Nicknames and names for grandma

Nicknames and names for grandma

Looking for grandma nicknames? So you are on the right page, it does not matter if you are the grandma herself looking for a nice&cute nickname, or you are the grandson or granddaughter, son or daughter that looks for a cute name for your grandmother. I gather all the grandma nicknames – keep reading and find the full list of nickname ideas for your grandma, with more than 920 nickname options. You just need to filter it out to your desired one.

Nicknames for Grandma “g” Abuela A-may Abuelita Aanaga Ace Aba Aggie Aba daba Agüe Abba Ahma Abbi Aimee Abbie Airport grandma Abby Ājī Abue Ajii
Nicknames and names for Grandma

Nicknames for Grandma – The Name List

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Nicknames For Grandma
A-may (grandma’s nickname)
Aanaga (grandma’s nickname)
Aba (grandma’s nickname)
Aba daba (grandma’s nickname)
Abba (grandma’s nickname)
Abbi (grandma’s nickname)
Abbie (grandma’s nickname)
Abby (grandma’s nickname)
Abue (grandma’s nickname)
Abuela (grandma’s nickname)
Abuelita (grandma’s nickname)
Ace (grandma’s nickname)
Aggie (grandma’s nickname)
Agüe (grandma’s nickname)
Ahma (grandma’s nickname)
Aimee (grandma’s nickname)
Airport grandma (grandma’s nickname)
Ājī (grandma’s nickname)
Ajii (grandma’s nickname)
Ajji (grandma’s nickname)
Alba (grandma’s nickname)
Ama (grandma’s nickname)
Ama sani (grandma’s nickname)
Amatchi (grandma’s nickname)
Amba (grandma’s nickname)
Ambuya (grandma’s nickname)
Ami (grandma’s nickname)
Amm (grandma’s nickname)
Amma (grandma’s nickname)
Ammaamma (grandma’s nickname)
Ammamamma (grandma’s nickname)
Ammaw (grandma’s nickname)
Ammu (grandma’s nickname)
Ammy (grandma’s nickname)
Amona (grandma’s nickname)
Angel mom (grandma’s nickname)
Anma (grandma’s nickname)
Anneanne (grandma’s nickname)
Anya (grandma’s nickname)
Anyoka (grandma’s nickname)
Anyu (grandma’s nickname)
Apa (grandma’s nickname)
Apohang babae (grandma’s nickname)
Apu (grandma’s nickname)
Arabísku (grandma’s nickname)
Artemis (grandma’s nickname)
Athena (grandma’s nickname)
Audie (grandma’s nickname)
Augusta longbottom (grandma’s nickname)
Avia (grandma’s nickname)
Àvia (grandma’s nickname)
Avino (grandma’s nickname)
Avo (grandma’s nickname)
Avó (grandma’s nickname)
Avoa (grandma’s nickname)
Awa (grandma’s nickname)
Ayeey (grandma’s nickname)
Ayeeyo (grandma’s nickname)
B.C. (grandma’s nickname)
Ba (grandma’s nickname)
(grandma’s nickname)
Ba-nana (grandma’s nickname)
Baba (grandma’s nickname)
Babaanne (grandma’s nickname)
Babai (grandma’s nickname)
Babcia (grandma’s nickname)
Babe (grandma’s nickname)
Babi (grandma’s nickname)
Babicka (grandma’s nickname)
Babička (grandma’s nickname)
Babka (grandma’s nickname)
Babo (grandma’s nickname)
Babs (grandma’s nickname)
Babu (grandma’s nickname)
Babushka (grandma’s nickname)
Baby (grandma’s nickname)
Baby kochamma (grandma’s nickname)
Bacca (grandma’s nickname)
Bacia (grandma’s nickname)
Baka (grandma’s nickname)
Bako (grandma’s nickname)
Bama (grandma’s nickname)
Bamaw (grandma’s nickname)
Bamba (grandma’s nickname)
Bambi (grandma’s nickname)
Bamma (grandma’s nickname)
Bammer (grandma’s nickname)
Bammie (grandma’s nickname)
Banma (grandma’s nickname)
Bb (grandma’s nickname)
Bé già (grandma’s nickname)
Bebe (grandma’s nickname)
Bebia (grandma’s nickname)
Bedstemoder (grandma’s nickname)
Bedstemor (grandma’s nickname)
Beebee (grandma’s nickname)
Bela (grandma’s nickname)
Bella (grandma’s nickname)
Belle (grandma’s nickname)
Beloved (grandma’s nickname)
Beppe (grandma’s nickname)
Bestemor (grandma’s nickname)
Betty jo (grandma’s nickname)
Beybey (grandma’s nickname)
Bibi (grandma’s nickname)
Big (grandma’s nickname)
Big boss (grandma’s nickname)
Big g (grandma’s nickname)
Big ma (grandma’s nickname)
Big mama (grandma’s nickname)
Big meme (grandma’s nickname)
Big mom (grandma’s nickname)
Big momma (grandma’s nickname)
Big mum (grandma’s nickname)
Big mumma (grandma’s nickname)
Bir (grandma’s nickname)
Birdie (grandma’s nickname)
Birdy (grandma’s nickname)
Bo (grandma’s nickname)
Bobe (grandma’s nickname)
Bobo (grandma’s nickname)
Bomma (grandma’s nickname)
Bonbon (grandma’s nickname)
Boo boo (grandma’s nickname)
Boomie (grandma’s nickname)
Brownie (grandma’s nickname)
Buba (grandma’s nickname)
Bubba (grandma’s nickname)
Bubbe (grandma’s nickname)
Bubbie (grandma’s nickname)
Bubbles (grandma’s nickname)
Bubby (grandma’s nickname)
Bueli (grandma’s nickname)
Buffy (grandma’s nickname)
Bugsy (grandma’s nickname)
