First Names That Go With Olivia

If you choose to call your child Olivia as your child’s second name, or maybe this is your last name, that’s great. On this page, you will find more than 925 ideas for first names. All you have to do is pick the one you prefer.

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First name for OliviaAbigail	Adrienne
Aby	Agnes
Ada	Agnès
Adaline	Aida
Adalynn	Aileana
Addison	Aileen
Adelaide	Aine
Adelina	Ainsley
Adriana	Aisha
Adrianna	Alaiya
First name for Olivia

First Names for Olivia – The Names List

Start of the name

First name for Olivia
Abigail Olivia
Aby Olivia
Ada Olivia
Adaline Olivia
Adalynn Olivia
Addison Olivia
Adelaide Olivia
Adelina Olivia
Adriana Olivia
Adrianna Olivia
Adrienne Olivia
Agnes Olivia
Agnès Olivia
Aida Olivia
Aileana Olivia
Aileen Olivia
Aine Olivia
Ainsley Olivia
Aisha Olivia
Alaiya Olivia
Alana Olivia
Alani Olivia
Alba Olivia
Albertina Olivia
Alejandra Olivia
Alesandra Olivia
Alexander Olivia
Alexandra Olivia
Alexandre Olivia
Alexandria Olivia
Alexis Olivia
Alice Olivia
Alina Olivia
Alison Olivia
Allison Olivia
Alys Olivia
Alyssa Olivia
Amalia Olivia
Amanda Olivia
Amara Olivia
Amariah Olivia
Amber Olivia
Amelia Olivia
Amelie Olivia
America Olivia
Amina Olivia
Amira Olivia
Amy Olivia
Ana Olivia
Anais Olivia
Anaïs Olivia
Anaiz Olivia
Anastacia Olivia
Andrea Olivia
Anelisse Olivia
Angelica Olivia
Angelina Olivia
Angeline Olivia
Anita Olivia
Ann Olivia
Anna Olivia
Annabel Olivia
Annabella Olivia
Annabelle Olivia
Annalise Olivia
Anne Olivia
Annette Olivia
Antoine Olivia
Antoinette Olivia
Antonia Olivia
Aoibh Olivia
Aoife Olivia
Arabella Olivia
Aria Olivia
Ariel Olivia
Arielle Olivia
Arminda Olivia
Artemis Olivia
Aspen Olivia
Astrid Olivia
Aubrey Olivia
Audrey Olivia
August Olivia
Augustine Olivia
Aurelia Olivia
Aurora Olivia
Autumn Olivia
Ava Olivia
Avalon Olivia
Avery Olivia
Aya Olivia
Ayla Olivia
Aylin Olivia
Azalea Olivia
Bailey Olivia
Balby Olivia
Bay Olivia
Bea Olivia
Beatrice Olivia
Beatrix Olivia
Bekke Olivia
Bella Olivia
Belladonna Olivia
Bellamy Olivia
Belle Olivia
Bernadette Olivia
Bertha Olivia
Beth Olivia
Bethany Olivia
Bethel Olivia
Bethy Olivia
Betsabe Olivia
Betsabet Olivia
Betsy Olivia
Betty Olivia
Bianca Olivia
Birdie Olivia
Blaine Olivia
Blair Olivia
Blake Olivia
Blakely Olivia
Blanca Olivia
Bliss Olivia
Blue Olivia
Blythe Olivia
Bonnie Olivia
Brady Olivia
Brandi Olivia
Bree Olivia
Brianna Olivia
Brianne Olivia
Bridget Olivia
Brielle Olivia
Bronywyn Olivia
Brooke Olivia
Brooklyn Olivia
Bryn Olivia
Bryne Olivia
Brynn Olivia
Bryony Olivia
Caitlin Olivia
Cali Olivia
Callie Olivia
Cameron Olivia
Camila Olivia
Camilla Olivia
Camille Olivia
Candace Olivia
Cara Olivia
Carina Olivia
Carmel Olivia
