First Names For Rose

If you choose to call your child Rose as your child’s second name, or maybe this is your last name and that’s great. On this page, you will find more than 850 ideas for first names. All you have to do is pick the one you prefer.

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First name for RoseAaliyah Addison Aayla Adela Abbey Adelaide Abigail Adele Abrielle Adeline Ada Adelynn Adalee Adleigh Adalyn Adrea Addalynn Adriana Addilyn Aerin
First name for Rose

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First name for Rose
Aaliyah Rose
Aayla Rose
Abbey Rose
Abigail Rose
Abrielle Rose
Ada Rose
Adalee Rose
Adalyn Rose
Addalynn Rose
Addilyn Rose
Addison Rose
Adela Rose
Adelaide Rose
Adele Rose
Adeline Rose
Adelynn Rose
Adleigh Rose
Adrea Rose
Adriana Rose
Aerin Rose
Aileen Rose
Aimee Rose
Aine Rose
Aisha Rose
Aisling Rose
Aitana Rose
Alaina Rose
Alani Rose
Alannah Rose
Alareah Rose
Alayah Rose
Alba Rose
Aleah Rose
Alejandra Rose
Alena Rose
Alessandra Rose
Alessia Rose
Alethea Rose
Alexa Rose
Alexandra Rose
Alexandria Rose
Alexia Rose
Alexina Rose
Alexis Rose
Alianna Rose
Alicia Rose
Alison Rose
Alissa Rose
Alisson Rose
Alivia Rose
Alva Rose
Alyssa Rose
Amanda Rose
Amani Rose
Amara Rose
Amaranth Rose
Amarantine Rose
Amaya Rose
Amayah Rose
Amber Rose
Amber. Rose
Amelia Rose
Amelie Rose
Amina Rose
Amira Rose
Amora Rose
Amy Rose
Analisa Rose
Anamaria Rose
Anastasia Rose
Andi Rose
Andrea Rose
Andressa Rose
Angel Rose
Angeline Rose
Aniyah Rose
Anna Rose
Annabell Rose
Annabella Rose
Annabelle Rose
Annabeth Rose
Annalee Rose
Annaliese Rose
Annalise Rose
Anne-laure Rose
Anne-marie Rose
Annette Rose
Anni Rose
Annie Rose
Annora Rose
Antoinette Rose
Antonia Rose
Antonie Rose
Anya Rose
Arabella Rose
Arabelle Rose
Aria Rose
Arianna Rose
Ariel Rose
Ariella Rose
Arielle Rose
Armani Rose
Artemis Rose
Arwen Rose
Ashlyn Rose
Aspen Rose
Aspeth Rose
Aster Rose
Athena Rose
Aubrey Rose
Aubriella Rose
Audrey Rose
August Rose
Aurelia Rose
Aurelie Rose
Aurora Rose
Autumn Rose
Ava Rose
Avalon Rose
Averie Rose
Avery Rose
Aviana Rose
Avianna Rose
Avreigh Rose
Ayla Rose
Ayleen Rose
Azrael Rose
Bailey Rose
Beata Rose
Beatrice Rose
Beatrix Rose
Bella Rose
Bellamy Rose
Berkley Rose
Bernadette Rose
Beth Rose
Bethanie Rose
Bethany Rose
Betty Rose
Bexley Rose
Bianca Rose
Blair Rose
Blake Rose
Blakely Rose
Bożena Rose
Braelyn Rose
Braelynn Rose
Braylee Rose
Brea Rose
Brenna Rose
Brianna Rose
Brianne Rose
Briar Rose
Bridgette Rose
Briella Rose
Brigid Rose
Brigitta Rose
Brinley Rose
Briony Rose
Bristol Rose
Brittany Rose
Bronwyn Rose
Bronywyn Rose
Brooke Rose
Brooklynn Rose
Bryn Rose
Byrdie Rose
Cadence Rose
Caillean Rose
Cailleigh Rose
Caireann Rose
Caitlyn Rose
Cali Rose
Calla Rose
Callie Rose
Camdyn Rose
Camellia Rose
Cameron Rose
Camilla Rose
Camille Rose
Campbell Rose
Candace Rose
Capri Rose
Cara Rose
Carissa Rose
Carla Rose