Bumba (grandma’s nickname)
Bumps (grandma’s nickname)
Bun bun (grandma’s nickname)
Bunbun (grandma’s nickname)
Bunica (grandma’s nickname)
Bunny (grandma’s nickname)
Bunny love (grandma’s nickname)
Burbur (grandma’s nickname)
Busha (grandma’s nickname)
Busia (grandma’s nickname)
Buyuk anne (grandma’s nickname)
Büyükanne (grandma’s nickname)
Candy (grandma’s nickname)
Cc (grandma’s nickname)
Cece (grandma’s nickname)
Cee cee (grandma’s nickname)
Ceecee (grandma’s nickname)
Cha-cha (grandma’s nickname)
Chacha (grandma’s nickname)
Chi chi (grandma’s nickname)
Chi-chi (grandma’s nickname)
Choo (grandma’s nickname)
Choochoo (grandma’s nickname)
Cici (grandma’s nickname)
Coco (grandma’s nickname)
Cookie (grandma’s nickname)
Cookie factory (grandma’s nickname)
Cookies (grandma’s nickname)
Creaky (grandma’s nickname)
Crone (grandma’s nickname)
Cupcake grandma (grandma’s nickname)
Cuppa (grandma’s nickname)
Cuppy cakes (grandma’s nickname)
Da (grandma’s nickname)
Daadi (grandma’s nickname)
Daadima (grandma’s nickname)
Dada (grandma’s nickname)
Dadi (grandma’s nickname)
Dādī (grandma’s nickname)
Dadie (grandma’s nickname)
Daisy (grandma’s nickname)
Dally (grandma’s nickname)
Dama (grandma’s nickname)
Damma (grandma’s nickname)
Dammaw (grandma’s nickname)
Dandy (grandma’s nickname)
Danh tá (grandma’s nickname)
Darling (grandma’s nickname)
Dear (grandma’s nickname)
Dear darling (grandma’s nickname)
Dearest (grandma’s nickname)
Deary (grandma’s nickname)
Deeda (grandma’s nickname)
Deedee (grandma’s nickname)
Deedle (grandma’s nickname)
Dida (grandma’s nickname)
Didima (grandma’s nickname)
Didi (grandma’s nickname)
Dido (grandma’s nickname)
Dodie (grandma’s nickname)
Dolly (grandma’s nickname)
Donda (grandma’s nickname)
Doodah (grandma’s nickname)
Dramdram (grandma’s nickname)
E-ma (grandma’s nickname)
E-ni-si (grandma’s nickname)
Eema (grandma’s nickname)
Eemaw (grandma’s nickname)
Elisi (grandma’s nickname)
Ema (grandma’s nickname)
Enisi (grandma’s nickname)
Estée (grandma’s nickname)
Fafa (grandma’s nickname)
Fairy grandmother (grandma’s nickname)
Fairy mother (grandma’s nickname)
Fammy (grandma’s nickname)
Fancy (grandma’s nickname)
Farmor (grandma’s nickname)
Fifi (grandma’s nickname)
Flemish (grandma’s nickname)
Fluffy (grandma’s nickname)
Fo-ma (grandma’s nickname)
Fossil (grandma’s nickname)
Foxy (grandma’s nickname)
“G” (grandma’s nickname)
G-bomb (grandma’s nickname)
G-dawg (grandma’s nickname)
G-ma (grandma’s nickname)
G-madre (grandma’s nickname)
G-mam (grandma’s nickname)
G-mama (grandma’s nickname)
G-mom (grandma’s nickname)
G-mum (grandma’s nickname)
G.M. (grandma’s nickname)
Ga (grandma’s nickname)
Ga ga (grandma’s nickname)
Gab-gab (grandma’s nickname)
Gabba (grandma’s nickname)
Gabbi (grandma’s nickname)
Gabby (grandma’s nickname)
Gada (grandma’s nickname)
Gadgee (grandma’s nickname)
Gadgi (grandma’s nickname)
Gadgy (grandma’s nickname)
Gadji (grandma’s nickname)
Gaga (grandma’s nickname)
Gaggy (grandma’s nickname)
Gaia (grandma’s nickname)
Gam gam (grandma’s nickname)
Gam-gam (grandma’s nickname)
Gama (grandma’s nickname)
Gamgam (grandma’s nickname)
Gamma (grandma’s nickname)
Gammi (grandma’s nickname)
Gammie (grandma’s nickname)
Gammy (grandma’s nickname)
Gams (grandma’s nickname)
Gan-gan (grandma’s nickname)
Gandy (grandma’s nickname)
Gandymom (grandma’s nickname)
Gangy (grandma’s nickname)
Ganna (grandma’s nickname)
Ganni (grandma’s nickname)
Garrimaay (grandma’s nickname)
Gee (grandma’s nickname)
Gee gee (grandma’s nickname)
Gee-ma (grandma’s nickname)
Geeda (grandma’s nickname)
Geema (grandma’s nickname)
Geezer girl (grandma’s nickname)
Gege (grandma’s nickname)
Gemma (grandma’s nickname)
Genie (grandma’s nickname)
Gg (grandma’s nickname)
Gi gi (grandma’s nickname)
Giagiá (grandma’s nickname)
Gidgee (grandma’s nickname)
Gidgi (grandma’s nickname)
Gidgie (grandma’s nickname)
Gie gie (grandma’s nickname)
Giggles (grandma’s nickname)
Giggy (grandma’s nickname)
Gigi (grandma’s nickname)
Gigia (grandma’s nickname)
Gigs (grandma’s nickname)
Gima (grandma’s nickname)
Gimmy (grandma’s nickname)
Ging (grandma’s nickname)
Ginja (grandma’s nickname)
Girl (grandma’s nickname)
Gita (grandma’s nickname)
Giyshe (grandma’s nickname)
Gjyshe (grandma’s nickname)
Gjyshja (grandma’s nickname)
Glam (grandma’s nickname)
Glam ma (grandma’s nickname)
Glam-ma (grandma’s nickname)
Glama (grandma’s nickname)
Glamama (grandma’s nickname)
Glamma (grandma’s nickname)
Glammy (grandma’s nickname)
Glamour (grandma’s nickname)
Gma (grandma’s nickname)
