First name for Avery

First name for Avery

You choose Avery as the middle name, or that is your last name, and now you looking for first name ideas for it? Great! Because I gather here for you more than 900 first name ideas for Avery. It doesn’t matter if you will use one of the variations or nicknames of the Avery name, you can play with the ideas and match your perfect first name for the middle/last name Avery.

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Choose the first names that go with Avery

Start of the name

First Name Middle/Last Name
Abbott Avery
Abigail Avery
Abigail Avery
Adams Avery
Addison Avery
Adelaide Avery
Adele Avery
Adeline Avery
Adeline Avery
Adriana Avery
Agatha Avery
Ahren Avery
Erin Avery
Aiden Avery
AIlison Avery
Alan Avery
Alberich Avery
Alexa Avery
Alexander Avery
Alexandra Avery
Alexandra Avery
Alexandre Avery
Alexandria Avery
Alexia Avery
Alexis Avery
Alfred Avery
Alice Avery
Alicia Avery
Allegra Avery
Allen Avery
Allison Avery
Amanda Avery
Ambrose Avery
Amelia Avery
Amelia Avery
Amy Avery
Anabelle Avery
Anaïs Avery
Anastasia Avery
Andrew Avery
Angela Avery
Ann Avery
Annabelle Avery
Annabeth Avery
Annalise Avery
Anne Avery
Anneliese Avery
Antoine Avery
Antony Avery
Arable Avery
Archer Avery
Ari Avery
Aria Avery
Ariana Avery
Arianne Avery
Arielle Avery
Ash Avery
Asher Avery
Ashley Avery
Ashton Avery
Aubrey Avery
August Avery
Aurelia Avery
Aurora Avery
Autumn Avery
Ayden Avery
Azalia Avery
Bailey Avery
Banks Avery
Barrett Avery
Bartholomew Avery
Bay Avery
Beatrice Avery
Beatrice Avery
Beau Avery
Beckett Avery
Bee Avery
Belinda Avery
Bella Avery
Belle Avery
Benita Avery
Benjamin Avery
Bennett Avery
Bennette Avery
Benson Avery
Bess Avery
Beth Avery
Bianca Avery
Bianca Avery
Birch Avery
Blaine Avery
Blaire Avery
Blake Avery
Blaze Avery
Blithe Avery
Blossom Avery
Blue Avery
Blythe Avery
Bourne Avery
Bradley Avery
Brandon Avery
Brant Avery
Braxton Avery
Breanne Avery
Bree Avery
Brianna Avery
Brianna Avery
Brianne Avery
Briar Avery
Bridget Avery
Bridget Avery
Brielle Avery
Brighton Avery
Brigid Avery
Briony Avery
Brooke Avery
Brooks Avery
Brown Avery
Brundage Avery
Bryan Avery
Bryce Avery
Brynn Avery
Bullock Avery
Burnham Avery
Cade Avery
Cadence Avery
Cain Avery
Caleb Avery
Callahan Avery
Callan Avery
Callista Avery
Cameron Avery
Camila Avery
Camilla Avery
Camille Avery
Capri Avery
Caradoc Avery
Cardoza Avery
Carlisle Avery
Caroline Avery
Caroline Avery
Carrington Avery
Carson Avery
Carter Avery
Carys Avery
Catalina Avery
Catherine Avery
Cecelia Avery
Cecile Avery
Cecily Avery
Cecilia Avery
Celeste Avery
Celestina Avery
Celina Avery
Celine Avery
Chad Avery
Chance Avery
Charles Avery
Charlotte Avery
Charlotte Avery