Carmen Olivia
Carol Olivia
Carola Olivia
Caroline Olivia
Carolyn Olivia
Carter Olivia
Carys Olivia
Cassidy Olivia
Catalina Olivia
Cate Olivia
Caterin Olivia
Catherine Olivia
Cecilia Olivia
Cecily Olivia
Cecylia Olivia
Celeste Olivia
Celestine Olivia
Celinda Olivia
Celine Olivia
Chantal Olivia
Charlet Olivia
Charlie Olivia
Charlotte Olivia
Chastity Olivia
Cheril Olivia
Chloe Olivia
Chloé Olivia
Christina Olivia
Christine Olivia
Ciara Olivia
Cindy Olivia
Cinthia Olivia
Cinthya Olivia
Claire Olivia
Clara Olivia
Claribel Olivia
Clarissa Olivia
Clark Olivia
Claudette Olivia
Claudia Olivia
Clement Olivia
Clementine Olivia
Cleotilde Olivia
Clotilde Olivia
Clove Olivia
Clover Olivia
Coco Olivia
Cohen Olivia
Colette Olivia
Cooper Olivia
Cora Olivia
Coralie Olivia
Corinne Olivia
Corinthia Olivia
Cosette Olivia
Cove Olivia
Cristel Olivia
Cristina Olivia
Cruz Olivia
Czesława Olivia
Dagmara Olivia
Dahlia Olivia
Daisy Olivia
Dalcy Olivia
Dale Olivia
Daly Olivia
Danica Olivia
Daniella Olivia
Danielle Olivia
Danka Olivia
Daphne Olivia
Darcie Olivia
Darlin Olivia
Davis Olivia
Dawn Olivia
Deborah Olivia
Del carmen Olivia
Delaney Olivia
Delia Olivia
Delilah Olivia
Delisay Olivia
Demi Olivia
Denise Olivia
Devon Olivia
Diana Olivia
Dianara Olivia
Diane Olivia
Dina Olivia
Dior Olivia
Dixie Olivia
Dolly Olivia
Dominika Olivia
Donna Olivia
Dora Olivia
Dorothy Olivia
Dot Olivia
Dove Olivia
Dre Olivia
Dylan Olivia
Eden Olivia
Edith Olivia
Editt Olivia
Eisley Olivia
Eithne Olivia
Eleanor Olivia
Elia Olivia
Eliana Olivia
Elibeth Olivia
Elisabeth Olivia
Elise Olivia
Eliza Olivia
Elizabeth Olivia
Ella Olivia
Elle Olivia
Ellenor Olivia
Ellie Olivia
Elodie Olivia
Eloise Olivia
Elora Olivia
Elowyn Olivia
Elsa Olivia
Elsie Olivia
Ema Olivia
Emelia Olivia
Emery Olivia
Emileny Olivia
Emilia Olivia
Emilie Olivia
Emily Olivia
Emma Olivia
Emmanuella Olivia
Emory Olivia
Eneida Olivia
Ericka Olivia
Erin Olivia
Erlinda Olivia
Erminia Olivia
Erson Olivia
Escarlet Olivia
Escarleth Olivia
Esmae Olivia
Esme Olivia
Esperanza Olivia
Estelle Olivia
Esther Olivia
Esviet Olivia
Etelvina Olivia
Eva Olivia
Evangeline Olivia
Eve Olivia
Evelina Olivia
Evelyn Olivia
Evelynn Olivia
Everest Olivia
Everly Olivia
Evie Olivia
Exalta Olivia
Fabiana Olivia
Fabiola Olivia
Faith Olivia
Farah Olivia
Faye Olivia
Felicidad Olivia
Felicity Olivia
Feodora Olivia
Fermina Olivia
Fern Olivia
Fernanda Olivia
Fidelia Olivia
Finghai Olivia
Finley Olivia
Fiona Olivia
Fionnuala Olivia
Fiorella Olivia
Flavia Olivia
Fleur Olivia
Flora Olivia
Florence Olivia
Frances Olivia
Francesca Olivia
Francine Olivia
Francisca Olivia
Frédérique Olivia
Freya Olivia
Frida Olivia
Friederike Olivia
Gabi Olivia
Gabriela Olivia
Gabriella Olivia
Gabrielle Olivia