Go-go (grandma’s nickname)
Godmor (grandma’s nickname)
Gogi (grandma’s nickname)
Gogo (grandma’s nickname)
Golden girl (grandma’s nickname)
Goldie (grandma’s nickname)
Golly (grandma’s nickname)
Goma (grandma’s nickname)
Gommie (grandma’s nickname)
Goobie (grandma’s nickname)
Goodness (grandma’s nickname)
Goona (grandma’s nickname)
Gr-mere (grandma’s nickname)
Graddy (grandma’s nickname)
Gragra (grandma’s nickname)
Graham cracker (grandma’s nickname)
Grahmcracker (grandma’s nickname)
Gram (grandma’s nickname)
Gram cracker (grandma’s nickname)
Gram gram (grandma’s nickname)
Gram-gram (grandma’s nickname)
Gram-gran (grandma’s nickname)
Gram-mommie (grandma’s nickname)
Gramaw (grandma’s nickname)
Grambo (grandma’s nickname)
Gramby (grandma’s nickname)
Gramcy (grandma’s nickname)
Gramlo (grandma’s nickname)
Gramma (grandma’s nickname)
Gramma tala (grandma’s nickname)
Grammager (grandma’s nickname)
Grammakins (grandma’s nickname)
Grammar (grandma’s nickname)
Grammars (grandma’s nickname)
Grammaw (grandma’s nickname)
Grammers (grandma’s nickname)
Grammerz (grandma’s nickname)
Grammie (grandma’s nickname)
Grammo (grandma’s nickname)
Gramms (grandma’s nickname)
Grammy (grandma’s nickname)
Grammy-kins (grandma’s nickname)
Gramommie (grandma’s nickname)
Grampoo (grandma’s nickname)
Grams (grandma’s nickname)
Grams bisket (grandma’s nickname)
Grams prix (grandma’s nickname)
Grams slam (grandma’s nickname)
Gran (grandma’s nickname)
Gran-gran (grandma’s nickname)
Grana (grandma’s nickname)
Granan (grandma’s nickname)
Granana (grandma’s nickname)
Grananny (grandma’s nickname)
Grancie (grandma’s nickname)
Grancy (grandma’s nickname)
Grand (grandma’s nickname)
Grand mama (grandma’s nickname)
Grand maw (grandma’s nickname)
Grand mom (grandma’s nickname)
Grand momma (grandma’s nickname)
Grand nana (grandma’s nickname)
Grand-mere (grandma’s nickname)
Grand-mère (grandma’s nickname)
Grandgran (grandma’s nickname)
Grandiose (grandma’s nickname)
Grandma (grandma’s nickname)
Grandma (first or last name) (grandma’s nickname)
Grandma (last initial) (grandma’s nickname)
Grandma (last name) (grandma’s nickname)
Grandma [first initial] (grandma’s nickname)
Grandma [first name] (grandma’s nickname)
Grandma [last name] (grandma’s nickname)
Grandma [middle name] (grandma’s nickname)
Grandma great (grandma’s nickname)
Grandma mimi (grandma’s nickname)
Grandma nana (grandma’s nickname)
Grandma one fish (grandma’s nickname)
Grandmama (grandma’s nickname)
Grandmaman (grandma’s nickname)
Grandmaw (grandma’s nickname)
Grandmere (grandma’s nickname)
Grandmère (grandma’s nickname)
Grandmom (grandma’s nickname)
Grandmomma (grandma’s nickname)
Grandmommy (grandma’s nickname)
Grandmother (grandma’s nickname)
Grandmother fa (grandma’s nickname)
Grandmother willow (grandma’s nickname)
Grandnan (grandma’s nickname)
Grands (grandma’s nickname)
Grandwoman (grandma’s nickname)
Grandy (grandma’s nickname)
Grandzilla (grandma’s nickname)
Granette (grandma’s nickname)
Grangran (grandma’s nickname)
Grani (grandma’s nickname)
Granita (grandma’s nickname)
Granky (grandma’s nickname)
Granma (grandma’s nickname)
Granmama (grandma’s nickname)
Granmanny (grandma’s nickname)
Granmom (grandma’s nickname)
Grann (grandma’s nickname)
Granna (grandma’s nickname)
Granni (grandma’s nickname)
Grannie (grandma’s nickname)
Grannie pie (grandma’s nickname)
Granno (grandma’s nickname)
Granny (grandma’s nickname)
Granny cupcakes (grandma’s nickname)
Granny mammy (grandma’s nickname)
Granny pants (grandma’s nickname)
Granny pie (grandma’s nickname)
Granny poo (grandma’s nickname)
Granny-pie (grandma’s nickname)
Grannymama (grandma’s nickname)
Graylor (grandma’s nickname)
Grea (grandma’s nickname)
Grimgram (grandma’s nickname)
Grootmoeder (grandma’s nickname)
Grossmami (grandma’s nickname)
Grossmutter (grandma’s nickname)
Gu (grandma’s nickname)
Guggy (grandma’s nickname)
Gui (grandma’s nickname)
Gumbu (grandma’s nickname)
Gumma (grandma’s nickname)
Gummy (grandma’s nickname)
Gummy bear grandma (grandma’s nickname)
Hajurmua (grandma’s nickname)
Halmeoni (grandma’s nickname)
Halmoni (grandma’s nickname)
Ham-ma (grandma’s nickname)
Hamma (grandma’s nickname)
Hammaw (grandma’s nickname)
Hammer (grandma’s nickname)
Hammy (grandma’s nickname)
Hebrew (grandma’s nickname)
Hellfire (grandma’s nickname)
Hempstock (grandma’s nickname)
Henna (grandma’s nickname)
Hera (grandma’s nickname)
Honey (grandma’s nickname)
Honey grams (grandma’s nickname)
Honey-pie (grandma’s nickname)
Honie (grandma’s nickname)
Hopie (grandma’s nickname)