Chase Avery
Cheryl Avery
Cheyanne Avery
Cheyenne Avery
Chloé Avery
Christian Avery
Christina Avery
Christine Avery
Christopher Avery
Claflin Avery
Claire Avery
Clara Avery
Clare Avery
Clark Avery
Claudia Avery
Clay Avery
Clayton Avery
Clement Avery
Cleo Avery
Clyde Avery
Cochrane Avery
Cole Avery
Colette Avery
Conner Avery
Connor Avery
Constance Avery
Cooper Avery
Cora Avery
Cordelia Avery
Corinne Avery
Corman Avery
Cornelia Avery
Cosette Avery
Cox Avery
Craig Avery
Crary Avery
Craven Avery
Dahlia Avery
Dakota Avery
Dallas Avery
Dalton Avery
Dane Avery
Daniel Avery
Daniela Avery
Danielle Avery
Daphne Avery
Daphne Avery
Darleen Avery
Darren Avery
David Avery
Davina Avery
Dawn Avery
Dean Avery
Deanna Avery
Declan Avery
Delilah Avery
Delilah Avery
Demetrius Avery
Demi Avery
Denise Avery
Desmond Avery
Devon Avery
Dinah Avery
Dior Avery
Dixon Avery
Dominic Avery
Domitilo Avery
Donna Avery
Doremus Avery
Dorothy Avery
Drake Avery
Drew Avery
Duke Avery
Dulles Avery
Dunning Avery
Dylan Avery
Earl Avery
Ebenezer Avery
Eden Avery
Edgy Avery
Edison Avery
Edna Avery
Edward Avery
Edwin Avery
Eileen Avery
Elaine Avery
Eleanor Avery
Eleanor Avery
Eleazar Avery
Elena Avery
Elias Avery
Elijah Avery
Elise Avery
Eliseo Avery
Elisha Avery
Eliza Avery
Elizabeth Avery
Elizabeth Avery
Ella Avery
Elle Avery
Ellington Avery
Elliott Avery
Ellis Avery
Eloise Avery
Elouise Avery
Emerson Avery
Emersyn Avery
Emersyn Avery
Emilia Avery
Emilia Avery
Emiliano Avery
Emma Avery
Emmaline Avery
Emmanuel Avery
Emmeline Avery
Emmett Avery
Enid Avery
Eric Avery
Esmerelda Avery
Esther Avery
Ethan Avery
Evan Avery
Evangeline Avery
Eve Avery
Evelyn Avery
Ezekiel Avery
Ezra Avery
Faith Avery
Fallon Avery
Farrah Avery
Farran Avery
Faye Avery
Federico Avery
Felicia Avery
Feliciano Avery
Felix Avery
Fern Avery
Fern’s Avery
Field Avery
Filiberto Avery
Finn Avery
Finnegan Avery
Fiona Avery
Fiona Avery
Fisher Avery
Fitzroy Avery
Fleur Avery
Flor Avery
Flora Avery
Florence Avery
Florencio Avery
Flynn Avery
Ford Avery
Foster Avery
Fox Avery
Frances Avery
Francesca Avery
Francies Avery
Francis Avery
Frank Avery
Frankie Avery
Frederick Avery
G Avery
Gabriel Avery
Gabriela Avery
Gabriella Avery
Gabrielle Avery
Gage Avery
Gamaliel Avery
Gardenia Avery
Garett Avery
Garrett Avery
Gavin Avery
Genevieve Avery
Genevieve Avery
Georgia Avery
Georgina Avery
Gerald Avery
Giana Avery
Gianna Avery
Gideon Avery
Gilbert Avery
Gillian Avery
Giovanna Avery
Giselle Avery
Glenn Avery
Gloria Avery
Gordon Avery
Grace Avery
Graham Avery
Grant Avery
Grayson Avery
Gregory Avery
Gretel Avery
Grey Avery
Greyson Avery
Guy Avery
Gwen Avery
Gwendolyn Avery
Gwendolyn Avery
Gweneth Avery
Haines Avery
Hale Avery
Hamilton Avery
Hannah Avery