Galia Olivia
Garcia Olivia
Gayle Olivia
Gem Olivia
Genesis Olivia
Genevieve Olivia
Georgette Olivia
Georgia Olivia
Georgie Olivia
Georgina Olivia
Gertrud Olivia
Gia Olivia
Gianna Olivia
Giovana Olivia
Giovanna Olivia
Giselle Olivia
Glenda Olivia
Gloria Olivia
Grace Olivia
Gracelyn Olivia
Gracie Olivia
Gray Olivia
Greta Olivia
Grey Olivia
Guadalupe Olivia
Gwen Olivia
Gwendolyn Olivia
Hadlee Olivia
Hadley Olivia
Hailey Olivia
Hale Olivia
Haley Olivia
Hallie Olivia
Halyson Olivia
Hana Olivia
Hannah Olivia
Harlow Olivia
Harmony Olivia
Harper Olivia
Harriet Olivia
Haydee Olivia
Hazel Olivia
Heather Olivia
Hedy Olivia
Heidi Olivia
Helen Olivia
Helene Olivia
Helgai Olivia
Hemsley Olivia
Henrietta Olivia
Heydi Olivia
Holly Olivia
Hony Olivia
Hope Olivia
Hunter Olivia
Ignatia Olivia
Imani Olivia
Imogen Olivia
Ina Olivia
Inara Olivia
Indigo Olivia
Ines Olivia
Inez Olivia
Ingrid Olivia
Irene Olivia
Iris Olivia
Irma Olivia
Isabel Olivia
Isabell Olivia
Isabella Olivia
Isabelle Olivia
Isamar Olivia
Isla Olivia
Isolde Olivia
Iveth Olivia
Ivonne Olivia
Ivy Olivia
Jacqueline Olivia
Jade Olivia
Jael Olivia
Jai Olivia
James Olivia
Jamie Olivia
Jane Olivia
Janelle Olivia
Janet Olivia
Janette Olivia
Jasmine Olivia
Javina Olivia
Jay Olivia
Jean Olivia
Jeanet Olivia
Jen Olivia
Jennifer Olivia
Jessica Olivia
Jettie Olivia
Jewel Olivia
Jhandira Olivia
Jhannett Olivia
Jhelsy Olivia
Jhene Olivia
Jinx Olivia
Jo Olivia
Joan Olivia
Joana Olivia
Joanna Olivia
Jocelyn Olivia
Jola Olivia
Jolene Olivia
Jolie Olivia
Jones Olivia
Josephine Olivia
Josette Olivia
Journey Olivia
Joy Olivia
Joyce Olivia
Juana Olivia
Jude Olivia
Judith Olivia
Jules Olivia
Julia Olivia
Juliana Olivia
Julianna Olivia
Julie Olivia
Julien Olivia
Juliet Olivia
Julieta Olivia
Juliette Olivia
June Olivia
June oliva Olivia
Junia Olivia
Juniper Olivia
Juno Olivia
Justine Olivia
Kai Olivia
Kaia Olivia
Karla Olivia
Kassilynn Olivia
Kate Olivia
Katerine Olivia
Katharine Olivia
Katherine Olivia
Kathia Olivia
Kathleen Olivia
Kathryn Olivia
Kay Olivia
Kayla Olivia
Keira Olivia
Kelly Olivia
Kendall Olivia
Kenzie Olivia
Kevin Olivia
Kiera Olivia
Kimberly Olivia
Kirsten Olivia
Kitty Olivia
Kristen Olivia
Kristie Olivia
Kristina Olivia
Laine Olivia
Lake Olivia
Lane Olivia
Lara Olivia
Larisa Olivia
Lark Olivia
Larkin Olivia
Laura Olivia
Laurel Olivia
Lauren Olivia
Lavender Olivia
Layla Olivia
Léa Olivia
Leah Olivia
Lee Olivia
Legacy Olivia
Leigh Olivia
Leighton Olivia
Leilani Olivia
Leilyn Olivia
Leni Olivia
Lennon Olivia
Lenny Olivia
Leona Olivia
Leonie Olivia
Leonita Olivia
Lesly Olivia
Leticia Olivia
Levi Olivia
Lex Olivia
Lexi Olivia
Libby Olivia
Licet Olivia
Lilet Olivia
Lilibeth Olivia
Lillian Olivia
Lilly Olivia
Lily Olivia
