexandra
Andres Alexandra
Andrew Alexandra
Aneira Alexandra
Angel Alexandra
Angela Alexandra
Angeles Alexandra
Angeline Alexandra
Anira Alexandra
Aniya Alexandra
Ann Alexandra
Anna Alexandra
Annabell Alexandra
Annabelle Alexandra
Annalee Alexandra
Anne Alexandra
Anneliese Alexandra
Annie Alexandra
Annika Alexandra
Annora Alexandra
Anny Alexandra
Anora Alexandra
Antara Alexandra
Anthony Alexandra
Antone Alexandra
Antonia Alexandra
Antonio Alexandra
Antony Alexandra
Anya Alexandra
Apsara Alexandra
Ara Alexandra
Arabella Alexandra
Araceli Alexandra
Arelia Alexandra
Arelis Alexandra
Ari Alexandra
Ariadna Alexandra
Ariah Alexandra
Ariana Alexandra
Arianna Alexandra
Ariel Alexandra
Ariella Alexandra
Arielle Alexandra
Ariya Alexandra
Arora Alexandra
Aroura Alexandra
Arthur Alexandra
Asa Alexandra
Asha Alexandra
Asher Alexandra
Ashira Alexandra
Ashleigh Alexandra
Ashlyn Alexandra
Aspyn Alexandra
Asra Alexandra
Astra Alexandra
Astrid Alexandra
Atara Alexandra
Athena Alexandra
Athenais Alexandra
Athira Alexandra
Aubrey Alexandra
Audie Alexandra
Audra Alexandra
Audrey Alexandra
Augustin Alexandra
Aura Alexandra
Aurelia Alexandra
Aurelius Alexandra
Aurora Alexandra
Aurore Alexandra
Auroura Alexandra
Austin Alexandra
Austyn Alexandra
Autumn Alexandra
Ava Alexandra
Avalon Alexandra
Averie Alexandra
Avery Alexandra
Avira Alexandra
Avra Alexandra
Ayden Alexandra
Aymara Alexandra
Aynara Alexandra
Ayra Alexandra
Ayva Alexandra
Azara Alexandra
Azariah Alexandra
Azora Alexandra
Azra Alexandra
Azura Alexandra
Bailee Alexandra
Bailey Alexandra
Baleria Alexandra
Banessa Alexandra
Barbara Alexandra
Barnby Alexandra
Barney Alexandra
Barrett Alexandra
Bartholomew Alexandra
Baxter Alexandra
Bay Alexandra
Bea Alexandra
Beatrice Alexandra
Beatrix Alexandra
Beatriz Alexandra
Beau Alexandra
Beckett Alexandra
Bekke Alexandra
Belen Alexandra
Bella Alexandra
Bellamy Alexandra
Belle Alexandra
Ben Alexandra
Benel Alexandra
Benjamin Alexandra
Bennette Alexandra
Benny Alexandra
Benson Alexandra
Berlin Alexandra
Berra Alexandra
Bertha Alexandra
Bertrand Alexandra
Bess Alexandra
Beth Alexandra
Bethan Alexandra
Bethany Alexandra
Bette Alexandra
Beulah Alexandra
Bianca Alexandra
Billy Alexandra
Bird Alexandra
Bishop Alexandra
Blair Alexandra
Blairre Alexandra
Blaire Alexandra
Blake Alexandra
Blanca Alexandra
Blue Alexandra
Blythe Alexandra
Bora Alexandra
Boris Alexandra
Braelynn Alexandra
Brandi Alexandra
Brandin Alexandra
Braxten Alexandra
Brayden Alexandra
Braylee Alexandra
Brea Alexandra
Bree Alexandra
Breia Alexandra
Brendan Alexandra
Brenna Alexandra
Bria Alexandra
Briar Alexandra
Brid Alexandra
Bridget Alexandra
Briella Alexandra
Brielle Alexandra
Brienne Alexandra
Brigette Alexandra
Briggitte Alexandra
Brigid Alexandra
Brigitte Alexandra
Brinley Alexandra
Brinya Alexandra
Brock Alexandra
Brodie Alexandra
Brody Alexandra
Bronagh Alexandra
Bronwyn Alexandra
Brooke Alexandra
Brooklyn Alexandra
Bryana Alexandra
Bryce Alexandra
Brynlee Alexandra
Brynn Alexandra
Bryon Alexandra
Bryony Alexandra
Bugra Alexandra
Bushra Alexandra
Busra Alexandra
Byrd Alexandra
Byron Alexandra
Cade Alexandra
Caira Alexandra
Caitlin Alexandra
Caleb Alexandra
Calista Alexandra
Callahan Alexandra
Calliope Alexandra
Callum Alexandra
Calypso Alexandra
Camara Alexandra
Camden Alexandra
Cameron Alexandra
Camilla Alexandra
Camille Alexandra
Camora Alexandra
Camryn Alexandra
Camyra Alexandra
Cara Alexandra
Caradoc Alexandra
Carla Alexandra
Carlin Alexandra
Carlos Alexandra
Carlotta Alexandra
Carly Alexandra
Carmela Alexandra
Carmen Alexandra
Carol Alexandra
Carola Alexandra
Carolina Alexandra
Caroline Alexandra
Caroly Alexandra
Carolyn Alexandra
Carra Alexandra
Carrera Alexandra
Carson Alexandra
Carter Alexandra
Carys Alexandra
Casandra Alexandra
Casper Alexandra
Cassandra Alexandra
Cassidy Alexandra
Cataleya Alexandra
Catalina Alexandra
Cate Alexandra
Caterina Alexandra
Catherine Alexandra
Cathy Alexandra
Ceaira Alexandra
Ceara Alexandra
Cecilia Alexandra
Cecily Alexandra
Celeste Alexandra
Celestyna Alexandra
Celine Alexandra
Cera Alexandra
Chad Alexandra
Chaitra Alexandra
Chandra Alexandra
Chanel Alexandra
Chara Alexandra
Charles Alexandra
Charlie Alexandra
Charlotte Alexandra
Charlottie Alexandra
Chase Alexandra
Chaya Alexandra
Chelsea Alexandra
Chelsey Alexandra
Chiara Alexandra
Chidera Alexandra
Chizara Alexandra
Chloe Alexandra
Christabel Alexandra
Christian Alexandra
Christiana Alexandra
Christina Alexandra
Christopher Alexandra
Chyanne Alexandra
Chyra Alexandra
Ciara Alexandra
Ciarra Alexandra
Ciera Alexandra
Cierra Alexandra
Cinthia Alexandra
Cira Alexandra
Claira Alexandra
Claire Alexandra
Clara Alexandra
Clarabelle Alexandra
Clare Alexandra
Claret Alexandra
Clarissa Alexandra
Claudia Alexandra
Clay Alexandra
Clementine Alexandra
Cleopatra Alexandra
Cliodhna Alexandra
Clyde Alexandra
Colby Alexandra
Colette Alexandra
Collins Alexandra
Concepcion Alexandra
Connor Alexandra
Conrad Alexandra
Consuelo Alexandra
Cooper Alexandra
Cora Alexandra
Coral Alexandra
Coralie Alexandra
Coralien Alexandra
Coraline Alexandra
Cordelia Alexandra
Corinne Alexandra
Cormag Alexandra
Cornelia Alexandra
Cornelius Alexandra
Corra Alexandra
Corrine Alexandra
Cortez Alexandra
Cosette Alexandra
Craig Alexandra
Cristina Alexandra
Crystal Alexandra
Cullen Alexandra
Cyara Alexandra
Cyra Alexandra
Cyrus Alexandra
Dae Alexandra
Dafne Alexandra
Dahlia Alexandra
Daira Alexandra
Daisie Alexandra
Daisy Alexandra
Dajhana Alexandra
Dakyra Alexandra
Dale Alexandra
Damara Alexandra
Damaris Alexandra
Damira Alexandra
Damyra Alexandra
Danette Alexandra
Dani Alexandra
Danica Alexandra
Daniel Alexandra
Daniela Alexandra
Daniella Alexandra
Danielle Alexandra
Danine Alexandra
Danira Alexandra
Danitza Alexandra
Danna Alexandra
Dante Alexandra
Danuta Alexandra
Daphne Alexandra
Dara Alexandra
Darcey Alexandra
Darcy Alexandra
Darin Alexandra
Darleen Alexandra
Darren Alexandra
David Alexandra
Davina Alexandra
Dawn Alexandra
Dawson Alexandra
Dayanara Alexandra
Dayra Alexandra
Deacon Alexandra
Deaira Alexandra
Deana Alexandra
Deandra Alexandra
Debby Alexandra
Debora Alexandra
Deborah Alexandra
Debra Alexandra
Debrah Alexandra
Declan Alexandra
Deia Alexandra
Deidra Alexandra
Deirdre Alexandra
Dekota Alexandra
Del rocio Alexandra
Delaney Alexandra
Delano Alexandra
Delara Alexandra
Delilah Alexandra
Delphine Alexandra
Delvin Alexandra
Demetra Alexandra
Demetrius Alexandra
Demi Alexandra
Demira Alexandra
Denisa Alexandra
Denise Alexandra
Dennis Alexandra
Deondra Alexandra
Deron Alexandra
Desiree Alexandra
Desmond Alexandra
Destiny Alexandra
Deven Alexandra
Devon Alexandra
Devora Alexandra
Devra Alexandra
Devyn Alexandra
Dewayne Alexandra
Deyanira Alexandra
Dhara Alexandra
Diana Alexandra
Diandra Alexandra
Diara Alexandra
Diarra Alexandra
Dickie Alexandra
Dilara Alexandra
Dilma Alexandra
Dimitra Alexandra
Dinora Alexandra
Dionicia Alexandra
Diora Alexandra
Diyora Alexandra
Dominic Alexandra
Dona Alexandra
Donnell Alexandra
Donny Alexandra
Dora Alexandra
Doreen Alexandra
Dorian Alexandra
Doris Alexandra