Hannah Avery
Harlow Avery
Harper Avery
Harper Avery
Harrison Avery
Harry Avery
Hart Avery
Hayden Avery
Hayes Avery
Haze Avery
Hazel Avery
Hazel Avery
Heath Avery
Heather Avery
Helen Avery
Helena Avery
Hendrix Avery
Henry Avery
Hester Avery
Hilton Avery
Hollyn Avery
Honor Avery
Hope Avery
Hopwood Avery
Hornsby Avery
Horsley Avery
Hudson Avery
Hugh Avery
Hunter Avery
Hutchins Avery
Ian Avery
Ilana Avery
Imogene Avery
Ines Avery
Ingrid Avery
Ireland Avery
Irene Avery
Iris Avery
Isaac Avery
Isabel Avery
Isabella Avery
Isabelle Avery
Isabelle Avery
Isadora Avery
Isaiah Avery
Isla Avery
Isla Avery
Isobel Avery
Ivette Avery
Jace Avery
Jacinta Avery
Jack Avery
Jackson Avery
Jacob Avery
Jacqueline Avery
Jacqueline Avery
Jade Avery
James Avery
Jameson Avery
Jamie Avery
Jane Avery
Janelle Avery
Janine Avery
Jarrett Avery
Jasmine Avery
Jasmine Avery
Jaxon Avery
Jay Avery
Jayleen Avery
Jazlyn Avery
Jeanette Avery
Jedidiah Avery
Jemima Avery
Jenkins Avery
Jennings Avery
Jensen Avery
Jeremiah Avery
Jessamine Avery
Jessamy Avery
Jessica Avery
Jessup Avery
Jewel Avery
Jillian Avery
Joan Avery
Joanna Avery
Jocelyn Avery
Joel Avery
Johanna Avery
John Avery
Johnson Avery
Jolene Avery
Jonah Avery
Jonas Avery
Jonathan Avery
Jones Avery
Jordan Avery
Joseph Avery
Josephine Avery
Joshua Avery
Joy Avery
Joyce Avery
Judd Avery
Jude Avery
Jules Avery
Julia Avery
Julian Avery
Juliana Avery
Julianna Avery
Julianna Avery
Julie Avery
Julien Avery
Juliet Avery
Juliette Avery
June Avery
Kaitlyn Avery
Kane Avery
Katani Avery
Kate Avery
Katherine Avery
Katherine Avery
Katia Avery
Kay Avery
Kayla Avery
Keegan Avery
Kendall Avery
Kendall Avery
Kendrick Avery
Kennedy Avery
Kent Avery
Kevin Avery
Kier Avery
Kimber Avery
Kimberly Avery
Kingston Avery
Kinsley Avery
Kirby Avery
Kirsten Avery
Kit Avery
Knox Avery
Kristina Avery
Kristine Avery
Kurt Avery
Kyle Avery
Lana Avery
Landon Avery
Lane Avery
Lark Avery
Laura Avery
Laurel Avery
Lauren Avery
Lavender Avery
Lavinia Avery
Lawrence Avery
Layla Avery
Layne Avery
Layton Avery
Léa Avery
Leah Avery
Leah Avery
Leandra Avery
Leanne Avery
Leatrice Avery
Ledger Avery
Lee Avery
Leif Avery
Leigh Avery
Leighton Avery
Leila Avery
Lennox Avery
Lenny Avery
Lenora Avery
Leo Avery
Leonie Avery
Levi Avery
Liam Avery
Liana Avery
Liara Avery
Lichtenstein Avery
Liese Avery
Liesl Avery
Lila Avery
Lilia Avery
Lilian Avery
Lillian Avery
Liliana Avery
Lilibeth Avery
Lilith Avery
Lillian Avery
Lincoln Avery
Lindsay Avery
Lipman Avery
Lissette Avery
Liv Avery
Logan Avery
Lois Avery
Lola Avery
Lomax Avery
London Avery
Lorelei Avery
Lorena Avery
Lorraine Avery
Lou Avery
Louis Avery
Louisa Avery
Louise Avery
Lowe Avery
Luanne Avery
Lucas Avery
Lucia Avery
Lucie Avery