Lina Olivia
Linda Olivia
Linnea Olivia
Lipsy Olivia
Lisa Olivia
Liza Olivia
Lizbeth Olivia
Lizet Olivia
Lizzette Olivia
Ljndsay Olivia
Logan Olivia
Lola Olivia
London Olivia
Lorelei Olivia
Lorena Olivia
Lottie Olivia
Lou Olivia
Louelle Olivia
Louisa Olivia
Louise Olivia
Love Olivia
Lucie Olivia
Lucille Olivia
Lucinda Olivia
Lucy Olivia
Ludovika Olivia
Luella Olivia
Luisa Olivia
Luna Olivia
Lux Olivia
Luz Olivia
Lydia Olivia
Lyla Olivia
Lyne Olivia
Lynette Olivia
Lyra Olivia
Lyssa Olivia
Mabel Olivia
Maci Olivia
Mackenzie Olivia
Maddison Olivia
Madeleine Olivia
Madelin Olivia
Madeline Olivia
Madison Olivia
Mae Olivia
Maeve Olivia
Magali Olivia
Magda Olivia
Magdalena Olivia
Magdalene Olivia
Maggie Olivia
Magnolia Olivia
Maibe Olivia
Mailen Olivia
Maise Olivia
Maisie Olivia
Makayla Olivia
Makenna Olivia
Malani Olivia
Malinda Olivia
Maliyah Olivia
Manon Olivia
Maple Olivia
Marcela Olivia
March Olivia
Maren Olivia
Margaret Olivia
Margarita Olivia
Margo Olivia
Margot Olivia
Margoth Olivia
Maria Olivia
Mariah Olivia
Marianne Olivia
Maribel Olivia
Maricel Olivia
Maricela Olivia
Maricruz Olivia
Marie Olivia
Marie-lou Olivia
Marina Olivia
Marine Olivia
Marion Olivia
Marlee Olivia
Marlene Olivia
Marley Olivia
Marlow Olivia
Marlowe Olivia
Marta Olivia
Martha Olivia
Martina Olivia
Mary Olivia
Maryam Olivia
Massiel Olivia
Mathilda Olivia
Mathilde Olivia
Matilda Olivia
Matthew Olivia
Maud Olivia
Maude Olivia
Maverick Olivia
Maxime Olivia
May Olivia
Maya Olivia
Mayra Olivia
Mayte Olivia
Mckenna Olivia
Mckenzie Olivia
Meadow Olivia
Megan Olivia
Mei Olivia
Melanie Olivia
Mélanie Olivia
Melany Olivia
Melinca Olivia
Melody Olivia
Mercedes Olivia
Meredith Olivia
Mia Olivia
Mía Olivia
Micaela Olivia
Michelle Olivia
Mila Olivia
Milani Olivia
Mildre Olivia
Mildred Olivia
Milenka Olivia
Milka Olivia
Miller Olivia
Millie Olivia
Milly Olivia
Minka Olivia
Mira Olivia
Mirabelle Olivia
Mireille Olivia
Mirgia Olivia
Miriam Olivia
Mirian Olivia
Mollie Olivia
Molly Olivia
Monroe Olivia
Morgan Olivia
Morgane Olivia
Muriel Olivia
Mya Olivia
Myla Olivia
Myrtle Olivia
Nadia Olivia
Nadine Olivia
Naira Olivia
Nancy Olivia
Naomi Olivia
Nardy Olivia
Natalie Olivia
Nataly Olivia
Nathalia Olivia
Neisa Olivia
Nelfi Olivia
Nell Olivia
Nevaeh Olivia
Neve Olivia
Nicolas Olivia
Nicole Olivia
Nieves Olivia
Nilda Olivia
Nina Olivia
Ninet Olivia
Ninoska Olivia
Noa Olivia
Noelle Olivia
Noemi Olivia
Noor Olivia
Nora Olivia
Norah Olivia
Norka Olivia
North Olivia
Nova Olivia
Nuala Olivia
Oakley Olivia
Oaklyn Olivia
Oaklynn Olivia
Oaks Olivia
Oceane Olivia
Océane Olivia
Octavia Olivia
Oda Olivia
Odessa Olivia
Odette Olivia
Olimpia Olivia
Olive Olivia
Olma Olivia
Olympia Olivia
Ophelia Olivia
Orla Olivia
Owen Olivia