Dorothea Alexandra
Dorothy Alexandra
Douglas Alexandra
Dove Alexandra
Drace Alexandra
Dracen Alexandra
Draco Alexandra
Draden Alexandra
Draeden Alexandra
Draedyn Alexandra
Draelyn Alexandra
Dragan Alexandra
Drago Alexandra
Dragon Alexandra
Draiden Alexandra
Draizy Alexandra
Drake Alexandra
Draken Alexandra
Drako Alexandra
Draper Alexandra
Draven Alexandra
Dravin Alexandra
Dravyn Alexandra
Drax Alexandra
Dray Alexandra
Draya Alexandra
Drayce Alexandra
Draycen Alexandra
Drayden Alexandra
Drayke Alexandra
Draylen Alexandra
Draylon Alexandra
Draymond Alexandra
Draysen Alexandra
Drayson Alexandra
Drayton Alexandra
Drayven Alexandra
Drayvin Alexandra
Drew Alexandra
Duane Alexandra
Dulcie Alexandra
Duncan Alexandra
Dwight Alexandra
Dylan Alexandra
Dżesika Alexandra
Eboni Alexandra
Edeline Alexandra
Eden Alexandra
Edith Alexandra
Edmond Alexandra
Edmund Alexandra
Edward Alexandra
Edwin Alexandra
Efrain Alexandra
Eileen Alexandra
Eimear Alexandra
Eira Alexandra
Elaina Alexandra
Elaine Alexandra
Elara Alexandra
Eleanor Alexandra
Eleanora Alexandra
Electra Alexandra
Elektra Alexandra
Elena Alexandra
Elenora Alexandra
Eleonora Alexandra
Eleora Alexandra
Eliana Alexandra
Eliandra Alexandra
Elias Alexandra
Elijah Alexandra
Elin Alexandra
Elina Alexandra
Elinor Alexandra
Elinora Alexandra
Elinore Alexandra
Eliora Alexandra
Elis Alexandra
Elisa Alexandra
Elisabeth Alexandra
Elisandra Alexandra
Elise Alexandra
Eliseo Alexandra
Elisha Alexandra
Eliza Alexandra
Elizabeth Alexandra
Elizandra Alexandra
Ella Alexandra
Ellanora Alexandra
Ellasandra Alexandra
Elle Alexandra
Ellen Alexandra
Ellenora Alexandra
Elliora Alexandra
Elliot Alexandra
Elliott Alexandra
Ellora Alexandra
Elmira Alexandra
Elnora Alexandra
Elodie Alexandra
Eloise Alexandra
Elora Alexandra
Elroy Alexandra
Elsa Alexandra
Elsie Alexandra
Elspeth Alexandra
Elvia Alexandra
Elvie Alexandra
Elvira Alexandra
Elvis Alexandra
Emara Alexandra
Ember Alexandra
Embry Alexandra
Emer Alexandra
Emera Alexandra
Emerald Alexandra
Emerson Alexandra
Emersyn Alexandra
Emery Alexandra
Emilia Alexandra
Emilie Alexandra
Emilio Alexandra
Emily Alexandra
Emilie Alexandra
Emira Alexandra
Emlyn Alexandra
Emma Alexandra
Emmaline Alexandra
Emmanuel Alexandra
Emmanuelle Alexandra
Emmeline Alexandra
Emmerson Alexandra
Emmett Alexandra
Emora Alexandra
Emory Alexandra
Encarnacion Alexandra
Enola Alexandra
Enora Alexandra
Enriqueta Alexandra
Enya Alexandra
Era Alexandra
Erendira Alexandra
Eric Alexandra
Erica Alexandra
Erika Alexandra
Erin Alexandra
Ernest Alexandra
Esmã Alexandra
Esme Alexandra
Esperanza Alexandra
Esra Alexandra
Estefania Alexandra
Estella Alexandra
Estelle Alexandra
Esther Alexandra
Ethan Alexandra
Eudora Alexandra
Eugenia Alexandra
Eva Alexandra
Evaline Alexandra
Evangelina Alexandra
Evangeline Alexandra
Evanora Alexandra
Eve Alexandra
Evelin Alexandra
Evelyn Alexandra
Everett Alexandra
Everlee Alexandra
Everleigh Alexandra
Everly Alexandra
Evie Alexandra
Evora Alexandra
Evra Alexandra
Ewan Alexandra
Ewelina Alexandra
Eyra Alexandra
Ezara Alexandra
Ezra Alexandra
Fabiana Alexandra
Faith Alexandra
Fallon Alexandra
Faora Alexandra
Fara Alexandra
Fatima Alexandra
Fatimazahra Alexandra
Fawn Alexandra
Faye Alexandra
Fedora Alexandra
Felice Alexandra
Felicity Alexandra
Felisa Alexandra
Fenna Alexandra
Feodora Alexandra
Fern Alexandra
Finbar Alexandra
Finnley Alexandra
Fiona Alexandra
Fiora Alexandra
Fira Alexandra
Flannery Alexandra
Fletcher Alexandra
Fleur Alexandra
Flora Alexandra
Florence Alexandra
Florentina Alexandra
Florina Alexandra
Flynn Alexandra
Fox Alexandra
Frances Alexandra
Francesca Alexandra
Francesca and Alexandra
Francie Alexandra
Francine Alexandra
Francis Alexandra
Francisca Alexandra
Frankie Alexandra
Fraser Alexandra
Frasier Alexandra
Freda Alexandra
Frederick Alexandra
Freddie Alexandra
Freya Alexandra
Frida Alexandra
Gabbie Alexandra
Gabriel Alexandra
Gabriela Alexandra
Gabriella Alexandra
Gabrielle Alexandra
Gael Alexandra
Gage Alexandra
Garnet Alexandra
Garret Alexandra
Gavyn Alexandra
Gaye Alexandra
Gaylord Alexandra
Gem Alexandra
Gema Alexandra
Genevieve Alexandra
George Alexandra
Georgette Alexandra
Georgia Alexandra
Georgie Alexandra
Georgiana Alexandra
Georgianna Alexandra
Georgina Alexandra
Gerardo Alexandra
Ghislaine Alexandra
Gia Alexandra
Giada Alexandra
Gianna Alexandra
Gideon Alexandra
Gilbert Alexandra
Gillian Alexandra
Gina Alexandra
Ginevra Alexandra
Giovana Alexandra
Giovanna Alexandra
Gisele Alexandra
Giselle Alexandra
Gladys Alexandra
Glenn Alexandra
Glinda Alexandra
Gloria Alexandra
Gosia Alexandra
Grace Alexandra
Gracelyn Alexandra
Gracen Alexandra
Grady Alexandra
Graham Alexandra
Grant Alexandra
Gray Alexandra
Grayson Alexandra
Greer Alexandra
Gregor Alexandra
Gregory Alexandra
Greta Alexandra
Grey Alexandra
Grisel Alexandra
Guadalupe Alexandra
Gueisa Alexandra
Guinevere Alexandra
Gwen Alexandra
Gwendolyn Alexandra
Gwyneth Alexandra
Hadley Alexandra
Hailey Alexandra
Hajira Alexandra
Hajra Alexandra
Haley Alexandra
Hallie Alexandra
Hamilton Alexandra
Hamish Alexandra
Hanna Alexandra
Hannah Alexandra
Hara Alexandra
Harlow Alexandra
Harmoni Alexandra
Harmony Alexandra
Harold Alexandra
Harper Alexandra
Harriet Alexandra
Harris Alexandra
Harrison Alexandra
Haven Alexandra
Hawke Alexandra
Hawra Alexandra
Hayley Alexandra
Hazel Alexandra
Heath Alexandra
Heather Alexandra
Heidi Alexandra
Helen Alexandra
Helena Alexandra
Helene Alexandra
Hemra Alexandra
Henley Alexandra
Henna Alexandra
Henrietta Alexandra
Henry Alexandra
Hera Alexandra
Herminia Alexandra
Hermione Alexandra
Hesper Alexandra
Hestia Alexandra
Hetty Alexandra
Hilma Alexandra
Hira Alexandra
Holden Alexandra
Holly Alexandra
Honora Alexandra
Hope Alexandra
Horace Alexandra
Horatio Alexandra
Hortencia Alexandra
Howard Alexandra
Hudson Alexandra
Hugh Alexandra
Hugo Alexandra
Hulda Alexandra
Humaira Alexandra
Humeyra Alexandra
Hunter Alexandra
Iara Alexandra
Ikra Alexandra
Ila Alexandra
Iliana Alexandra
Ilsa Alexandra
Imara Alexandra
Imogen Alexandra
Ina Alexandra
Inara Alexandra
Indira Alexandra
Indra Alexandra
Ines Alexandra
Inga Alexandra
Ioana Alexandra
Iona Alexandra
Ione Alexandra
Ionela Alexandra
Iqra Alexandra
Ira Alexandra
Ireland Alexandra
Irena Alexandra
Irene Alexandra
Irina Alexandra
Iris Alexandra
Isaac Alexandra
Isabel Alexandra
Isabella Alexandra
Isabelle Alexandra
Isadora Alexandra
Isaura Alexandra
Isela Alexandra
Ishara Alexandra
Isidora Alexandra
Isla Alexandra
Isolde Alexandra
Isra Alexandra
Itzamara Alexandra
Iulia Alexandra
Iuliana Alexandra
Iva Alexandra
Ivana Alexandra
Ivanka Alexandra
Iverson Alexandra
Ivy Alexandra
Izabella Alexandra
Izadora Alexandra
Izara Alexandra
Izarra Alexandra
Izora Alexandra
Jace Alexandra
Jacey Alexandra
Jacinth Alexandra
Jack Alexandra
Jackson Alexandra
Jacob Alexandra
Jacqueline Alexandra
Jacques Alexandra
Jade Alexandra
Jael Alexandra
Jahaira Alexandra
Jahara Alexandra
Jahira Alexandra
Jahzara Alexandra
Jai Alexandra
Jaime Alexandra
Jaira Alexandra
Jakara Alexandra
Jake Alexandra
Jakeira Alexandra
Jakira Alexandra