Carolina Rose
Caroline Rose
Carolyn Rose
Carreen Rose
Casey Rose
Cassandra Rose
Cassidy Rose
Catalina Rose
Catherine Rose
Cathleen Rose
Catriona Rose
Cecelia Rose
Cecilia Rose
Cecily Rose
Celeste Rose
Celia Rose
Celine Rose
Céline Rose
Chanel Rose
Charlee Rose
Charleigh Rose
Charlie Rose
Charlotte Rose
Cheyenne Rose
Chloe Rose
Chole Rose
Christina Rose
Christine Rose
Ciara Rose
Claire Rose
Clara Rose
Clara.. Rose
Clarissa Rose
Claudia Rose
Clea Rose
Clementine Rose
Clover Rose
Colette Rose
Colleen Rose
Constance Rose
Cora Rose
Coraline Rose
Cordelia Rose
Corinna Rose
Corinne Rose
Cornelia Rose
Cosette Rose
Dagmara Rose
Dahlia Rose
Dakota Rose
Daleyza Rose
Danica Rose
Daniela Rose
Daniella Rose
Daphne Rose
Darcie Rose
Darcy Rose
Daria Rose
Darlene Rose
Davina Rose
Dean Rose
Delaney Rose
Delia Rose
Delilah Rose
Demi Rose
Denika Rose
Denise Rose
Destiny Rose
Diana Rose
Diasy Rose
Dior Rose
Dora Rose
Dorothy Rose
Dream Rose
Druscilla Rose
Dulcie Rose
Dylan Rose
Easther Rose
Eden Rose
Edie Rose
Edith Rose
Eileen Rose
Eiley Rose
Eithne Rose
Elaine Rose
Eleanor Rose
Eleanora Rose
Elena Rose
Eliana Rose
Elianna Rose
Elina Rose
Eline Rose
Elisa Rose
Elisabeth Rose
Elise Rose
Elissa Rose
Eliza Rose
Elizabeth Rose
Ella Rose
Elliana Rose
Ellie Rose
Ellison Rose
Elodie Rose
Eloise Rose
Elora Rose
Elsa Rose
Elspeth Rose
Elula Rose
Elva Rose
Emani Rose
Ember Rose
Emberly Rose
Emelia Rose
Emerie Rose
Emerson Rose
Emersyn Rose
Emilia Rose
Emily Rose
Emma Rose
Emmaline Rose
Emmalynn Rose
Emmeline Rose
Emory Rose
Ensleigh Rose
Erica Rose
Erika Rose
Erin Rose
Esme Rose
Estella Rose
Estelle Rose
Esther Rose
Eugenia Rose
Eugenie Rose
Eulalia Rose
Eulalie Rose
Eva Rose
Evangeline Rose
Evanie Rose
Evelyn Rose
Everleigh Rose
Everly Rose
Everlyn Rose
Evie Rose
Fabiana Rose
Fairlight Rose
Fatima Rose
Felicia Rose
Felicity Rose
Fern Rose
Finley Rose
Fiona Rose
Fionnuala Rose
Flannery Rose
Fleur Rose
Flora Rose
Florence Rose
Frances Rose
Francesca Rose
Francine Rose
Francis Rose
Frankie Rose
Franziska Rose
Freya Rose
Gabriela Rose
Gabriella Rose
Gabrielle Rose
Galilea Rose
Gayle Rose
Gemma Rose
Genevieve Rose
Georgia Rose
Georgiana Rose
Georgie Rose
Georgina Rose
Giana Rose
Gianna Rose
Giovanna Rose
Gisela Rose
Giulia Rose
Giuliana Rose
Grace Rose
Gracelyn Rose
Gracelynn Rose
Gracie Rose
Graylin Rose
Grażynka Rose
Greta Rose
Gretchen Rose
Guinevere Rose
Gwendolyn Rose
Gwenivere Rose
Gwyneth Rose
Hadlee Rose
Hadley Rose
Hailey Rose
Halle Rose
Hannah Rose
Harleigh Rose
Harlynn Rose
Harmony Rose
Harper Rose
Harriet Rose
Hart Rose
Hattie Rose
Hazel Rose
Heather Rose
Heaven Rose
Hedwig Rose
Heidi Rose
Helena Rose
Henley Rose
Henrietta Rose
Hensely Rose
Hermione Rose
Holland Rose
Holly Rose
Honor Rose
Iabel Rose
Iisla Rose
Ileana Rose
Iliana Rose
Imelda Rose
Imogen Rose
Indigo Rose
Ines Rose
Inez Rose
Iona Rose
Irelan Rose
Irene Rose
Iris Rose