Paige Olivia
Paisley Olivia
Paloma Olivia
Pamel Olivia
Pamela Olivia
Pandora Olivia
Paris Olivia
Parker Olivia
Paula Olivia
Paulina Olivia
Pauline Olivia
Pax Olivia
Pearl Olivia
Penelope Olivia
Persephone Olivia
Petra Olivia
Peyton Olivia
Phoebe Olivia
Pierre Olivia
Piper Olivia
Plum Olivia
Poe Olivia
Poppy Olivia
Presley Olivia
Priscilla Olivia
Prue Olivia
Quentin Olivia
Quinn Olivia
Rabindranath Olivia
Rachel Olivia
Rae Olivia
Raegan Olivia
Rafaella Olivia
Rain Olivia
Raine Olivia
Raven Olivia
Ray Olivia
Rayne Olivia
Rea Olivia
Reagan Olivia
Rebeca Olivia
Rebecca Olivia
Reese Olivia
Reign Olivia
Reina Olivia
Reine Olivia
Renata Olivia
Renee Olivia
Renée Olivia
Rese Olivia
Rhett Olivia
Rianet Olivia
Rich Olivia
Riley Olivia
Rio Olivia
Riona Olivia
Robyn Olivia
Romain Olivia
Romilly Olivia
Romy Olivia
Rory Olivia
Rosa Olivia
Rosalie Olivia
Rosalind Olivia
Rosaline Olivia
Rose Olivia
Rosemary Olivia
Rosie Olivia
Rosina Olivia
Rosse Olivia
Roux Olivia
Rowan Olivia
Roxana Olivia
Ruby Olivia
Rue Olivia
Rumi Olivia
Ruth Olivia
Ryan Olivia
Rylie Olivia
Rysia Olivia
Sabina Olivia
Sabine Olivia
Sabrina Olivia
Sadie Olivia
Sage Olivia
Salem Olivia
Salome Olivia
Sana Olivia
Sandy Olivia
Sara Olivia
Sarah Olivia
Sasha Olivia
Savahann Olivia
Savannah Olivia
Scarlet Olivia
Scarlett Olivia
Scout Olivia
Selena Olivia
Selma Olivia
Senaida Olivia
Serelem Olivia
Seren Olivia
Sevastiana Olivia
Shae Olivia
Shannon Olivia
Sharon Olivia
Shay Olivia
Shea Olivia
Shirley Olivia
Sienna Olivia
Simone Olivia
Sky Olivia
Skye Olivia
Skylar Olivia
Sloane Olivia
Snow Olivia
Sofia Olivia
Soledad Olivia
Sonia Olivia
Sophia Olivia
Sophie Olivia
Spring Olivia
Star Olivia
Stark Olivia
Stefania Olivia
Stella Olivia
Sue Olivia
Summer Olivia
Sunday Olivia
Susan Olivia
Sutton Olivia
Sylvia Olivia
Tabitha Olivia
Tali Olivia
Talia Olivia
Tallia Olivia
Tamar Olivia
Tate Olivia
Tatiana Olivia
Tatum Olivia
Taylor Olivia
Teagan Olivia
Teodora Olivia
Teresa Olivia
Tess Olivia
Thea Olivia
Thomas Olivia
Tiley Olivia
Tilly Olivia
Tina Olivia
Triana Olivia
Tyler Olivia
Vale Olivia
Valencia Olivia
Valentina Olivia
Valeria Olivia
Valerie Olivia
Vanesa Olivia
Vanessa Olivia
Vega Olivia
Vera Olivia
Verity Olivia
Veronica Olivia
Victoria Olivia
Vilma Olivia
Viola Olivia
Violet Olivia
Violeta Olivia
Violetta Olivia
Violette Olivia
Virginia Olivia
Vittoria Olivia
Vivian Olivia
Viviana Olivia
Waverly Olivia
Wayra Olivia
Willow Olivia
Wilma Olivia
Wilson Olivia
Winter Olivia
Wren Olivia
Wynn Olivia
Wyonona Olivia
Yajaira Olivia
Yanet Olivia
Yarinka Olivia
Yazmila Olivia
Yenka Olivia
Yhanet Olivia
Yoelma Olivia
Yola Olivia
Yolanda Olivia
Yoselin Olivia
Yvette Olivia
Zaida Olivia
Zara Olivia
Zen Olivia
Zoe Olivia
Zuriel Olivia