Jakyra Alexandra
Jaliyah Alexandra
Jamaica Alexandra
Jamara Alexandra
Jamera Alexandra
James Alexandra
Jameson Alexandra
Jamie Alexandra
Jamira Alexandra
Jamora Alexandra
Jamyra Alexandra
Janae Alexandra
Jane Alexandra
Janelle Alexandra
Janessa Alexandra
Janice Alexandra
Janis Alexandra
Janneth Alexandra
Janora Alexandra
January Alexandra
Jara Alexandra
Jaron Alexandra
Jarrett Alexandra
Jasmine Alexandra
Jason Alexandra
Jasper Alexandra
Jaxon Alexandra
Jay Alexandra
Jayden Alexandra
Jayla Alexandra
Jayleen Alexandra
Jazara Alexandra
Jazira Alexandra
Jazmin Alexandra
Jazmine Alexandra
Jazz Alexandra
Jean Alexandra
Jeaneen Alexandra
Jedidiah Alexandra
Jemma Alexandra
Jenesis Alexandra
Jenny Alexandra
Jera Alexandra
Jerel Alexandra
Jeremiah Alexandra
Jerra Alexandra
Jerry Alexandra
Jessica Alexandra
Jhennifer Alexandra
Jhessica Alexandra
Jhoanna Alexandra
Jhoselyn Alexandra
Jia Alexandra
Jillian Alexandra
Jinora Alexandra
Jo Alexandra
Joan Alexandra
Joanna Alexandra
Joanne Alexandra
Jocelyn Alexandra
Jody Alexandra
Joel Alexandra
Joelle Alexandra
Joellen Alexandra
Johanna Alexandra
John Alexandra
Johnnie Alexandra
Jolan Alexandra
Jolene Alexandra
Jolie Alexandra
Jonas Alexandra
Jonathan Alexandra
Joni Alexandra
Jonquil Alexandra
Jora Alexandra
Jordan Alexandra
Jordyn Alexandra
Josefa Alexandra
Josefina Alexandra
Joseph Alexandra
Josephina Alexandra
Josephine Alexandra
Josiah Alexandra
Josiane Alexandra
Josie Alexandra
Journee Alexandra
Journey Alexandra
Jovany Alexandra
Joy Alexandra
Joyce Alexandra
Juana Alexandra
Jude Alexandra
Judie Alexandra
Judit Alexandra
Judith Alexandra
Jules Alexandra
Julia Alexandra
Julian Alexandra
Juliana Alexandra
Julianna Alexandra
Juliet Alexandra
Julieta Alexandra
Juliette Alexandra
June Alexandra
Juniper Alexandra
Juno Alexandra
Justine Alexandra
Justus Alexandra
Kaci Alexandra
Kai Alexandra
Kaia Alexandra
Kaira Alexandra
Kaitlin Alexandra
Kaitlyn Alexandra
Kamara Alexandra
Kamera Alexandra
Kamila Alexandra
Kamilah Alexandra
Kamira Alexandra
Kamora Alexandra
Kamorra Alexandra
Kamyra Alexandra
Kandace Alexandra
Kandi Alexandra
Kane Alexandra
Kar Alexandra
Kara Alexandra
Karen Alexandra
Kari Alexandra
Karina Alexandra
Karla Alexandra
Karra Alexandra
Karrie Alexandra
Karry Alexandra
Karsyn Alexandra
Kasandra Alexandra
Kasaundra Alexandra
Kasmira Alexandra
Kasra Alexandra
Kassandra Alexandra
Katara Alexandra
Katarina Alexandra
Kate Alexandra
Katee Alexandra
Katerin Alexandra
Katerina Alexandra
Katharine Alexandra
Katharine grace Alexandra
Katharine mary Alexandra
Katherine Alexandra
Kathleen Alexandra
Katty Alexandra
Kay Alexandra
Kayla Alexandra
Kaylen Alexandra
Kaylie Alexandra
Kaylynn Alexandra
Kayra Alexandra
Keaira Alexandra
Keairra Alexandra
Keara Alexandra
Keera Alexandra
Keiara Alexandra
Keiarra Alexandra
Keila Alexandra
Keily Alexandra
Keira Alexandra
Keirra Alexandra
Keith Alexandra
Kelsey Alexandra
Kemora Alexandra
Kendall Alexandra
Kendra Alexandra
Kenna Alexandra
Kenndra Alexandra
Kennedy Alexandra
Kenneth Alexandra
Kenzie Alexandra
Keon Alexandra
Kera Alexandra
Kerra Alexandra
Kess Alexandra
Kestra Alexandra
Kevi Alexandra
Keyaira Alexandra
Keyara Alexandra
Keyarra Alexandra
Keyera Alexandra
Keyondra Alexandra
Keyra Alexandra
Khadra Alexandra
Khaira Alexandra
Khamora Alexandra
Khara Alexandra
Khiara Alexandra
Khira Alexandra
Khora Alexandra
Khyra Alexandra
Kiaira Alexandra
Kiandra Alexandra
Kiani Alexandra
Kianna Alexandra
Kiara Alexandra
Kiarra Alexandra
Kiera Alexandra
Kieran Alexandra
Kierra Alexandra
Kihara Alexandra
Kiira Alexandra
Kimberly Alexandra
Kimbra Alexandra
Kimmora Alexandra
Kimora Alexandra
Kindra Alexandra
Kiora Alexandra
Kira Alexandra
Kirby Alexandra
Kiri Alexandra
Kirk Alexandra
Kirra Alexandra
Kirsty Alexandra
Kitra Alexandra
Kiyara Alexandra
Klaira Alexandra
Klara Alexandra
Kleopatra Alexandra
Koby Alexandra
Koda Alexandra
Kora Alexandra
Korbin Alexandra
Korra Alexandra
Krishiat Alexandra
Kristen Alexandra
Kubra Alexandra
Kyara Alexandra
Kyera Alexandra
Kyla Alexandra
Kyle Alexandra
Kylie Alexandra
Kymora Alexandra
Kyndra Alexandra
Kyra Alexandra
Kyrra Alexandra
Lacey Alexandra
Lachlan Alexandra
Laia Alexandra
Laine Alexandra
Lake Alexandra
Lamara Alexandra
Lamira Alexandra
Lana Alexandra
Landon Alexandra
Lane Alexandra
Laney Alexandra
Lanora Alexandra
Lara Alexandra
Larissa Alexandra
Lark Alexandra
Larkin Alexandra
Laura Alexandra
Laurel Alexandra
Lauren Alexandra
Laurence Alexandra
Lavern Alexandra
Laverna Alexandra
Lawrence Alexandra
Layla Alexandra
Lazara Alexandra
Lea Alexandra
Leaf Alexandra
Leandra Alexandra
Leann Alexandra
Leanna Alexandra
Leanndra Alexandra
Leanora Alexandra
Leara Alexandra
Ledger Alexandra
Lee Alexandra
Leeandra Alexandra
Leia Alexandra
Leigh Alexandra
Leene Alexandra
Leighton Alexandra
Leila Alexandra
Leilani Alexandra
Leira Alexandra
Lena Alexandra
Lenard Alexandra
Lennie Alexandra
Lennon Alexandra
Lennox Alexandra
Lenny Alexandra
Lenora Alexandra
Leo Alexandra
Leon Alexandra
Leonardo Alexandra
Leonidas Alexandra
Leonor Alexandra
Leonora Alexandra
Leora Alexandra
Leota Alexandra
Lera Alexandra
Lesley Alexandra
Leslie Alexandra
Lesly Alexandra
Leta Alexandra
Lettie Alexandra
Levi Alexandra
Lewis Alexandra
Lexandra Alexandra
Lexi Alexandra
Lia Alexandra
Liam Alexandra
Liana Alexandra
Liandra Alexandra
Liara Alexandra
Lidia Alexandra
Lila Alexandra
Lilayne Alexandra
Lilac Alexandra
Lilah Alexandra
Lilia Alexandra
Lilian Alexandra
Liliana Alexandra
Lilibelle Alexandra
Lilibeth Alexandra
Lillian Alexandra
Lilliana Alexandra
Lillie Alexandra
Lillith Alexandra
Lily Alexandra
Lincoln Alexandra
Linnea Alexandra
Liora Alexandra
Lira Alexandra
Lisabette Alexandra
Lisandra Alexandra
Lisette Alexandra
Lissandra Alexandra
Litzi Alexandra
Liv Alexandra
Liz Alexandra
Lizandra Alexandra
Lizbeth Alexandra
Logan Alexandra
Lois Alexandra
Lola Alexandra
Lora Alexandra
Loraine Alexandra
Lorelai Alexandra
Lorelei Alexandra
Lorena Alexandra
Lorenza Alexandra
Lorenzo Alexandra
Loretta Alexandra
Loriann Alexandra
Lorna Alexandra
Lorraine Alexandra
Lotta Alexandra
Louis Alexandra
Louisa Alexandra
Louise Alexandra
Lourdes Alexandra
Lowell Alexandra
Luca Alexandra
Lucas Alexandra
Lucero Alexandra
Lucia Alexandra
Lucian Alexandra
Luciano Alexandra
Lucille Alexandra
Lucinda Alexandra
Lucy Alexandra
Luella Alexandra
Lukas Alexandra
Luke Alexandra
Lulu Alexandra
Luna Alexandra
Lune Alexandra
Lura Alexandra
Lydia Alexandra
Lylah Alexandra
Lyndsey Alexandra
Lynn Alexandra
Lynora Alexandra
Lyra Alexandra
Lysandra Alexandra
Lyse Alexandra
Mabel Alexandra
Maci Alexandra
Mack Alexandra
Mackenzie Alexandra
Madalina Alexandra
Madalyn Alexandra
Maddox Alexandra
Madeleine Alexandra
Madeline Alexandra
Madie Alexandra
Madigan Alexandra
Madison Alexandra
Mae Alexandra
Maegan Alexandra
Maeve Alexandra
Magaly Alexandra
Magdalena Alexandra
Magnus Alexandra
Mahala Alexandra
Mahina Alexandra
Mahira Alexandra
Maia Alexandra
Maiara Alexandra
Maira Alexandra
Maisie Alexandra
Makara Alexandra
Makayla Alexandra
Makyra Alexandra
Malaysia Alexandra