Lucille Avery
Lucille Avery
Lucinda Avery
Lucy Avery
Luke Avery
Luna Avery
Luna Avery
Lux Avery
Lydia Avery
Lyla Avery
Lyn Avery
Lynne Avery
Mabel Avery
Macallister Avery
Mackenzie Avery
Macy Avery
Maddox Avery
Madeleine Avery
Madeline Avery
Madeline Avery
Madelyn Avery
Madison Avery
Madonna Avery
Mae Avery
Maeve Avery
Magnolia Avery
Manon Avery
Marcelino Avery
Marcia Avery
Marcus Avery
Margaret Avery
Margaret Avery
Margaux Avery
Margot Avery
Marguerite Avery
Maria Avery
Mariah Avery
Marian Avery
Maribel Avery
Marie Avery
Marigold Avery
Marin Avery
Marina Avery
Mariana Avery
Marine Avery
Marion Avery
Marisol Avery
Mark Avery
Marlene Avery
Marvin Avery
Mary Avery
Mason Avery
Mateo Avery
Mathilda Avery
Mathilde Avery
Matilda Avery
Mauricio Avery
Maverick Avery
Max Avery
Maxime Avery
Maximilian Avery
Maxine Avery
Maxwell Avery
May Avery
Maya Avery
Mays Avery
McIlhenny Avery
McKenzie Avery
Megan Avery
Meghan Avery
Melanie Avery
Melissa Avery
Melody Avery
Meredith Avery
Meryl Avery
Mia Avery
Micah Avery
Michael Avery
Michaela Avery
Michelle Avery
Mila Avery
Milania Avery
Minerva Avery
Mirabel Avery
Miranda Avery
Miriam Avery
Monica Avery
Monroe Avery
Morgan Avery
Morris Avery
Morrison Avery
Moss Avery
Muriel Avery
Murphy Avery
Myrtle Avery
Nadia Avery
Nadine Avery
Nanette Avery
Napoleon Avery
Narelle Avery
Nash Avery
Natalia Avery
Natalia Avery
Natasha Avery
Nathaniel Avery
Nehemiah Avery
Nerida Avery
Neveah Avery
Nicholas Avery
Nichole Avery
Nicodemus Avery
Nicolas Avery
Nicole Avery
Nina Avery
Noah Avery
Noel Avery
Noelle Avery
Nolan Avery
Nora Avery
Nora Avery
Norma Avery
Nova Avery
Nova Avery
Obadiah Avery
Octavia Avery
Octavian Avery
Odette Avery
of Avery
Olena Avery
Olive Avery
Oliver Avery
Olivia Avery
Olivia Avery
Olympia Avery
Onyx Avery
Opal Avery
Ophelia Avery
options Avery
Orchid Avery
Oriana Avery
Orion Avery
Oscar Avery
Owen Avery
Page Avery
Paige Avery
Palmer Avery
Paloma Avery
Pamela Avery
Pansy Avery
Paraiso Avery
Paris Avery
Parker Avery
Parrish Avery
Patience Avery
Patricia Avery
Patrick Avery
Patterson Avery
Paul Avery
Paulette Avery
Pauline Avery
Pearl Avery
Penelope Avery
Penelope Avery
Percy Avery
Petra Avery
Petunia Avery
Peyton Avery
Philippa Avery
Phillip Avery
Phoebe Avery
Phoenix Avery
Pia Avery
Pierce Avery
Pierre Avery
Piper Avery
Porter Avery
Portia Avery
Presley Avery
Preston Avery
Primrose Avery
Priscilla Avery
Priscilla Avery
Prudence Avery
Quentin Avery
Quinn Avery
Rachael Avery
Rachel Avery
Rachel Avery
Rachelle Avery
Rae Avery
Raelynn Avery
Raelynn Avery
Rain Avery
Ramona Avery
Raquel Avery
Raymond Avery
Rayne Avery
Reagan Avery
Rebecca Avery
Reece Avery
Reed Avery
Reese Avery
Regan Avery
Regina Avery
Regina Avery
Reid Avery