Hueli (grandma’s nickname)
Huggly (grandma’s nickname)
Huggy (grandma’s nickname)
Hugs (grandma’s nickname)
Insta gram (grandma’s nickname)
Insta-gram (grandma’s nickname)
Instagram (grandma’s nickname)
Instagran (grandma’s nickname)
Ita (grandma’s nickname)
Iya-unla (grandma’s nickname)
Jadati (grandma’s nickname)
Jadda (grandma’s nickname)
Jaddah (grandma’s nickname)
Jaja (grandma’s nickname)
Jamma (grandma’s nickname)
Janis (grandma’s nickname)
Jaryi (grandma’s nickname)
Jida (grandma’s nickname)
Jiggy-ma (grandma’s nickname)
Jingles (grandma’s nickname)
Kaka (grandma’s nickname)
Kapuna wahine (grandma’s nickname)
Karma (grandma’s nickname)
Ki-ki (grandma’s nickname)
Kiki (grandma’s nickname)
Kitty (grandma’s nickname)
Kuia (grandma’s nickname)
Kuku (grandma’s nickname)
Kuku wahine (grandma’s nickname)
La la (grandma’s nickname)
Lala (grandma’s nickname)
Lally (grandma’s nickname)
Lao lao (grandma’s nickname)
Layla (grandma’s nickname)
Leelo (grandma’s nickname)
Lela (grandma’s nickname)
Lexis (grandma’s nickname)
Lia (grandma’s nickname)
Lil grandma (grandma’s nickname)
Lita (grandma’s nickname)
Lithuanian (grandma’s nickname)
Lola (grandma’s nickname)
Lolli (grandma’s nickname)
Lolly (grandma’s nickname)
Lolo (grandma’s nickname)
Looloo (grandma’s nickname)
Love (grandma’s nickname)
Lovey (grandma’s nickname)
Lovie (grandma’s nickname)
Lucille krunklehorn (grandma’s nickname)
Luisa flores (grandma’s nickname)
Lulu (grandma’s nickname)
M’dear (grandma’s nickname)
Ma (grandma’s nickname)
Ma-gar (grandma’s nickname)
Ma-maw (grandma’s nickname)
Ma’saani (grandma’s nickname)
Maa maa (grandma’s nickname)
Maataamahii (grandma’s nickname)
Madar bozorg (grandma’s nickname)
Madea (grandma’s nickname)
Maemae (grandma’s nickname)
Mah-meh (grandma’s nickname)
Mahma (grandma’s nickname)
Maimeo (grandma’s nickname)
Mainma (grandma’s nickname)
Makhulu (grandma’s nickname)
Mam (grandma’s nickname)
Mam-aw (grandma’s nickname)
Mama (grandma’s nickname)
Mama (first name or last name) (grandma’s nickname)
Mama (last name) (grandma’s nickname)
Mama [last name] (grandma’s nickname)
Mama mia (grandma’s nickname)
Mamaay (grandma’s nickname)
Mamae (grandma’s nickname)
Mamama (grandma’s nickname)
Maman (grandma’s nickname)
Mamar (grandma’s nickname)
Mamaw (grandma’s nickname)
Mamere (grandma’s nickname)
Mamey (grandma’s nickname)
Mamgu (grandma’s nickname)
Mami (grandma’s nickname)
Mamie (grandma’s nickname)
Mamita (grandma’s nickname)
Mamm-baour (grandma’s nickname)
Mamm-gozh (grandma’s nickname)
Mammaw (grandma’s nickname)
Mammie (grandma’s nickname)
Mammy (grandma’s nickname)
Mamo (grandma’s nickname)
Mamoo (grandma’s nickname)
Mams (grandma’s nickname)
Mamuma (grandma’s nickname)
Manga (grandma’s nickname)
Manni (grandma’s nickname)
Marathon grandma (grandma’s nickname)
Marie (grandma’s nickname)
Marme (grandma’s nickname)
Marmee (grandma’s nickname)
Marmey (grandma’s nickname)
Marmi (grandma’s nickname)
Marmie (grandma’s nickname)
Marney (grandma’s nickname)
Martha (grandma’s nickname)
Mater (grandma’s nickname)
Mavoureen (grandma’s nickname)
Maw (grandma’s nickname)
Maw maw (grandma’s nickname)
Maw-maw (grandma’s nickname)
Mawa (grandma’s nickname)
Mawmaw (grandma’s nickname)
May may (grandma’s nickname)
Maymay (grandma’s nickname)
Maymee (grandma’s nickname)
Mayna (grandma’s nickname)
Maysi (grandma’s nickname)
Me maw (grandma’s nickname)
Mee (grandma’s nickname)
Meema (grandma’s nickname)
Meemaw (grandma’s nickname)
Meemee (grandma’s nickname)
Meemer (grandma’s nickname)
Meemo (grandma’s nickname)
Meemow (grandma’s nickname)
Meems (grandma’s nickname)
Meemz (grandma’s nickname)
Meepa (grandma’s nickname)
Mega (grandma’s nickname)
Mema (grandma’s nickname)
Memaw (grandma’s nickname)
Memawmaw (grandma’s nickname)
Meme (grandma’s nickname)
Mémé (grandma’s nickname)
Meme factory (grandma’s nickname)
Memere (grandma’s nickname)
Mémère (grandma’s nickname)
Memo (grandma’s nickname)
Memom (grandma’s nickname)
Memot (grandma’s nickname)
Mermie (grandma’s nickname)
Metzmayr (grandma’s nickname)
Mhamo (grandma’s nickname)
Mhamó (grandma’s nickname)
Mia (grandma’s nickname)
Miami (grandma’s nickname)
Mica (grandma’s nickname)
Mig mama (grandma’s nickname)
Migmama (grandma’s nickname)
Mima (grandma’s nickname)
Mimaw (grandma’s nickname)
Mimi (grandma’s nickname)
Mimi maxwell (grandma’s nickname)
Mimiere (grandma’s nickname)
Mimma (grandma’s nickname)
Mimmi (grandma’s nickname)
Mimmie (grandma’s nickname)
Mimmy (grandma’s nickname)
Mimo (grandma’s nickname)