Malcolm Alexandra
Maleah Alexandra
Malin Alexandra
Mallory Alexandra
Manning Alexandra
Manon Alexandra
Mantra Alexandra
Manuela Alexandra
Mara Alexandra
Marceline Alexandra
Marcella Alexandra
Marcelle Alexandra
Marchelline Alexandra
Marcus Alexandra
Maren Alexandra
Margaret Alexandra
Margarita Alexandra
Margo Alexandra
Margot Alexandra
Marguerite Alexandra
Maria Alexandra
Mariaclara Alexandra
Mariam Alexandra
Mariana Alexandra
Maribel Alexandra
Marie Alexandra
Mariel Alexandra
Mariela Alexandra
Mariella Alexandra
Marielle Alexandra
Marigold Alexandra
Marilyn Alexandra
Marina Alexandra
Marine Alexandra
Marion Alexandra
Maris Alexandra
Marisol Alexandra
Marjhory Alexandra
Marjory Alexandra
Marlowe Alexandra
Marly Alexandra
Marnie Alexandra
Marshall Alexandra
Marta Alexandra
Martha Alexandra
Marty Alexandra
Mary Alexandra
Mary charlotte Alexandra
Maryjo Alexandra
Maryn Alexandra
Mason Alexandra
Mathilda Alexandra
Matilda Alexandra
Matilde Alexandra
Matthew Alexandra
Matthias Alexandra
Maura Alexandra
Mauve Alexandra
Maxim Alexandra
Maximilian Alexandra
Maxwell Alexandra
May Alexandra
Maya Alexandra
Mayara Alexandra
Maybelline Alexandra
Mayme Alexandra
Mayra Alexandra
Mckinley Alexandra
Meara Alexandra
Meda Alexandra
Meera Alexandra
Megan Alexandra
Meira Alexandra
Melanie Alexandra
Melany Alexandra
Melisa Alexandra
Melissa Alexandra
Melody Alexandra
Mera Alexandra
Mercedes Alexandra
Meredith Alexandra
Merlyn Alexandra
Merrill Alexandra
Mervin Alexandra
Mery Alexandra
Meyra Alexandra
Mia Alexandra
Micaela Alexandra
Micah Alexandra
Michael Alexandra
Michaela Alexandra
Micheal Alexandra
Michelle Alexandra
Mihaela Alexandra
Mihira Alexandra
Mihra Alexandra
Mikayla Alexandra
Mikel Alexandra
Mila Alexandra
Milagros Alexandra
Milan Alexandra
Millar Alexandra
Millie Alexandra
Milo Alexandra
Mina Alexandra
Minna Alexandra
Mira Alexandra
Mirabelle Alexandra
Miranda Alexandra
Mireille Alexandra
Mireya Alexandra
Miriam Alexandra
Mirra Alexandra
Mirren Alexandra
Misra Alexandra
Mithra Alexandra
Mitra Alexandra
Mitsuko Alexandra
Mitzy Alexandra
Miura Alexandra
Moira Alexandra
Molly Alexandra
Monae Alexandra
Monica Alexandra
Monika Alexandra
Monique Alexandra
Monty Alexandra
Mora Alexandra
Morag Alexandra
Morrison Alexandra
Muir Alexandra
Muneera Alexandra
Mungo Alexandra
Munira Alexandra
Murphy Alexandra
Myra Alexandra
Naara Alexandra
Nadia Alexandra
Nadine Alexandra
Nadira Alexandra
Nadra Alexandra
Nahara Alexandra
Nahiara Alexandra
Naiara Alexandra
Naira Alexandra
Nakira Alexandra
Nakshatra Alexandra
Nala Alexandra
Nameera Alexandra
Namira Alexandra
Nancy Alexandra
Naomi Alexandra
Nara Alexandra
Nardy Alexandra
Nashira Alexandra
Nasra Alexandra
Natalia Alexandra
Natalya Alexandra
Natalie Alexandra
Natane Alexandra
Natasha Alexandra
Nathalie Alexandra
Nathaly Alexandra
Nathan Alexandra
Nathaniel Alexandra
Navira Alexandra
Nayara Alexandra
Nayeli Alexandra
Nayra Alexandra
Neera Alexandra
Nehemiah Alexandra
Nell Alexandra
Nelly Alexandra
Nelson Alexandra
Nerea Alexandra
Nethra Alexandra
Netra Alexandra
Neve Alexandra
Nhyira Alexandra
Niara Alexandra
Nicholas Alexandra
Nichole Alexandra
Nicki Alexandra
Nicole Alexandra
Nicoleta Alexandra
Nicolle Alexandra
Nihira Alexandra
Nimah Alexandra
Nina Alexandra
Nineth Alexandra
Ninfa Alexandra
Nira Alexandra
Nita Alexandra
Nitara Alexandra
Noe Alexandra
Noelia Alexandra
Noelle Alexandra
Noemy Alexandra
Nokomis Alexandra
Nola Alexandra
Nolan Alexandra
Noor Alexandra
Noora Alexandra
Nora Alexandra
Norah Alexandra
Norman Alexandra
Norra Alexandra
Norris Alexandra
Noura Alexandra
Nura Alexandra
Nyaira Alexandra
Nyara Alexandra
Nyra Alexandra
Oakley Alexandra
Oana Alexandra
Octavia Alexandra
Odette Alexandra
Odysseus Alexandra
Olga Alexandra
Olive Alexandra
Oliver Alexandra
Olivia Alexandra
Olivier Alexandra
Oluwadara Alexandra
Omara Alexandra
Omera Alexandra
Onora Alexandra
Opal Alexandra
Ophelia Alexandra
Ophelie Alexandra
Ora Alexandra
Orland Alexandra
Osara Alexandra
Osette Alexandra
Osmara Alexandra
Otis Alexandra
Ottilie Alexandra
Owen Alexandra
Paige Alexandra
Palmer Alexandra
Paloma Alexandra
Pam Alexandra
Pamira Alexandra
Pandora Alexandra
Paola Alexandra
Paris Alexandra
Patrice Alexandra
Patricia Alexandra
Patrick Alexandra
Pattie Alexandra
Paul Alexandra
Paula Alexandra
Pauline Alexandra
Peace Alexandra
Pearl Alexandra
Pearle Alexandra
Penelope Alexandra
Pera Alexandra
Perla Alexandra
Perrin Alexandra
Persephone Alexandra
Pete Alexandra
Peter Alexandra
Petra Alexandra
Peyton Alexandra
Phaedra Alexandra
Phara Alexandra
Philip Alexandra
Philippa Alexandra
Phillip Alexandra
Phoebe Alexandra
Phoenix Alexandra
Pietra Alexandra
Pilar Alexandra
Piper Alexandra
Pippa Alexandra
Poppy Alexandra
Portia Alexandra
Presley Alexandra
Primrose Alexandra
Quentin Alexandra
Quincy Alexandra
Quinn Alexandra
Quinton Alexandra
Quorra Alexandra
Ra Alexandra
Raad Alexandra
Raaga Alexandra
Raaghav Alexandra
Raahi Alexandra
Raahim Alexandra
Raam Alexandra
Raanan Alexandra
Raaya Alexandra
Raayan Alexandra
Rabeya Alexandra
Rabia Alexandra
Race Alexandra
Racer Alexandra
Rachael Alexandra
Rachana Alexandra
Racheal Alexandra
Rachel Alexandra
Rachell Alexandra
Rachelle Alexandra
Rachit Alexandra
Racin Alexandra
Racquel Alexandra
Racyn Alexandra
Radames Alexandra
Radeen Alexandra
Radek Alexandra
Radford Alexandra
Radha Alexandra
Radhika Alexandra
Radiance Alexandra
Radin Alexandra
Radlee Alexandra
Radley Alexandra
Rae Alexandra
Raea Alexandra
Raeana Alexandra
Raeann Alexandra
Raeanna Alexandra
Raeanne Alexandra
Raechel Alexandra
Raed Alexandra
Raeden Alexandra
Raedyn Alexandra
Raef Alexandra
Raegan Alexandra
Raegen Alexandra
Raeghan Alexandra
Raegin Alexandra
Raegyn Alexandra
Raekwon Alexandra
Rael Alexandra
Raela Alexandra
Raelan Alexandra
Raelee Alexandra
Raeleen Alexandra
Raeleigh Alexandra
Raelena Alexandra
Raelene Alexandra
Raeley Alexandra
Raelie Alexandra
Raelin Alexandra
Raelinn Alexandra
Raelle Alexandra
Raelyn Alexandra
Raelynn Alexandra
Raelynne Alexandra
Raemi Alexandra
Raena Alexandra
Raeonna Alexandra
Raequan Alexandra
Raeshawn Alexandra
Raevan Alexandra
Raeven Alexandra
Raevyn Alexandra
Raeya Alexandra
Rafa Alexandra
Rafael Alexandra
Rafaela Alexandra
Rafaella Alexandra
Rafan Alexandra
Rafay Alexandra
Rafe Alexandra
Rafeal Alexandra
Rafeef Alexandra
Raffaele Alexandra
Raffaella Alexandra
Rafferty Alexandra
Raffi Alexandra
Rafi Alexandra
Rafia Alexandra
Rafif Alexandra
Rafiq Alexandra
Rafuel Alexandra
Ragan Alexandra
Rage Alexandra
Ragen Alexandra
Raghad Alexandra
Raghav Alexandra
Ragnar Alexandra
Raha Alexandra
Rahaf Alexandra
Rahama Alexandra
Raheel Alexandra
Raheem Alexandra
Raheim Alexandra
Rahel Alexandra
Rahi Alexandra
Rahiem Alexandra
Rahil Alexandra
Rahim Alexandra
Rahima Alexandra
Rahini Alexandra
Rahkeem Alexandra
Rahm Alexandra
Rahma Alexandra
Rahmah Alexandra
Rahman Alexandra
Rahmel Alexandra
Rahmet Alexandra
Rahmir Alexandra
Rahmiye Alexandra
Rahsaan Alexandra
Rahsan Alexandra
Rahul Alexandra
Rai Alexandra
Raia Alexandra
Raianna Alexandra
Raida Alexandra