10 Variants for Olivia

  1. Alivia
  2. Alyvia
  3. Livia
  4. Livie
  5. Lyvia
  6. Olive
  7. Olivie
  8. Olyvia
  9. Olia
  10. Oliff

Top 10 Famous People Named Olivia

  1. Olivia Newton-John – American actress and singer, best known in Grease.
  2. Olivia Wilde – American actress
  3. Olivia Munn – American actress
  4. Olivia Rodrigo – American singer
  5. Olivia De Havilland – American actress, best known as Melanie in Gone With the Wind
  6. Olivia Pope – fictional character in the TV series Scandal
  7. Olivia from the children’s book series
  8. Olivia of Palermo – Christian martyr
  9. Olivia Barash – American actress in the television series Little House on the Prairie and Charlie’s Angels
  10. Olivia Bonamy – French actress in the films Jefferson in Paris and Read My Lips

Top10 Fictional Characters Named Olivia

  1. Olivia a character in William Shakespeare’s play Twelfth Night
  2. Olivia a character in the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  3. Lady Olivia a character in the animated series Amphibia
  4. Olivia Baker a character in the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why
  5. Olivia Benson a character in the television series Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
  6. Olivia Burke a character in the television series Gossip Girl
  7. Olivia Caliban a character in the children’s novel A Series of Unfortunate Events
  8. Olivia Castle a character in the film Final Destination 5
  9. Olivia Davidson a character in the book series Sweet Valley High
  10. Olivia Dunham a character in the television series Fringe

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First Names For Olivia: Insights From Around The Web

Here are some quotes from various sites that talked about first name ideas for Olivia:

My friend named her daughter Brynn Alivia. Loved it! If you did Willa Olivia, her initials would be WOW, which is kind of awesome.

Olivia is beautiful! I love Paige too. I think you should stick with your original name. I understand about popular names, but you baby girl is yours and her name is special to you.

I know a little girl named Mila Olivia. i think that combo is so pretty!

Belle (it sounds so beautifully Southern to me!)

Jade (perfect if you want a Spanish middle name)

June (I can just imagine the nickname Livi Ju with this one)

Quinn (I love this unisex name with Olivia)

Isabel (such a feminine name)

Kathryn (I love this traditional first name, with any spelling)

Marie (a common first name but it works so well)

Oaks (if you’re looking for an alliteration)

Rhett (this one has a strong sound and is an excellent choice for Olivia)

I would stay away from names ending in -a because to my ear they don’t flow with Olivia.With Jacob & Ben as older brothers, my mind goes to another Biblical name.

I have always loved the name and it fit with my other daughters’ names. I went for a Victorian theme with their names

I like that it is sweet, southern and timeless.

Olivia linked to the name Oliver which comes from olive like the olive tree. This made me think of giving a olive branch or peace offering!

My last name starts with O so my friends and I were joking about names that would give her a terrible monogram. I suggested “McKenna Olivia Orth” and we all laughed, but then I couldn’t get the name Olivia out of my head! And we still sometimes call her Moo.

My son and her father picked the name out. It sounds sweet with my grandmas middle name Evelyn.

I chose Olivia because my mom’s maiden name is Oliver. Her middle name, Grayce.

My oldest name is Hailey, so I wanted a name that went along with that, it just so happens I was reading a book and the character name was Olivia, I instantly fell in love with the name and the many different nicknames for Olivia.