Isabella Rose
Isabelle Rose
Isla Rose
Itzel Rose
Ivy Rose
Iyla Rose
Jacqueline Rose
Jade Rose
Jaelynn Rose
James Rose
Janella Rose
Janelle Rose
Janiyah Rose
Jasmine Rose
Jaycee Rose
Jayden Rose
Jayla Rose
Jayleen Rose
Jazzman Rose
Jeannine Rose
Jemima Rose
Jenna Rose
Jennifer Rose
Jessalyn Rose
Jessamine Rose
Jessica Rose
Jillian Rose
Joanna Rose
Jocelyn Rose
Joelle Rose
Johanna Rose
Johanne Rose
Jolanta Rose
Jordan Rose
Josephine Rose
Journey Rose
Joy Rose
Joyce Rose
Judith Rose
Julia Rose
Juliana Rose
Julianne Rose
Juliet Rose
Juliette Rose
Julissa Rose
Juniper Rose
Justine Rose
Kaia Rose
Kailani Rose
Kaitlin Rose
Kaitlyn Rose
Kaiya Rose
Kali Rose
Kamari Rose
Karina Rose
Karissa Rose
Katelyn Rose
Katerina Rose
Katharina Rose
Katharine Rose
Katherine Rose
Katia Rose
Katie Rose
Katinka Rose
Katya Rose
Kayla Rose
Kaylee Rose
Kayleigh Rose
Keira Rose
Kelsey Rose
Kendall Rose
Kennedy Rose
Kensley Rose
Kiara Rose
Kiera Rose
Kimberly Rose
Kimora Rose
Kinley Rose
Kinslee Rose
Kitty Rose
Kjerstine Rose
Kylie Rose
Laila Rose
Lainey Rose
Laken Rose
Lana Rose
Lara Rose
Larissa Rose
Laura Rose
Laurel Rose
Lauren Rose
Lavender Rose
Lavinia Rose
Layla Rose
Laylani Rose
Leah Rose
Leanna Rose
Leda Rose
Lee Rose
Legacy Rose
Leigh Rose
Leighton Rose
Leilani Rose
Lena Rose
Lennon Rose
Lennox Rose
Lenora Rose
Lenore Rose
Leona Rose
Leslie Rose
Lexi Rose
Liannon Rose
Liberty Rose
Lila Rose
Lilah Rose
Lilian Rose
Lilianna Rose
Lillie Rose
Lilou Rose
Lily Rose
Linda Rose
Linnea Rose
Lisbeth Rose
Liselotte Rose
Lissandra Rose
Livia Rose
Liviana Rose
Lizbeth Rose
Lola Rose
Londyn Rose
Lorelei Rose
Lorelotte Rose
Loretta Rose
Louella Rose
Louisa Rose
Louise Rose
Lucia Rose
Luciana Rose
Lucille Rose
Lucinda Rose
Łucja Rose
Lucy Rose
Luella Rose
Luisa Rose
Lula Rose
Luna Rose
Lydia Rose
Lynne Rose
Lyra Rose
Mabel Rose
Maci Rose
Mackenzie Rose
Madeleine Rose
Madeline Rose
Madelynne Rose
Madilynn Rose
Madison Rose
Maeve Rose
Magdalena Rose
Maggie Rose
Magnolia Rose
Maia Rose
Maidson Rose
Maisie Rose
Makenna Rose
Makenzie Rose
Malani Rose
Malia Rose
Manderley Rose
Mara Rose
Marceline Rose
Margaret Rose
Margot Rose
Marguerite Rose
Mariah Rose
Mariam Rose
Marian Rose
Mariana Rose
Marianne Rose
Marie Rose
Marieke Rose
Marielle Rose
Marigold Rose
Marissa Rose
Marla Rose
Marlee Rose
Marley Rose
Marlowe Rose
Martha Rose
Mary Rose
Maryam Rose
Mathilde Rose
Matilda Rose
Matlida Rose
Maureen Rose
Maxine Rose
Maya Rose
Mayay Rose
Mazikeen Rose
Mckenna Rose
Megan Rose
Melanie Rose
Melinda Rose
Melissa Rose
Melody Rose
Mercy Rose
Meredith Rose
Merle Rose
Meya Rose
Mia Rose
Michelle Rose
Mieka Rose
Mietta Rose
Mila Rose
Milana Rose
Milena Rose
Millicent Rose
Millie Rose
Mina Rose
Minuet Rose
Mira Rose
Miranda Rose
Mireille Rose
Miriam Rose
Mirielle Rose
Molly Rose
Mona Rose
Monet Rose
Monica Rose
Monroe Rose
Morgaine Rose
Morgan Rose
Muireann Rose
Murphy Rose
Myla Rose