Raidan Alexandra
Raidel Alexandra
Raiden Alexandra
Raider Alexandra
Raidon Alexandra
Raidyn Alexandra
Raielle Alexandra
Raif Alexandra
Raifa Alexandra
Raife Alexandra
Raigan Alexandra
Raigen Alexandra
Raighan Alexandra
Raighlyn Alexandra
Raihan Alexandra
Railee Alexandra
Raileigh Alexandra
Railey Alexandra
Railyn Alexandra
Railynn Alexandra
Raima Alexandra
Raimee Alexandra
Raimi Alexandra
Rain Alexandra
Raina Alexandra
Rainah Alexandra
Rainbow Alexandra
Raine Alexandra
Rainee Alexandra
Rainer Alexandra
Rainey Alexandra
Raini Alexandra
Rainie Alexandra
Rainier Alexandra
Rainn Alexandra
Rainna Alexandra
Rainne Alexandra
Rainy Alexandra
Raisa Alexandra
Raissa Alexandra
Raistlin Alexandra
Raiven Alexandra
Raivyn Alexandra
Raiya Alexandra
Raiyah Alexandra
Raiyan Alexandra
Raiyn Alexandra
Raiyne Alexandra
Raiza Alexandra
Raizel Alexandra
Raizy Alexandra
Raj Alexandra
Raja Alexandra
Rajah Alexandra
Rajan Alexandra
Rajiv Alexandra
Rajon Alexandra
Rajveer Alexandra
Rajvir Alexandra
Rakan Alexandra
Rakari Alexandra
Rakayla Alexandra
Rakeb Alexandra
Rakeem Alexandra
Rakel Alexandra
Rakhi Alexandra
Rakim Alexandra
Rakiya Alexandra
Rakiyah Alexandra
Raksha Alexandra
Rakshan Alexandra
Rakshana Alexandra
Rakya Alexandra
Raleigh Alexandra
Ralen Alexandra
Raley Alexandra
Ralf Alexandra
Raliyah Alexandra
Rally Alexandra
Ralph Alexandra
Ralphael Alexandra
Ralphie Alexandra
Ralston Alexandra
Raluca Alexandra
Ralyn Alexandra
Ralynn Alexandra
Ram Alexandra
Rama Alexandra
Ramadan Alexandra
Ramaj Alexandra
Raman Alexandra
Ramani Alexandra
Ramari Alexandra
Ramario Alexandra
Ramata Alexandra
Ramatoulaye Alexandra
Ramaya Alexandra
Rameek Alexandra
Rameen Alexandra
Rameer Alexandra
Ramel Alexandra
Ramell Alexandra
Ramello Alexandra
Ramelo Alexandra
Ramere Alexandra
Rameses Alexandra
Ramesses Alexandra
Ramey Alexandra
Rami Alexandra
Ramia Alexandra
Ramiah Alexandra
Ramie Alexandra
Ramiel Alexandra
Ramier Alexandra
Ramin Alexandra
Ramir Alexandra
Ramira Alexandra
Ramiro Alexandra
Ramis Alexandra
Ramisa Alexandra
Ramiya Alexandra
Ramiyah Alexandra
Ramiz Alexandra
Ramla Alexandra
Ramlah Alexandra
Ramon Alexandra
Ramona Alexandra
Ramone Alexandra
Ramsay Alexandra
Ramses Alexandra
Ramsey Alexandra
Ramsi Alexandra
Ramsie Alexandra
Ramy Alexandra
Ramya Alexandra
Ramyah Alexandra
Ramzey Alexandra
Ramzi Alexandra
Ramzy Alexandra
Rana Alexandra
Ranae Alexandra
Ranaya Alexandra
Ranbir Alexandra
Rance Alexandra
Rand Alexandra
Randa Alexandra
Randal Alexandra
Randall Alexandra
Randee Alexandra
Randell Alexandra
Randen Alexandra
Randi Alexandra
Randie Alexandra
Randle Alexandra
Randolph Alexandra
Randon Alexandra
Randy Alexandra
Raneem Alexandra
Raney Alexandra
Ranezmae Alexandra
Ranferi Alexandra
Ranger Alexandra
Rangler Alexandra
Rani Alexandra
Rania Alexandra
Raniah Alexandra
Raniya Alexandra
Raniyah Alexandra
Ransom Alexandra
Ranveer Alexandra
Ranvir Alexandra
Ranya Alexandra
Ranylah Alexandra
Raoul Alexandra
Raphael Alexandra
Raphaela Alexandra
Raphaella Alexandra
Raphaelle Alexandra
Rapheal Alexandra
Raquan Alexandra
Raquel Alexandra
Raquell Alexandra
Raquelle Alexandra
Rarity Alexandra
Ras Alexandra
Rasa Alexandra
Rasean Alexandra
Raseel Alexandra
Rasha Alexandra
Rashaad Alexandra
Rashad Alexandra
Rashard Alexandra
Rashaud Alexandra
Rashaun Alexandra
Rashawn Alexandra
Rashed Alexandra
Rasheed Alexandra
Rasheeda Alexandra
Rasheem Alexandra
Rasheen Alexandra
Rashel Alexandra
Rashell Alexandra
Rashelle Alexandra
Rashi Alexandra
Rashid Alexandra
Rashida Alexandra
Rashika Alexandra
Rashiya Alexandra
Rashod Alexandra
Rashon Alexandra
Rashun Alexandra
Raside Alexandra
Rasika Alexandra
Rasime Alexandra
Rasmus Alexandra
Rasul Alexandra
Rateel Alexandra
Raudel Alexandra
Raul Alexandra
Raunak Alexandra
Rauri Alexandra
Raveena Alexandra
Raven Alexandra
Ravenna Alexandra
Ravi Alexandra
Ravin Alexandra
Ravleen Alexandra
Ravneet Alexandra
Ravon Alexandra
Ravya Alexandra
Ravyn Alexandra
Ravynn Alexandra
Ravza Alexandra
Rawan Alexandra
Rawley Alexandra
Rawlin Alexandra
Rawlins Alexandra
Rawson Alexandra
Ray Alexandra
Raya Alexandra
Rayaan Alexandra
Rayah Alexandra
Rayan Alexandra
Rayana Alexandra
Rayann Alexandra
Rayanna Alexandra
Rayanne Alexandra
Rayansh Alexandra
Rayburn Alexandra
Rayce Alexandra
Raycen Alexandra
Raychel Alexandra
Raydan Alexandra
Raydel Alexandra
Rayden Alexandra
Rayder Alexandra
Raydin Alexandra
Raydon Alexandra
Raydyn Alexandra
Raye Alexandra
Rayelle Alexandra
Rayelynn Alexandra
Rayen Alexandra
Raygan Alexandra
Raygen Alexandra
Rayhan Alexandra
Rayhana Alexandra
Rayion Alexandra
Rayjon Alexandra
Rayla Alexandra
Raylah Alexandra
Raylan Alexandra
Rayland Alexandra
Raylea Alexandra
Raylee Alexandra
Rayleen Alexandra
Raylei Alexandra
Rayleigh Alexandra
Raylen Alexandra
Raylene Alexandra
Rayley Alexandra
Rayli Alexandra
Raylie Alexandra
Raylin Alexandra
Raylinn Alexandra
Raylnn Alexandra
Raylon Alexandra
Raylyn Alexandra
Raylynn Alexandra
Raylynne Alexandra
Rayma Alexandra
Raymere Alexandra
Raymie Alexandra
Raymier Alexandra
Raymir Alexandra
Raymon Alexandra
Raymond Alexandra
Raymone Alexandra
Raymont Alexandra
Raymundo Alexandra
Rayn Alexandra
Rayna Alexandra
Raynah Alexandra
Raynaldo Alexandra
Raynard Alexandra
Raynav Alexandra
Rayne Alexandra
Raynee Alexandra
Raynel Alexandra
Rayner Alexandra
Rayniah Alexandra
Raynie Alexandra
Rayniyah Alexandra
Raynna Alexandra
Raynor Alexandra
Rayon Alexandra
Rayona Alexandra
Rayonna Alexandra
Rayquan Alexandra
Raysean Alexandra
Rayshad Alexandra
Rayshaun Alexandra
Rayshawn Alexandra
Rayshon Alexandra
Rayshun Alexandra
Rayson Alexandra
Rayva Alexandra
Rayven Alexandra
Rayvin Alexandra
Rayvn Alexandra
Rayvon Alexandra
Rayvonn Alexandra
Rayya Alexandra
Rayyaan Alexandra
Rayyan Alexandra
Raza Alexandra
Razan Alexandra
Razia Alexandra
Raziah Alexandra
Raziel Alexandra
Raziela Alexandra
Razin Alexandra
Raziya Alexandra
Raziyah Alexandra
Raziye Alexandra
Reagan Alexandra
Rebeca Alexandra
Rebecca Alexandra
Reed Alexandra
Reese Alexandra
Regina Alexandra
Regina Alexandra
Reid Alexandra
Reign Alexandra
Reina Alexandra
Reina Alexandra
Remington Alexandra
Renea Alexandra
Renee Alexandra
Reuben Alexandra
Rey Alexandra
Richard Alexandra
Richie Alexandra
Rickey Alexandra
Riley Alexandra
Rinelda Alexandra
Riona Alexandra
Robert Alexandra
Robin Alexandra
Rochelle Alexandra
Rocio Alexandra
Rodger Alexandra
Rodrick Alexandra
Rodrigo Alexandra
Roland Alexandra
Romanne Alexandra
Romilly Alexandra
Romina Alexandra
Ronald Alexandra
Ronan Alexandra
Rosa Alexandra
Rosalie Alexandra
Rosamund Alexandra
Rosaura Alexandra
Roscoe Alexandra
Rose Alexandra
Rosemarie Alexandra
Roslyn Alexandra
Ross Alexandra
Rossabelle Alexandra
Rossana Alexandra
Roux Alexandra
Rowan Alexandra
Rowena Alexandra
Rowland Alexandra
Roxana Alexandra
Roxanne Alexandra
Ruaridh Alexandra
Ruby Alexandra
Rudra Alexandra
Rue Alexandra
Rufus Alexandra
Rupert Alexandra
Ruth Alexandra
Ryan Alexandra
Ryann Alexandra
Rylan Alexandra
Rylee Alexandra
Rylie Alexandra
Saara Alexandra
Sabine Alexandra
Sabra Alexandra
Sabrina Alexandra
Sadie Alexandra