Mimsy (grandma’s nickname)
Mimz (grandma’s nickname)
Mimzy (grandma’s nickname)
Mimzy moo (grandma’s nickname)
Mine (grandma’s nickname)
Mini-ma (grandma’s nickname)
Minnie (grandma’s nickname)
Minny (grandma’s nickname)
Miss mamas (grandma’s nickname)
Missy (grandma’s nickname)
Mociute (grandma’s nickname)
Modie (grandma’s nickname)
Moggy (grandma’s nickname)
Mojo (grandma’s nickname)
Mom (grandma’s nickname)
Mom mom (grandma’s nickname)
Mom-mom (grandma’s nickname)
Moma (grandma’s nickname)
Momar (grandma’s nickname)
Mombo (grandma’s nickname)
Momette (grandma’s nickname)
Mommom (grandma’s nickname)
Mommoo (grandma’s nickname)
Momo (grandma’s nickname)
Moms (grandma’s nickname)
Momsie (grandma’s nickname)
Momsy (grandma’s nickname)
Momu (grandma’s nickname)
Momzy (grandma’s nickname)
Mona (grandma’s nickname)
Monee (grandma’s nickname)
Moo (grandma’s nickname)
Moo moo (grandma’s nickname)
Moo-ma (grandma’s nickname)
Moo-moo (grandma’s nickname)
Mooma (grandma’s nickname)
Moomaw (grandma’s nickname)
Moomins (grandma’s nickname)
Moomoo (grandma’s nickname)
Mooti (grandma’s nickname)
Mor mor (grandma’s nickname)
Mor phar (grandma’s nickname)
Morai (grandma’s nickname)
Mormor (grandma’s nickname)
Moth eaten ma (grandma’s nickname)
Mother (grandma’s nickname)
Mother (last name) (grandma’s nickname)
Moxie (grandma’s nickname)
Muffy (grandma’s nickname)
Mum (grandma’s nickname)
Mumi (grandma’s nickname)
Mumica (grandma’s nickname)
Muminca (grandma’s nickname)
Mummers (grandma’s nickname)
Mummo (grandma’s nickname)
Mummum (grandma’s nickname)
Mumpa (grandma’s nickname)
Mums (grandma’s nickname)
Mumsie (grandma’s nickname)
Mumssy (grandma’s nickname)
Mumsy (grandma’s nickname)
Mumu (grandma’s nickname)
Mumzie (grandma’s nickname)
Mun mun (grandma’s nickname)
Muna (grandma’s nickname)
Muner (grandma’s nickname)
Munga (grandma’s nickname)
Muriel (grandma’s nickname)
Muriel bagge (grandma’s nickname)
Muthashi (grandma’s nickname)
MuttaśśI (grandma’s nickname)
Mutti (grandma’s nickname)
My dear (grandma’s nickname)
Nagyanya (grandma’s nickname)
Nagymama (grandma’s nickname)
Nahnee (grandma’s nickname)
Nai nai (grandma’s nickname)
Nain (grandma’s nickname)
Nainai (grandma’s nickname)
Naini (grandma’s nickname)
Nali’ (grandma’s nickname)
Nama (grandma’s nickname)
Nami (grandma’s nickname)
Nan (grandma’s nickname)
Nana (grandma’s nickname)
Nana new face (grandma’s nickname)
Nana pie (grandma’s nickname)
Nandy (grandma’s nickname)
Nani (grandma’s nickname)
Nānī (grandma’s nickname)
Nanima (grandma’s nickname)
Nanna (grandma’s nickname)
Nanni (grandma’s nickname)
Nannie (grandma’s nickname)
Nanny (grandma’s nickname)
Nanny-magoo (grandma’s nickname)
Nano (grandma’s nickname)
Nanoo (grandma’s nickname)
Nans (grandma’s nickname)
Nanu (grandma’s nickname)
Nanz (grandma’s nickname)
Nanza (grandma’s nickname)
Nanzie (grandma’s nickname)
Napa (grandma’s nickname)
Naunee (grandma’s nickname)
Nayanya (grandma’s nickname)
Ne-ma (grandma’s nickname)
Necie (grandma’s nickname)
Neema (grandma’s nickname)
Neena (grandma’s nickname)
Nema (grandma’s nickname)
Nemi (grandma’s nickname)
Nene (grandma’s nickname)
Nenek (grandma’s nickname)
Nenibe (grandma’s nickname)
Neske’e (grandma’s nickname)
Ngin (grandma’s nickname)
Nia (grandma’s nickname)
Nima (grandma’s nickname)
Nimi (grandma’s nickname)
Nimo (grandma’s nickname)
Nina (grandma’s nickname)
Nini (grandma’s nickname)
Ninna (grandma’s nickname)
Ninny (grandma’s nickname)
Nkuku (grandma’s nickname)
Noma (grandma’s nickname)
Nona (grandma’s nickname)
Noni (grandma’s nickname)
Nonna (grandma’s nickname)
Nonni (grandma’s nickname)
Nonnie (grandma’s nickname)
Nonny (grandma’s nickname)
Nono (grandma’s nickname)
Nookmis (grandma’s nickname)
Nookomis (grandma’s nickname)
Nooni (grandma’s nickname)
O baachan (grandma’s nickname)
Oap (grandma’s nickname)
Oba-chan (grandma’s nickname)
Obaachan (grandma’s nickname)
Obaasan (grandma’s nickname)
Obaba (grandma’s nickname)
Old bag (grandma’s nickname)
Old bat (grandma’s nickname)
Old fart (grandma’s nickname)
Old fogey (grandma’s nickname)
Old meme (grandma’s nickname)
Old trout (grandma’s nickname)
Oma (grandma’s nickname)
Omi (grandma’s nickname)
Ommy (grandma’s nickname)
Ona (grandma’s nickname)
Onie (grandma’s nickname)
Onna (grandma’s nickname)
Oona (grandma’s nickname)
Ouma (grandma’s nickname)
Over the hill (grandma’s nickname)
Pama (grandma’s nickname)
Pathi (grandma’s nickname)
PāṭṭI (grandma’s nickname)
Peaches (grandma’s nickname)
Pebbles (grandma’s nickname)