Reign Avery
Remington Avery
Remy Avery
Renata Avery
Renee Avery
Republican Avery
Reverie Avery
rew Avery
Rhiannon Avery
Ric Avery
Richard Avery
Riley Avery
River Avery
Robin Avery
Robinson Avery
Robyn Avery
Rochelle Avery
Rockefeller Avery
Rockwell Avery
Roland Avery
Romain Avery
Roman Avery
Romeo Avery
Rosalie Avery
Rosalyn Avery
Rosanna Avery
Rose Avery
Roslyn Avery
Ross Avery
Roux Avery
Rowan Avery
Rowena Avery
Roxanne Avery
Rue Avery
Rufus Avery
Ruth Avery
Ruthanne Avery
Ryan Avery
Ryder Avery
Ryker Avery
Rylan Avery
Ryland Avery
Sabrina Avery
Sadie Avery
Sage Avery
Saltzman Avery
Salvatore Avery
Sam Avery
Samantha Avery
Samantha Avery
Samara Avery
Samson Avery
Samuel Avery
Sandra Avery
Santiago Avery
Sarah Avery
Sarah Avery
Sasha Avery
Saskia Avery
Savannah Avery
Sawyer Avery
Saylor Avery
Scarlet Avery
Scarlett Avery
Scarlett Avery
Scharer Avery
Schreiber Avery
Sea Avery
Sean Avery
Sebastian Avery
Sela Avery
Selena Avery
Seraphina Avery
Serena Avery
Seth Avery
Severance Avery
Severin Avery
Shane Avery
Shannon Avery
Sharpe Avery
Shawn Avery
Shayanne Avery
Shiloh Avery
Sibyl Avery
Sienna Avery
Sierra Avery
Silas Avery
Simone Avery
Skilton Avery
Skinner Avery
Sky Avery
Skye Avery
Skylar Avery
Skyler Avery
Sloan Avery
Sloane Avery
Sofia Avery
Solomon Avery
Sonia Avery
Sophia Avery
Sophia Avery
Sophie Avery
Space Avery
Stafford Avery
Starla Avery
Stefan Avery
Stella Avery
Stella Avery
Stephanie Avery
Stephen Avery
Sterling Avery
Stone Avery
Storm Avery
Sumner Avery
Susan Avery
Sutton Avery
Suzanne Avery
Sydney Avery
Tabitha Avery
Taj Avery
Tallulah Avery
Tamara Avery
Tania Avery
Tate Avery
Taylor Avery
Teagan Avery
Teddy Avery
Teresa Avery
Terrence Avery
Tess Avery
Tessa Avery
Theo Avery
Theodore Avery
Theophilus Avery
Theresa Avery
Therese Avery
Thomas Avery
Thompson Avery
Tiana Avery
Tiberius Avery
Tiffany Avery
Timothy Avery
Tolar Avery
Tommy Avery
Trace Avery
Trevor Avery
Tripp Avery
Two Avery
Tyler Avery
Tyson Avery
Unice Avery
Vacker Avery
Valentina Avery
Valentine Avery
Valentino Avery
Valeska Avery
Vance Avery
Vanessa Avery
Vashti Avery
Venice Avery
Vera Avery
Veronica Avery
Victoire Avery
Victor Avery
Victoria Avery
Victoria Avery
Victorian Avery
Vince Avery
Vincent Avery
Violet Avery
Virginia Avery
Virigina Avery
Viv Avery
Vivian Avery
Vivienne Avery
Vivienne Avery
Wade Avery
Walker Avery
Walter Avery
Wanda Avery
Warley Avery
Wilder Avery
Willa Avery
William Avery
Williams Avery
Williamson Avery
Willow Avery
Willow Avery
Wilson Avery
Winona Avery
Winston Avery
Wren Avery
Wyatt Avery
Xavier Avery
Yasmin Avery
Young Avery
Yvette Avery
Yvonne Avery
Zachariah Avery
Zachary Avery
Zane Avery
Zara Avery
Zebediah Avery
Zephyr Avery
True Avery