Sadira Alexandra
Safira Alexandra
Sage Alexandra
Sahara Alexandra
Sahasra Alexandra
Sahira Alexandra
Sahra Alexandra
Saira Alexandra
Sakari Alexandra
Sakura Alexandra
Salara Alexandra
Salina Alexandra
Salome Alexandra
Salvatore Alexandra
Samaira Alexandra
Samanta Alexandra
Samantha Alexandra
Samara Alexandra
Samarra Alexandra
Samayra Alexandra
Sameera Alexandra
Samera Alexandra
Samira Alexandra
Samora Alexandra
Samson Alexandra
Samuel Alexandra
Samyra Alexandra
Sandra Alexandra
Sanora Alexandra
Santiago Alexandra
Saphera Alexandra
Saphira Alexandra
Saphyra Alexandra
Sapphira Alexandra
Sara Alexandra
Sarah Alexandra
Sarahit Alexandra
Sarai Alexandra
Sarra Alexandra
Sasha Alexandra
Saundra Alexandra
Savannah Alexandra
Savera Alexandra
Saylor Alexandra
Sayra Alexandra
Scarlet Alexandra
Scarlett Alexandra
Scott Alexandra
Sean Alexandra
Sebastian Alexandra
Sedra Alexandra
Seeley Alexandra
Sefora Alexandra
Selena Alexandra
Semira Alexandra
Semra Alexandra
Sephira Alexandra
Sephora Alexandra
Sera Alexandra
Seraphina Alexandra
Seraphine Alexandra
Seren Alexandra
Serra Alexandra
Seth Alexandra
Severin Alexandra
Sevra Alexandra
Shae Alexandra
Shagaye Alexandra
Shaira Alexandra
Shakira Alexandra
Shakyra Alexandra
Shamara Alexandra
Shamira Alexandra
Shamyra Alexandra
Shannon Alexandra
Shara Alexandra
Shay Alexandra
Shayla Alexandra
Shayna Alexandra
Shayra Alexandra
Shea Alexandra
Shay Alexandra
Sheril Alexandra
Sherman Alexandra
Shifra Alexandra
Shiloh Alexandra
Shira Alexandra
Shirley Alexandra
Shyra Alexandra
Siara Alexandra
Siarra Alexandra
Sidra Alexandra
Sienna Alexandra
Sienne Alexandra
Sierra Alexandra
Silas Alexandra
Silvia Alexandra
Silvie Alexandra
Simara Alexandra
Simon Alexandra
Simona Alexandra
Simone Alexandra
Simra Alexandra
Sira Alexandra
Siri Alexandra
Sisira Alexandra
Sitara Alexandra
Skarleth Alexandra
Sky Alexandra
Skye Alexandra
Skyla Alexandra
Skylar Alexandra
Sloan Alexandra
Sloane Alexandra
Smera Alexandra
Snow Alexandra
Sofia Alexandra
Solara Alexandra
Soledad Alexandra
Soleil Alexandra
Solene Alexandra
Solène Alexandra
Sondra Alexandra
Sonia Alexandra
Sonora Alexandra
Sophia Alexandra
Sophia grace Alexandra
Sophia katharine Alexandra
Sophia mary Alexandra
Sophie Alexandra
Sophira Alexandra
Sora Alexandra
Soraya Alexandra
Sorayda Alexandra
Soren Alexandra
Spencer Alexandra
Spring Alexandra
Stanley Alexandra
Starr Alexandra
Stefania Alexandra
Stefanny Alexandra
Stella Alexandra
Stephanie Alexandra
Stephany Alexandra
Stephen Alexandra
Sterling Alexandra
Storm Alexandra
Stuart Alexandra
Sue Alexandra
Sumaira Alexandra
Sumeyra Alexandra
Summer Alexandra
Sura Alexandra
Suri Alexandra
Susana Alexandra
Susanna Alexandra
Susannah Alexandra
Sutton Alexandra
Svara Alexandra
Swara Alexandra
Sybil Alexandra
Sylvia Alexandra
Sylvie Alexandra
Syra Alexandra
Taara Alexandra
Tabitha Alexandra
Taci Alexandra
Tahira Alexandra
Takara Alexandra
Takera Alexandra
Takyra Alexandra
Talia Alexandra
Talise Alexandra
Tallis Alexandra
Tallulah Alexandra
Tamaira Alexandra
Tamara Alexandra
Tamera Alexandra
Tamira Alexandra
Tammie Alexandra
Tamora Alexandra
Tamra Alexandra
Tamsin Alexandra
Tamyra Alexandra
Tania Alexandra
Tara Alexandra
Tarik Alexandra
Tasha Alexandra
Taya Alexandra
Taylor Alexandra
Teaira Alexandra
Teairra Alexandra
Teara Alexandra
Ted Alexandra
Teddy Alexandra
Tegan Alexandra
Tenley Alexandra
Tenya Alexandra
Teodora Alexandra
Tera Alexandra
Terra Alexandra
Terry Alexandra
Tess Alexandra
Tessa Alexandra
Tessie Alexandra
Thaddeus Alexandra
Thais Alexandra
Thalia Alexandra
Thamara Alexandra
Thara Alexandra
Thea Alexandra
Theadora Alexandra
Thelonious Alexandra
Theodora Alexandra
Theodore Alexandra
Theodosia Alexandra
Theresa Alexandra
Thomas Alexandra
Thora Alexandra
Thorfinn Alexandra
Tiara Alexandra
Tiarra Alexandra
Tiberius Alexandra
Tiera Alexandra
Tiernan Alexandra
Tierney Alexandra
Tierra Alexandra
Tiffany Alexandra
Timara Alexandra
Timothy Alexandra
Tobias Alexandra
Tobin Alexandra
Tom Alexandra
Tommy Alexandra
Topacio Alexandra
Treasure Alexandra
Trenton Alexandra
Trinidad Alexandra
Trinity Alexandra
Tristan Alexandra
Tykira Alexandra
Tyra Alexandra
Tzipora Alexandra
Tzippora Alexandra
Uli Alexandra
Uma Alexandra
Una Alexandra
Ursa Alexandra
Ursi Alexandra
Vada Alexandra
Vaira Alexandra
Vale Alexandra
Valentin Alexandra
Valentina Alexandra
Valentine Alexandra
Valentino Alexandra
Valeria Alexandra
Valerie Alexandra
Valery Alexandra
Valora Alexandra
Vanesa Alexandra
Vanessa Alexandra
Vanesssa Alexandra
Vara Alexandra
Varvara Alexandra
Veda Alexandra
Veera Alexandra
Vega Alexandra
Velia Alexandra
Venice Alexandra
Vera Alexandra
Verify Alexandra
Verity Alexandra
Vern Alexandra
Veronica Alexandra
Vianca Alexandra
Vicenta Alexandra
Vicente Alexandra
Vicky Alexandra
Victor Alexandra
Victoria Alexandra
Vienne Alexandra
Viera Alexandra
Vincent Alexandra
Viola Alexandra
Violet Alexandra
Vira Alexandra
Virginia Alexandra
Vivian Alexandra
Viviana Alexandra
Vivianne Alexandra
Vivienne Alexandra
Walker Alexandra
Waneta Alexandra
Wara Alexandra
Wendy Alexandra
Wesley Alexandra
Westley Alexandra
Whitney Alexandra
Wilburn Alexandra
Wilfred Alexandra
Wilhelmina Alexandra
Wilhelmine Alexandra
Willa Alexandra
William Alexandra
Willie Alexandra
Willow Alexandra
Wilton Alexandra
Winston Alexandra
Winter Alexandra
Wren Alexandra
Wyatt Alexandra
Wyla Alexandra
Wynn Alexandra
Wynona Alexandra
Wythe Alexandra
Xandra Alexandra
Xara Alexandra
Xavi Alexandra
Xavia Alexandra
Xavier Alexandra
Xena Alexandra
Xendi Alexandra
Xenia Alexandra
Xiamara Alexandra
Xiara Alexandra
Ximena Alexandra
Xiomara Alexandra
Yadhira Alexandra
Yadira Alexandra
Yahaira Alexandra
Yahayra Alexandra
Yaira Alexandra
Yajaira Alexandra
Yakira Alexandra
Yana Alexandra
Yanira Alexandra
Yara Alexandra
Yariza Alexandra
Yasaira Alexandra
Yazaira Alexandra
Yazayra Alexandra
Yazmira Alexandra
Yeabsira Alexandra
Yeira Alexandra
Yesenia Alexandra
Yesica Alexandra
Yesmin Alexandra
Yeva Alexandra
Yhusara Alexandra
Yousra Alexandra
Yusra Alexandra
Yvette Alexandra
Yvonne Alexandra
Zaara Alexandra
Zachariah Alexandra
Zada Alexandra
Zafira Alexandra
Zahara Alexandra
Zaharra Alexandra
Zahira Alexandra
Zahra Alexandra
Zaira Alexandra
Zakira Alexandra
Zakyra Alexandra
Zamara Alexandra
Zamira Alexandra
Zamora Alexandra
Zamorah Alexandra
Zamyra Alexandra
Zandra Alexandra
Zaniyah Alexandra
Zaphira Alexandra
Zara Alexandra
Zaria Alexandra
Zariah Alexandra
Zarina Alexandra
Zarra Alexandra
Zaylee Alexandra
Zayra Alexandra
Zeda Alexandra
Zehra Alexandra
Zelia Alexandra
Zella Alexandra
Zemira Alexandra
Zephora Alexandra
Zephyra Alexandra
Zera Alexandra
Zeyla Alexandra
Zhara Alexandra
Ziaira Alexandra
Ziara Alexandra
Zielle Alexandra
Zikora Alexandra
Zikra Alexandra
Zindel Alexandra
Zira Alexandra
Zoe Alexandra
Zoey Alexandra
Zohara Alexandra
Zohra Alexandra
Zola Alexandra
Zora Alexandra
Zuhra Alexandra
Zulma Alexandra
Zumra Alexandra
Zunaira Alexandra
Zunilda Alexandra
Zuriel Alexandra
Zyaira Alexandra
Zykira Alexandra
Zymira Alexandra
Zyra Alexandra