Pepper (grandma’s nickname)
Phil hearing (grandma’s nickname)
Pip (grandma’s nickname)
Pipp (grandma’s nickname)
Pippa (grandma’s nickname)
Pippi (grandma’s nickname)
Pippo (grandma’s nickname)
Pippy (grandma’s nickname)
Pittypat (grandma’s nickname)
Polish (grandma’s nickname)
Poma (grandma’s nickname)
Poopsie (grandma’s nickname)
Popo (grandma’s nickname)
Poppy (grandma’s nickname)
Pow (grandma’s nickname)
Pumpkin pie (grandma’s nickname)
Punky (grandma’s nickname)
Queen (grandma’s nickname)
Queen g (grandma’s nickname)
Queen mother (grandma’s nickname)
Queenie (grandma’s nickname)
Rahrah (grandma’s nickname)
Rooney (grandma’s nickname)
Rooroo (grandma’s nickname)
Rosie (grandma’s nickname)
Rue (grandma’s nickname)
Safta (grandma’s nickname)
Salsa (grandma’s nickname)
Sasha (grandma’s nickname)
Sassy (grandma’s nickname)
Sassy pants (grandma’s nickname)
Savta (grandma’s nickname)
Seanmhair (grandma’s nickname)
Seanmhathair (grandma’s nickname)
Seanmháthair (grandma’s nickname)
Senele (grandma’s nickname)
Senelė (grandma’s nickname)
Senile suzie (grandma’s nickname)
Shazza (grandma’s nickname)
Shimmy (grandma’s nickname)
Shug (grandma’s nickname)
Sirena (grandma’s nickname)
Sissy (grandma’s nickname)
Sitti (grandma’s nickname)
Skiathos greece (grandma’s nickname)
Snooks (grandma’s nickname)
Snuggums (grandma’s nickname)
Snuggy (grandma’s nickname)
Sobo (grandma’s nickname)
Softy (grandma’s nickname)
Somali (grandma’s nickname)
Sookie (grandma’s nickname)
Soosa (grandma’s nickname)
Spain (grandma’s nickname)
Stara mama (grandma’s nickname)
Suga (grandma’s nickname)
Sugar (grandma’s nickname)
Sugar mama (grandma’s nickname)
Sugar mum (grandma’s nickname)
Suggie (grandma’s nickname)
Sugie (grandma’s nickname)
Sunny (grandma’s nickname)
Sunshine (grandma’s nickname)
Sweet pie (grandma’s nickname)
Sweetheart (grandma’s nickname)
Sweetie (grandma’s nickname)
Sweetie pie (grandma’s nickname)
Sweetie-pie (grandma’s nickname)
Sweets (grandma’s nickname)
Sweetu (grandma’s nickname)
Swimming grandma (grandma’s nickname)
Tama (grandma’s nickname)
Tamma (grandma’s nickname)
Tammy (grandma’s nickname)
Tamsy (grandma’s nickname)
Tata (grandma’s nickname)
Tati (grandma’s nickname)
Tatik (grandma’s nickname)
Te kuia (grandma’s nickname)
Teema (grandma’s nickname)
Teenie (grandma’s nickname)
Teeny (grandma’s nickname)
Teta (grandma’s nickname)
Thakuma (grandma’s nickname)
Thakur-ma (grandma’s nickname)
Thakurma (grandma’s nickname)
Thatcher (grandma’s nickname)
The ancient one (grandma’s nickname)
The antique (grandma’s nickname)
The big boss (grandma’s nickname)
The fossil (grandma’s nickname)
The matriarch (grandma’s nickname)
The olds (grandma’s nickname)
The oldster (grandma’s nickname)
The relic (grandma’s nickname)
Tiktok queen (grandma’s nickname)
Time traveler (grandma’s nickname)
Time traveller (grandma’s nickname)
Timeless (grandma’s nickname)
Timetraveler (grandma’s nickname)
Tinks (grandma’s nickname)
Tiny (grandma’s nickname)
Tipuna wahine (grandma’s nickname)
Tita (grandma’s nickname)
Titi (grandma’s nickname)
Tootles (grandma’s nickname)
Toots (grandma’s nickname)
Tootsie (grandma’s nickname)
Tutu (grandma’s nickname)
Tutu puna (grandma’s nickname)
Twinkles (grandma’s nickname)
Two mamma (grandma’s nickname)
Two-mama (grandma’s nickname)
Ugogo (grandma’s nickname)
Uma (grandma’s nickname)
Umakhulu (grandma’s nickname)
Umma (grandma’s nickname)
Una (grandma’s nickname)
Vanaema (grandma’s nickname)
Vanna (grandma’s nickname)
Vavo (grandma’s nickname)
Vecmate (grandma’s nickname)
Vixen (grandma’s nickname)
Vovo (grandma’s nickname)
Vovó (grandma’s nickname)
Vuhvuh (grandma’s nickname)
WàI pó (grandma’s nickname)
Wami (grandma’s nickname)
Wammie (grandma’s nickname)
Weeto (grandma’s nickname)
Wela (grandma’s nickname)
Womba (grandma’s nickname)
Woof (grandma’s nickname)
Wrinkles (grandma’s nickname)
Xena (grandma’s nickname)
Ya (grandma’s nickname)
Ya ya (grandma’s nickname)
Yaa (grandma’s nickname)
Yai (grandma’s nickname)
Yama (grandma’s nickname)
Yammer (grandma’s nickname)
Yammy (grandma’s nickname)
Yana (grandma’s nickname)
Yanya (grandma’s nickname)
Yaya (grandma’s nickname)
Yayo (grandma’s nickname)
Yia yia (grandma’s nickname)
Yia-yia (grandma’s nickname)
Yiayia (grandma’s nickname)
Yiey (grandma’s nickname)
Yo grandma (grandma’s nickname)
Yum-yum (grandma’s nickname)
Yutu (grandma’s nickname)
Zannie (grandma’s nickname)
Zaza (grandma’s nickname)
Zip-zip (grandma’s nickname)
Zsa-zsa (grandma’s nickname)
Zumu (grandma’s nickname)