Nadine Rose
Nahla Rose
Nancy Rose
Naomi Rose
Natalia Rose
Natalie Rose
Natasha Rose
Nathalia Rose
Naya Rose
Nellie Rose
Neva Rose
Nia Rose
Niambi Rose
Nicola Rose
Nicole Rose
Nicolette Rose
Nikolina Rose
Nina Rose
Noa Rose
Noelle Rose
Nola Rose
Nora Rose
Norah Rose
Noreen Rose
Nova Rose
Novalee Rose
Novalynn Rose
Nuala Rose
Nyla Rose
Oaklee Rose
Oakleigh Rose
Oaklynn Rose
Octavia Rose
Odessa Rose
Odette Rose
Olivia Rose
Olivia. Rose
Onjolee Rose
Oonagh Rose
Opal Rose
Ophelia Rose
Oriana Rose
Orlaith Rose
Ottilie Rose
Paige Rose
Paislee Rose
Paisley Rose
Paityn Rose
Pandora Rose
Paris Rose
Parker Rose
Pauleen Rose
Paulette Rose
Pauline Rose
Payton Rose
Pearl Rose
Penelope Rose
Penny Rose
Persephone Rose
Peyton Rose
Phaedra Rose
Philippa Rose
Phoebe Rose
Phoenix Rose
Piper Rose
Presley Rose
Priscilla Rose
Prudence Rose
Psalm Rose
Quincy Rose
Quinn Rose
Rachel Rose
Rachelle Rose
Raelyn Rose
Raelynn Rose
Raina Rose
Raquel Rose
Reagan Rose
Rebecca Rose
Regina Rose
Remington Rose
Rena Rose
Rhiannon Rose
Rillie Rose
River Rose
Romina Rose
Rosalee Rose
Rosalyn Rose
Rosemary Rose
Rowan Rose
Royce Rose
Ruby Rose
Rue Rose
Ruelle Rose
Rylee Rose
Rylie Rose
Sabrina Rose
Sadie Rose
Sage Rose
Samantha Rose
Sapphire Rose
Sarah Rose
Sariah Rose
Sasha Rose
Savannah Rose
Sawyer Rose
Saylor Rose
Scareltt Rose
Scarlet Rose
Scarlett Rose
Selah Rose
Selena Rose
Selene Rose
Sena Rose
Seraphina Rose
Seren Rose
Serena Rose
Serenity Rose
Shannon Rose
Sharee Rose
Sharlah Rose
Sharleen Rose
Shauna Rose
Shiloh Rose
Sibeal Rose
Sienna Rose
Simona Rose
Simone Rose
Sinead Rose
Siobhan Rose
Sky Rose
Skye Rose
Skylar Rose
Skylynn Rose
Sloane Rose
Snow Rose
Sofia Rose
Solara Rose
Sophia Rose
Sophie Rose
Soraya Rose
Sorrel Rose
Starr Rose
Stella Rose
Stormi Rose
Summer Rose
Sunday Rose
Suri Rose
Susanna Rose
Susannah Rose
Suzannah Rose
Sybil Rose
Sydney Rose
Sylvia Rose
Sylvie Rose
Tabitha Rose
Taelyn Rose
Talia Rose
Talitha Rose
Tallulah Rose
Tamsen Rose
Tannia Rose
Tatiana Rose
Tatum Rose
Taylor Rose
Teagan Rose
Teegan Rose
Tegan Rose
Teleri Rose
Tessa Rose
Thalia Rose
Thea Rose
Theodora Rose
Theresa Rose
Tia Rose
Tiana Rose
Tierra Rose
Tilly Rose
Tinsley Rose
Tisiphone Rose
Tobie Rose
Toureen Rose
Tralee Rose
Trinity Rose
Valentina Rose
Valeria Rose
Valerie Rose
Valery Rose
Vanessa Rose
Vera Rose
Verity Rose
Veronica Rose
Victoria Rose
Vida Rose
Vienna Rose
Viola Rose
Violet Rose
Virginia Rose
Vita Rose
Viva Rose
Viveka Rose
Vivian Rose
Viviana Rose
Vivien Rose
Vivienne Rose
Waverly Rose
Whitley Rose
Whitney Rose
Wilhelmina Rose
Willa Rose
Willow Rose
Winona Rose
Winslow Rose
Winter Rose
Wisteria Rose
Wren Rose
Wrenley Rose
Xanthie Rose
Xena Rose
Yareli Rose
Yasmin Rose
Yvette Rose
Yvonne Rose
Zaniyah Rose
Zara Rose
Zariah Rose
Zaylee Rose
Zelda Rose
Zendaya Rose
Zenobia Rose
Zoe Rose
Zoelle Rose
Zoey Rose
Zola Rose
Zora Rose
Zorina Rose
Zuri Rose