What is Alexandra’s name meaning?

The meaning of the Alexandra’s name is Defender, protector of mankind


Alexandra’s name origin

The Alexandra name origin is: Greek


What is Alexandra’s name pronunciation?

The pronouncing is ahl-ex-ann-dra


38 Variations of Alexandra’s name

  1. Alejandra, Alejandrina (diminutive) (Spanish)
  2. Aleksandra (Александра) (Albanian, Bulgarian, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Polish, Russian, Serbo-Croatian)
  3. Alessandra (Italian)
  4. Alessia (Italian)
  5. Alex (various languages)
  6. Alexa (English, Romanian, Spanish, Swedish)
  7. Alexandra (English, Romanian, Portuguese)
  8. Alexis, English
  9. Aliaksandra (Belarusian)
  10. Alikhandra /اليخاندرا (Egyptian)
  11. Alissandra/Alyssandra (Sicilian, Greek)
  12. Allie (English)
  13. Ally (English)
  14. Alya (Russian)
  15. Ālēkjāndrā / আলেকজান্দ্রা (Bengali)
  16. Αλεξάνδρα (Greek)
  17. Leska (Czech)
  18. Lesya (Ukrainian)
  19. Lexa (English)
  20. Lexie (English)
  21. Lexine (English)
  22. Lexi (English)
  23. Lexy (English)
  24. Oleksandra (Ukrainian)
  25. Sacha (French)
  26. Sanda (Romanian)
  27. Sandie (English)
  28. Sandra (Danish, Dutch, English, Polish, Estonian, Italian, Finnish, German, Icelandic, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian,
  29. Spanish, Serbo-Croatian, Slovene, Swedish)
  30. Sandy (English)
  31. Sascha (German)
  32. Sasha (Russian, Belarusian, Ukrainian, English, Spanish)
  33. Saskia (Slavic)
  34. Saundra (English, Scottish)
  35. Saša (Czech, Serbo-Croatian, Slovak, Slovene)
  36. Saška (Serbian)
  37. Shura (Russian)
  38. Sondra (English)
  39. Szandra (Hungarian)


31 nicknames for Alexandra name

  1. Alex
  2. Alexa
  3. Alexie
  4. Allie
  5. Lexi
  6. Sandy
  7. Xandra
  8. Alli
  9. Allie
  10. Ally
  11. Alya
  12. Lexa
  13. Lexie
  14. Lexine
  15. Lexy
  16. Zandra
  17. Xandra
  18. Sandra
  19. Lisandra
  20. Anda
  21. Alla
  22. Alle
  23. Alexa
  24. Alexia
  25. Alexie
  26. Alexina
  27. Aleki
  28. Sasha
  29. Sandra
  30. Sandy
  31. Alla