Top 13 Traditional and Classic Names for Grandma

First, we can’t start without the classical names:

  1. Grandma
  2. Grandmother
  3. Gamma
  4. Gammie or Gammy
  5. Gam Gam
  6. Gran
  7. Grana
  8. Granny or Grannie
  9. Gram
  10. Gramma
  11. Nan
  12. Nana
  13. Nanny

Top 15 Cute Names for Grandma

  1. Lovey
  2. Big Mumma
  3. HoneySnuggy
  4. Ki-Ki
  5. Big Momma
  6. Ma
  7. MuMu
  8. Sweetheart
  9. Moo-Moo
  10. Muffy
  11. Sugar Mum
  12. MeeMaw
  13. Big Mum
  14. Sassy
  15. Sweetie

Top 15 Hippie Grandma Names

  1. Janis
  2. Graham Cracker
  3. Hopie
  4. Honey
  5. BibiCookie Factory
  6. Bobo
  7. Karma
  8. Mun MunDeeda
  9. Eemaw
  10. Chacha
  11. Mimzy
  12. Lolli
  13. Tootsie
  14. Bebe
  15. Boo Boo

Fun Names for Grandma

Here, you should use your head and be creative.

You can start with names you know grandma likes, is this some famous movie character, or maybe another famous person she values, and so on in that direction.

Here are two more options:

Option #1 – Mix Grandma’s Name with the Birth Month

You can mix your grandma’s name together with her birth month, like these famous actors, for example:

  • January Jones
  • Jane March
  • April Wilkner
  • Elaine May
  • June Diane Raphael
  • Miranda July
  • August Maturo
  • Lauran September
  • October Moore
  • November Christine
  • C.J. December

Option #2 – Grandma’s Singer Nicknames

Another option is Grandma’s Singer Nicknames – the source if this is some social network game that you note all the months and the associate singer to each month. For example:

  • January – Aril Lavigne
  • February – Nicki Minaj
  • March – Britney Spears
  • April – Lady Gaga
  • May – Cardi B
  • June – Katy Perry
  • July – Ellie Goulding
  • August – Celine Dion
  • September – Taylor Swift
  • October – Alicia Keys
  • November – Amy Winehouse
  • December – Mariah Carey

18 Sassy Grandma Names

  1. Foxy
  2. Candy
  3. Moms
  4. Lolly
  5. Lola
  6. Sassy
  7. Honey
  8. Moo
  9. Kitty
  10. Neena
  11. Minny
  12. Gimmy
  13. Sweets
  14. Sugar
  15. Nani
  16. Nan
  17. Teenie
  18. Queenie

Top 15 Hipster or Gangster Grandma Names

  1. Amma
  2. Gigi
  3. G-Ma
  4. G-Mama
  5. G-Mam
  6. G-Mom
  7. G-Madre
  8. Glam-ma
  9. Glammy
  10. Granny Pie
  11. Insta Gram
  12. Nina
  13. Queen
  14. Queenie
  15. Pipp

Top 10 Modern or Cool Names for Grandmothers

  1. Granny Pie
  2. Granno
  3. Lovie
  4. Fairy Mother
  5. Instagran
  6. Mimsy
  7. Nina
  8. TikTok Queen
  9. Queenie
  10. Pippi

What about “grandmother” in other languages?

You can adopt some grandma’s name from her/your own origins or maybe from other nations.

45 Non-English Grandma Names

  1. Ayeeyo – Somali
  2. Jida – Arabic
  3. Gjyshja – Albanian
  4. Avó – Portuguese
  5. Babushka – Russian
  6. Bubbe – Yiddish
  7. Lola – Tagalog, Filipino
  8. Mamie – French-Canadian
  9. Mémé – French-Canadian
  10. Savta – Hebrew
  11. Gogo – Zulu
  12. Ugogo – Zulu
  13. Gumbu or Babi – Dyirbal, the Aboriginal language of Australia
  14. Babcia – Polish
  15. Lao Lao – Chinese
  16. Nǎinai – Chinese
  17. Kuia – Māori (New Zealand)
  18. Nenek – Malay (Indonesian)
  19. Sobo – Japanese
  20. Yaya – Greek
  21. Halmeoni – Korean
  22. Nonna – Italian
  23. Büyükanne – Turkish
  24. Nana – Swahili
  25. Ouma – Afrikaans
  26. Gjyshe – Albanian
  27. Tatik – Armenian
  28. Bedstemoder – Danish
  29. Bomma – Flemish
  30. Grandmere – French
  31. Oma – German
  32. Yiayia – Greek
  33. Tutu – Hawaiian
  34. Dadi – Hindi
  35. Mhamo – Irish
  36. Seanmhathair – Irish
  37. Oba-chan – Japanese
  38. Yiey – Khmer
  39. Halmoni – Korean
  40. Senelė – Lithuanian
  41. Kuia or Te Kuia – Maori
  42. Babcia – Polish
  43. VoVo – Portuguese
  44. Abuela – Spanish
  45. Nene – Turkish

Indian Grandma Names

In India, there is a deep spiritual and emotional bond between people and their traditional roots. Since ancient times, grandparents have been revered. Here are some common terms for grandmother in popular Indian languages.Nani (Maternal) – Hindi

  • Bamma (Telugu)
  • Dādī (Punjabi) (Gujarati)
  • Pāṭṭi (Tamil)
  • Ājī (Marathi)
  • Muttaśśi (Malayalam)
  • Ajji (Kannada)
  • Thakuma (Bengali)

French Names for Grandma

The traditional French term for grandmother is Grand-mère. It can be spelled with or without the hyphen. Grandma in the US usually means your grandmother, but in France, she’s Grand-mère or Mamé.

Here are a few terms for grandma in French:

  • Grand-mère
  • Mamé
  • Mémère
  • Maman
  • Gra-mere
  • Mémé

Good to know: The first Sunday in March is called Grandmother’s Day in France (Fête des Grand-Mères). People meet and greet their grandmas, and restaurants offer special menus to make the day a memorable one for grandmas.

Spanish Names for Grandma

Abuela / Abuelita is the Spanish word for grandma. In Spanish, grandma’s nicknames include:

  • Abuela
  • Tita
  • Tito
  • Abbi
  • Lita
  • Lito

Good to know: Mexican grandparents have their own unique holiday on August 28 each year, called Día de los Abuelos (Grandparents Day). It’s based on the United States’s Grandparent’s Day, which was created by a woman named Marian McQuade.

People in both the U.S. and Mexico treat Grandparents Day as a time to help the general elderly population—especially those in nursing homes or hospitals—as much as possible.