Names that go with Avery boy

Here 10 middle/last name ideas for those who looking specifically for boys, but I suggest you check all the table names above to check all the available names for you.

  1. Addison
  2. Alberich
  3. Alfred
  4. Andrew
  5. Archer
  6. Asher
  7. Ashton
  8. Benjamin
  9. Bennett
  10. Brooke

Names that go with Avery girl

Here 10 middle/last name ideas for those who looking specifically for girls, but I suggest you check all the table names above, filter them and choose your desired name.

  1. Abigail
  2. Alexandra
  3. Alexia
  4. Alexis
  5. Catherine
  6. Elaine
  7. Eleanor
  8. Elizabeth
  9. Ellis
  10. Gwen

Natural names that go with Avery’s middle/last-name

Here 10 middle/surname name ideas that could match any gender. Also, I suggest you check the table names above, filter them by letter or more and choose your desired name.

  1. Allen
  2. Aria
  3. Jade
  4. Rain
  5. Reed
  6. Sasha
  7. Skylar
  8. Willow
  9. True
  10. Grace


Famous men with Avery name

  • William Avery Bishop (1894–1956), Canadian flying ace of the First World War, Victoria Cross recipient, and Air Marshal
  • Avery Blake, American college lacrosse player and coach
  • Avery Bourne, Republican member Illinois House of Representatives
  • Avery Bradley (born 1990), American professional basketball player
  • Avery Brooks (born 1948), American actor, director, singer, and educator best known for his role as Benjamin Sisko in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.
  • Avery Brundage (1887–1975), the fifth President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), 1952–1972
  • Alfred Avery Burnham (1819–1879), U.S. Representative from Connecticut
  • Avery Cardoza, American author, professional gambler and publisher
  • Avery Claflin (1898–1979), American composer who studied law and business and pursued a career in banking
  • Avery Clayton (1947–2009), established a library and museum to house African American artefacts
  • William Avery Cochrane (1842–1929), member of the Wisconsin State Assembly
  • Avery Corman (born 1935), American novelist
  • Elisha Avery Crary (1905–1978), United States District Judge of the United States District Court
  • Avery Craven (1885–1980), American historian who wrote about the nineteenth-century United States
  • Charles Avery Doremus (1851–1925), United States chemist
  • Avery Dulles, S.J. (1918–2008), Jesuit priest, theologian, and Cardinal of the Catholic Church
  • Charles Avery Dunning, PC (1885–1958), Canadian businessman, politician, university chancellor
  • Avery E. Field (1883–1955), photographer in Riverside, California
  • Avery Fisher (1906–1994), amateur violinist, founder of Fisher Electronics
  • Avery Garrett (1916–1988), American politician in the state of Washington
  • Avery Gilbert, self-described “smell scientist” and “sensory psychologist”
  • Avery Hopwood (1882–1928), American playwright of the Jazz Age
  • Richard Avery Hornsby, Sunderland military figure from the 18th century
  • Alan Avery Allen Horsley, retired Anglican priest and author in the 20th century
  • Frank Avery Hutchins (1851-1914), American educator and librarian
  • Avery Jenkins (born 1978), American professional disc golfer
  • Avery John CM (born 1975), Trinidadian soccer player
  • Avery Johnson (born 1965), American basketball coach
  • Frederick Avery Johnson (1833–1893), American politician and banker
  • Francis Avery Jones FRCP(1910–1998), Welsh physician and gastroenterologist
  • Isaiah Avery Jones (born 1995), American football wide receiver
  • Avery Kay, United States Air Force colonel, designer of the A-10 Warthog
  • Avery Kier (1905–1987), United States Marine Corps aviator and general officer
  • G. Avery Lee (1916–2008), Southern Baptist and American Baptist preacher
  • Max Avery Lichtenstein, American record producer, composer and songwriter
  • Avery Lipman, American music industry executive
  • John Avery Lomax (1867–1948), American teacher, a pioneering musicologist and folklorist
  • Elias Avery Lowe (1879–1969), Jewish–American palaeographer
  • C. Avery Mason (1904–1970), bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas
  • Gerald Avery Mays (1939–1994), American football player and defensive lineman
  • Edward Avery McIlhenny (1872–1949), American businessman, explorer, bird bander and conservationist
  • John Avery McIlhenny (1867–1942), American businessman, soldier, politician and public servant
  • Avery Bryan Morris (born 1987), American retired professional baseball pitcher
  • Avery Moss (born 1994), American football outside linebacker
  • Avery Ng (born 1976), Hong Kong politician and social activist
  • Avery Paraiso (born 1994), Filipino-Irish commercial model and actor
  • Avery Parrish (1917–1959), American jazz pianist, composer and arranger
  • Avery Patterson, American football safety
  • Harry Avery Reid OBE FRSE FRCVS (1877–1947), British veterinarian, bacteriologist and pathologist
  • Avery Robinson (1878–1965), American classical composer
  • Avery Rockefeller (1903–1986), American investment banker and conservationist
  • Percy Avery Rockefeller (1878–1934), board director, founder of Owenoke Corporation
  • William Avery Rockefeller (1810–1906), American businessman, lumberman and salesman
  • Michael Avery Ross (born 1961), American businessman and politician
  • Avery Saltzman, Canadian actor and theater director
  • Avery Scharer (born 1986), Filipino-American professional basketball player
  • Avery Schreiber (1935–2002), American comedian and actor
  • Avery W. Severance (1819–1874), American farmer and politician from New York
  • Avery Sharpe (born 1954), American jazz double-bassist
  • Avery Judd Skilton M.D. (1802–1858), American physician and naturalist
  • Avery Skinner (1796–1876), American politician from New York
  • Avery Stafford (born 1965), gospel and R&B vocalist from the United States
  • Avery Storm (born 1981), American R&B singer
  • Earl Avery Thompson (1891–1967), American engineer and inventor
  • Avery C. Upchurch (1928–1994), American politician
  • Avery Warley (born 1987), American professional basketball player
  • Avery Williams (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Avery Williamson (born 1992), American football linebacker
  • Avery Wilson (born 1995), American singer-songwriter and dancer
  • Avery Young (born 1992), American football player