10 Variants for Rose

  1. Czech: Rosalie, Rosarie, Růžena
  2. Danish: Rosalie
  3. Dutch: Roos, Rosa, Rosalie
  4. French: Rose, Rosalie
  5. Galician: Rosalía
  6. Greek: Rhodē ˁΡόδη
  7. Hungarian: Rozália
  8. Irish: Róisín
  9. Italian: Rosalia, Rosaria, Rusalia
  10. Latvian: Roze, Roza, Rozālija, Rozīte (diminutive)

Top 10 Famous People Named Rose

  1. Mary Tudor, Queen of France (1496–1533), sister of King Henry VIII of England, known as “Mary Rose”
  2. Rose of Viterbo (1233–1251), Italian saint
  3. Rose (French singer) (born 1978), French singer-songwriter
  4. Rose-Alexandrine Barreau (1773–1843), French soldier
  5. Rose Byrne (born 1979), Australian actress, best known for her role on the American television series Damages
  6. Rose Chen Aijie, Chinese saint
  7. Rose Cleveland (1846–1918), acting First Lady of the United States from 1885 to 1886
  8. Rose Combe (1883–1932), French writer
  9. Rose Philippine Duchesne (1769–1852), French-American saint
  10. Rose Dugdale (born 1941), English heiress who joined the Provisional Irish Republican Army

Top10 Fictional Characters Named Rose

  1. Laterose, known as simply Rose, a fictional character from Redwall
  2. Rose/Huntsgirl, a supporting character and Jake Long’s main romantic interest, sweetheart, and official girlfriend in American Dragon: Jake Long
  3. Rose (Street Fighter), from the Street Fighter video game series
  4. Rose DeWitt Bukater, one of two main characters in 1997 film Titanic
  5. Rose Cameron, a recurring character in Netflix series Outer Banks (TV series)
  6. Rose Canton of Rose and Thorn, a Golden Age DC Comics villainess
  7. Rose Da Silva, from the 2006 film Silent Hill
  8. Rose Granger-Weasley, daughter of Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter books
  9. Rose Hathaway, the main character of the Vampire Academy series
  10. Rose Henderson (Rose Nadler), from ABC TV show Lost

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First Names For Rose: Insights from around the web

Here are some quotes from various sites that talked about first name ideas for Rose:

Pick any name that has an R or S in it somewhere, and it’ll sound good. And, if you want it to go well with your last name, do the same thing.

Almost anything sounds beautiful with Rose, at least I think so.

I’m in love with the name Annabelle and it sounds good with Rose.

I don’t think race matters but the name Eleanor brings up images of an old fashion, no nonsense, English women for me. I’d still use it.

Could you just name her Mollie. That way there’s a connection but no confusion.

If Amalie is pronounced Ah-MAH-lee-uh, then why not spell it Ahmalea?

Ahmalea Rose sounds lovely and doesn’t violate your rule about not using the name of any living relative.

Audrey Rose is a novel written by Frank De Felitta, published in 1975 about a couple confronted with the idea that their young daughter might be the reincarnation of another man’s child. The book was followed by a 1982 sequel, For Love of Audrey Rose.

Would you consider Malia Rose? Seems perfect for a mixed race child as Malia Obama is 25% white. You could still call her Molly.

If you like Emma, my suggestion is Emmeline Rose.

When I think of strong black women I think of Coretta Scott King. I think Coretta Rose is lovely.

If it’s pronounced Ah-mah-lee-uh, why not spell it Amalia, with an a? That’s a legit, beautiful and not overly popular (I believe it’s somewhere in the 800s/900s of the SSA list) name that is pronounced exactly that way, and you can still honor Amalie with it.

I’m definitely in the Amalia boat. That only leaves the “aw” vs “ah” issue of pronouncing it, but I know an Amalia and never been confused by the pronunciation. With a nickname she won’t even have to worry about it that much.

Helena Rose – has a goddess connection, and softer, subtle sounds.

Maya Rose – just as simple as Emma, but with a

Sara Rose – soft sounds, but has a lot of character

Theadora Rose – shortform Thea sounds like Athena, but it’s softer.

Diana Rose – goddess connection, strong but has a delicateness.

Arabella Rose – means “beautiful rose”, it has a touch of grandeur and strength.

Anastasia Rose – obviously strong, it also has subtlety and seems quaint. Nicknames are endless, and include Sasha.