95 Famous people with an Alexandra name

  1. Alexandra or Cassandra, a prophetess in Greek mythology
  2. Saint Alexandra, a martyr of the Diocletianic persecutions
  3. Alexandra, sister of the Rhetor Calliopius of Antioch
  4. Alexandra (singer) (1942–1969), German singer (stage name; real name Doris Nefedov)
  5. Princess Alexandra (disambiguation), list of princesses named Alexandra.
  6. Alexandra of Denmark (1844–1925), Queen consort of the United Kingdom, Empress consort of India as the wife of King-Emperor Edward VII
  7. Grand Duchess Alexandra Georgievna of Russia, formerly Princess Alexandra of Greece and Denmark (1870–1891)
  8. Queen Alexandra of Yugoslavia, formerly Princess Alexandra of Greece and Denmark (1921–1993)
  9. Alexandra Feodorovna (formerly Alix of Hesse), Emperess of Russia, wife of Tsar Nicholas II.
  10. Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu (born 1986), Romanian singer, better known as Inna
  11. Alexandra Ashley Hughes (born 1985), Canadian singer-songwriter
  12. Alexandra Asimaki (born 1988), Greek water polo player
  13. Alexandra Botez (born 1995), American-Canadian chess player and Twitch streamer
  14. Alexandra Boyko (1916–1996), Russian tank commander
  15. Alexandra Breckenridge (born 1982), American actress, model, photographer
  16. Alexandra Brooks (born 1995), English footballer
  17. Alexandra Brushtein (1884–1968), Russian and Soviet writer, playwright, and memoirist
  18. Alexandra Burke (born 1988), British singer
  19. Alexandra W. Busch (born 1975), German Roman archaeologist
  20. Alexandra Caso (born 1987), Dominican Republic volleyball player
  21. Alexandra Chalupa, American pro-Ukrainian activist
  22. Alexandra Chando (born 1986), American actress
  23. Alexandra Charles (born 1946), Swedish “nightclub queen”
  24. Alexandra Daddario (born 1986), American actress
  25. Alexandra Dahlström (born 1984), Swedish actress
  26. Alexandra Dariescu (born 1985), Romanian pianist
  27. Alexandra David-Néel (1868–1969), French explorer and spiritualist
  28. Allie DeBerry (born 1994), American actress and model
  29. Alexandra Dimoglou (born 1981), Greek Paralympic track and field athlete
  30. Alexandra Duel-Hallen, American electrical engineer
  31. Alexandra Dulgheru (born 1989), Romanian tennis player
  32. Alexandra Eade (born 1998), Australian artistic gymnast
  33. Aleksandra von Engelhardt (1754–1838), Russian lady-in-waiting
  34. Alexandra Feodorovna (Alix of Hesse) (1872–1918), Tsarina of Russia, wife of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia
  35. Alexandra Feodorovna (Charlotte of Prussia) (1798–1860), Empress consort of Russia
  36. Alexandra Flood (born 1990), Australian operatic soprano
  37. Alexandra Fusai (born 1973), French tennis player
  38. Aleksandra Jakubowska [pl] (born 1954), Polish journalist and politician
  39. Alexz Johnson (born 1986), Canadian actress
  40. Alexandra Kavadas (born 1983), Greek retired footballer
  41. R. Alexandra Keith (born 1967/1968), American businesswoman
  42. Alex Kingston (born 1963), English actress
  43. Alexandra “Alix” Klineman (born 1989), American volleyball player
  44. Alexandra Kollontai (1872–1952), Russian politician
  45. Alexandra Kosteniuk (born 1984), Russian chess grandmaster and Women’s World Chess Champion from 2008 to 2010.
  46. Ali Krieger (born 1984), American soccer player
  47. Alexandra Kropotkin (1887–1966), Russian-American émigré, writer
  48. Alexandra Maria Lara (born 1978), German actress
  49. Alexandra Lencastre (born 1965), Portuguese actress
  50. Allie Long (born 1987), American soccer player
  51. Alexandra Măceșanu (2003–2019), Romanian teenage girl and murder victim who was kidnapped in Caracal, Olt County, Romania in 2019
  52. Alexandra Mardell (born 1993), English actress
  53. Alexandra Irina Măruță (born 1986), Romanian singer, better known as Andra
  54. Alexandra Mavrokordatou (1605–1684), Greek intellectual
  55. Alex Morgan (born 1989), American soccer player
  56. Alexandra Osborne (born 1995), Australian tennis player
  57. Alexandra Panova (born 1989), Russian tennis player
  58. Alexandra Papageorgiou (born 1980), Greek hammer thrower
  59. Alexandra Park (actress) (born 1989), Australian actress
  60. Alexandra Paschalidou-Moreti (1912-2010), Greek architect
  61. Alexandra Patsavas (born 1968), Greek-American music supervisor
  62. Alexandra Paul (born 1963), American actress
  63. Alexandra Phillips (disambiguation), several people
  64. Alexandra Pringle (born 1952/1953), British publisher
  65. Aly Raisman (born 1994), American gymnast
  66. Alexandra Shiryayeva (born 1983), Russian beach volleyball player
  67. Alexandra Sidorovici (1906–2000), Romanian politician
  68. Alexandra Smirnoff (1838–1913) Finnish pomologist
  69. Alexandra Sokoloff, American novelist and screenwriter
  70. Alexandra Stan (born 1989), Romanian singer
  71. Alexandra Stevenson (born 1980), American tennis player
  72. Alexandra Tegleva (1894–1955), Russian nursemaid to the children of the Imperial family
  73. Alexandra Tolstaya (1884–1979), daughter of Leo Tolstoy
  74. Alexandra Trusova (born 2004), Russian figure skater
  75. Alexandra Tsiavou (born 1985), Greek rower
  76. Alexandra Tydings (born 1972), American actress
  77. Alexandra Valetta-Ardisson (born 1976), French politician
  78. Alexandra Vinogradova, Russian volleyball player
  79. Alexandra Waterbury, American ballet dancer and model
  80. Aleksandra Wozniak (born 1987), Canadian tennis player
  81. Alexandra Zaretsky (born 1987), Israeli ice dancer
  82. Aleksandra Andreevna Antonova (1932–2014), Russian, Kildin Sámi teacher, writer, poet, translator
  83. Aleksandra Avramović (born 1982), Serbian volleyball player
  84. Aleksandra Crnčević (born 1987), Serbian volleyball player
  85. Aleksandra Crvendakić (born 1996), Serbian basketball player
  86. Aleksandra Cvetićanin (born 1993), Serbian volleyball player
  87. Aleksandra Dimitrova (born 2000), Russian chess master
  88. Aleksandra Dulkiewicz (born 1979), Polish lawyer
  89. Aleksandra Krunić (born 1993), Serbian tennis player
  90. Aleksandra Maltsevskaya (born 2002), Russian chess master
  91. Aleksandra Przegalińska (born 1982), Polish futurist
  92. Aleksandra Ranković (born 1980), Serbian volleyball player
  93. Aleksandra Stepanović (born 1994), Serbian volleyball player
  94. Aleksandra Vukajlović (born 1997), Serbian handball player
  95. Aleksandra Ziółkowska-Boehm (born 1949), Polish writer


Alexandra’s name mentions in culture

  1. Alexandra Mack, a.k.a. Alex Mack, titular lead character in the popular television series The Secret World of Alex Mack
  2. Alexandra Brooks DiMera, a.k.a. Lexie Carver, character in the NBC soap opera Days of Our Lives
  3. Alexandra Nuñez, a.k.a. Alex Nuñez, character in the Canadian television drama Degrassi: The Next Generation
  4. Alexandra Margarita Russo, a.k.a. Alex Russo, character in the Disney Channel television series Wizards of Waverly Place, played by Selena Gomez
  5. Alexandra, Nikita character
  6. Alexandra Dunphy, a.k.a. Alex Dunphy, character in the popular television series Modern Family
  7. Alexandra Grey, a.k.a. Lexie Grey, character in the ABC medical drama Grey’s Anatomy
  8. Alexandra “Alex” Cahill, character in the 1990s television series Walker, Texas Ranger
  9. Alexandra Borgia, an Assistant District Attorney in Law & Order, played by Annie Parisse
  10. Alexandra Cabot, an Assistant District Attorney in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, played by Stephanie March
  11. Alexandra Eames, a detective in Law & Order Criminal Intent, played by Kathryn Erbe
  12. Alexandra Garcia, a character in the anime and manga series Kuroko’s Basketball
  13. Aleksandra Billewicz, a character in Deluge by Henryk Sienkiewicz
  14. Alexandra Vladimirovna Litvyak, a.k.a. Sanya V. Litvyak, a character from the anime/manga franchise Strike Witches
  15. Aleksandra ‘Zarya’ Zaryanova, a Russian weightlifter turned soldier in the video game Overwatch
  16. Alexandra Vause, a.k.a. Alex Vause, imprisoned drug dealer and love interest to protagonist to Piper Chapman in Netflix’s Orange Is The New Black
  17. Alexandra Danvers, a.k.a. Alex Danvers, Kara Danvers’ sister in Supergirl
  18. Alexandra, the main antagonist in The Wildwood Chronicles
  19. Alexandra Finch, sister of Atticus Finch in the 1960 novel To Kill A Mockingbird


Top 10 siblings’ ideas for Alexandra

The top 10 names for Alexandra’s siblings are shown below; for more, click here.

  1. Hannah
  2. Emma
  3. Angela
  4. Holly
  5. Isabelle
  6. Magnus
  7. Cormag
  8. Thorfinn
  9. Fraser
  10. Nathaniel


*Sources: Part of the article is from the Wikipedia page about Alexandra’s name