Famous women with Avery name

  • Nicole Avery Cox , American actress and comedy writer
  • Avery Haines , Canadian television journalist


Fictional men named Avery

  • Avery, a Death Eater from the Harry Potter series
  • Avery Brown, Murphy Brown’s son; also Murphy’s deceased mother on the sitcom Murphy Brown
  • Avery Bullock, in the TV show American Dad!, voiced by Patrick Stewart
  • Avery Silas Barkley, a character in the ABC prime time drama Nashville
  • Avery Carrington, a real estate tycoon in the video game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
  • Avery Connor, a central character in Yoshitaka Amano and Greg Rucka’s graphic novel Wolverine & Elektra: The Redeemer
  • Avery Johnson, a character from the Halo series
  • Avery Arable, Fern’s brother in the book Charlotte’s Web by E. B. White
  • Avery Dixon, a central character in the Stephen King novel The Institute
  • Avery Tolar, a character from legal thriller film The Firm
  • Fitzroy Avery Vacker, a character from Shannon Messenger’s Keeper of the Lost Cities


Fictional women names Avery

  • Avery Bailey Clark, character from the American CBS Daytime soap opera The Young and the Restless
  • Avery Jessup, the wife of Jack Donaghy in the sitcom 30 Rock
  • Laura Avery Sumner, character from the CBS soap opera Knots Landing
  • Avery Jennings, character in the TV comedy Dog with a Blog


Another spelling for Avery name?

Yes, you can play with Averie, Ava or any other variation/nicknames instead of Avery if you want 🙂


What about First name for Ava?

The idea here is still the same because Ava is a nickname of Avery, I suggest you choose your right name from the table names above, the only change here is instead of Avery you will use Ava, etc. For example:

  1. Sean Ava
  2. Sebastian Ava
  3. Stephanie Ava
  4. Sterling Ava
  5. Stone Ava

And so on 🙂


Nicknames for Avery middle name

You can change a little bit your Avery middle name with these nicknames:

  • Ava
  • Averie
  • Ave
  • Avie
  • Aeves
  • Rae
  • Ri
  • Ry


Variations of Avery middle name

Same idea like the nicknames, you could play with your middle name Avery with these variations

  • Avaree
  • Avarey
  • Avari
  • Avarie
  • Avary
  • Averee
  • Averey
  • Averi
  • Averie
  • Avry


*Sources: Part of the article is from Wikipedia page about Avery given name