German Names for Grandma

In German, they have two main names for grandma, for formal and informal situations.

Grossmutter is the formal name for grandmother, while Oma is informal.

  • Grossmutter
  • Oma

Good to know: In Germany, Grandmothers’ Day was established in 2010 and is celebrated on the second Sunday in October.

Irish Grandma Names

The main names for grandmothers in Irish are:

  • Seanmháthair – means “Old mother” and is commonly used to address your mother’s mom
    • It spelled sean mathair, seanmhair, and also seanmathair
  • máthair mhór – means “Great mother” and is commonly used to address their grandmother with respect

Good to know: In Ireland or in the Republic of Ireland celebrate Grandparent’s Day on the last Sunday of January each year.

62 Disney Grandmother Names

You could take ideas from Disney’s grandma characters:

  1. Grandmother Fa (Mulan)
  2. Gramma Tala (Moana)
  3. Luisa Flores (Elena of Avalor)
  4. Grandmother Willow (Pocahontas)
  5. Chi-Chi (Dragon Ball GT)
  6. Granny (Looney Tunes)
  7. Muriel Bagge (Courage the Cowardly Dog)
  8. Sarafina (Lion King)
  9. Sarabi (Lion King)
  10. Queen Clarisse Renaldi (The Princess Diaries + The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement)
  11. Nala (Lior King)
  12. Grand Mum (Sofia the First)
  13. Mrs. Dabney (Good Luck Charlie)
  14. Mrs. Mouse (Minnie Mouse’s mother and Marcus Mouse’s wife)
  15. Mother Goose (Mother Goose Rock ‘n’ Rhyme)
  16. Milah (Once Upon a Time)
  17. Downy McDuck (DuckTales)
  18. Maw Pete / Maw / Mama Pete (Mickey, Donald, Goofy: The Three Musketeers)
  19. Maw Cow / Mrs. Cow
  20. Mary Darling (Peter Pan)
  21. Maria Stark (Iron Man, The Avengers, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Captain America: Civil War)
  22. Ma Pines (Gravity Falls)
  23. Luisa (Elena and the Secret of Avalor)
  24. Lucille Krunklehorn (Meet the Robinsons)
  25. Isabella Finch (DuckTales [2017])
  26. Imelda (Coco)
  27. Mrs. Hare (Bambi + Bambi II)
  28. Malevola De Vil (101 Dalmatians: The Series)
  29. Abuelita (Gravity Falls)
  30. Aisha (Ms. Marvel)
  31. Alisha Hawthorne (Lightyear)
  32. Alma Madrigal (Encanto)
  33. Padmé Amidala (Star Wars Series)
  34. Queen Athena (The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Beginning)
  35. Aunt Ena (Bambi + Bambi II)
  36. Winifred Banks (Mary Poppins)
  37. Bentina Beakley (DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp)
  38. Black Fairy (Once Upon a Time)
  39. Petunia Blankenhooper (Good Luck Charlie)
  40. Coco Rivera (Coco)
  41. Aggie Cromwell (Halloweentown)
  42. Donka Pudowski (Ron’s Gone Wrong)
  43. Doña Angelica (Elena of Avalor)
  44. Grandma Duck (Mickey’s Christmas Carol, Sport Goofy in Soccermania)
  45. Quackmore Duck (DuckTales [2017])
  46. Linda Duncan (Good Luck Charlie)
  47. Winifred Fletcher (Phineas and Ferb)
  48. Grandma Flutter (Bear in the Big Blue House)
  49. Betty Jo Flynn (Phineas and Ferb)
  50. Linda Flynn-Fletcher (Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension, Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Candace Against the Universe)
  51. Frigga (Thor)
  52. Gaia (Hercules)
  53. Glittering Goldie (DuckTales)
  54. Grandma Goofy / Granny (Mickey Mouse)
  55. Gram-Gram Peg-Leg (Pete’s grandmother)
  56. Gramma (Stitch!)
  57. Grandma Griff (Stanley)
  58. Grandma Paguro (Luca)
  59. Grandma Wu (Turning Red)
  60. Great Grandmother Bunny (The Tale of the Bunny Picnic, The Muppet Christmas Carol)
  61. The Great Prince of the Forest (Bambi, Bambi II)

15 Grandmothers from movies

  1. Grandma Gilmore, Happy Gilmore (1996)
  2. Grandma Huang, Fresh Off the Boat (2015)
  3. Grandma Elle, Grandma (2015)
  4. Augusta Longbottom (Harry Potter)
  5. Laurie Strode (Halloween 2018)
  6. Madea Simmons
  7. Lady Olenna Tyrell (Game of Thrones)
  8. Dowager Countess (Downton Abbey)
  9. Grace Hanson and Frankie Bergstein (Grace and Frankie)
  10. Grandma Annie (The Proposal)
  11. Sophia Petrillo (The Golden Girls)
  12. Mary Luckett (Cocoon)
  13. Lydia Alvarez (One Day at a Time)
  14. Aurora Greenway (Terms of Endearment)
  15. Mamaw (Hillbilly Elegy)

5 Grandma Celebrity Moms

  1. Lovey (Kris Jenner)
  2. Shazza (Sharon Osbourne)
  3. Granny (Whoopi Goldberg)
  4. Honey (Susan Sarandon)
  5. Grandma (Tina Knowles)

Celebrity Names for Grandma

Except Jane Fonda is called “Grandma” by her grandkids, their other celebrities who took it further, for example:

  • Aba Daba (Debbie Reynolds)
  • Glam Ma (Goldie Hawn/Nene Leakes)
  • Granny (Whoopi Goldberg)
  • Honey (Susan Sarandon)
  • Lovey (Kris Jenner)
  • Martha (Martha Stewart)
  • Nana (Chaka Khan)
  • Shazza (Sharon Osbourne)
  • Woof (Blythe Danner)
  • Yia Yia (Rita Wilson)

9 Biblical and Spiritual Grandma Names

  1. Hannah (grandmother of Joel)
  2. Lois (grandmother of Timothy and Paul)
  3. Rebekah (wife of Issac and the grandmother of Joseph)
  4. Ruth (grandmother of Jesse and the great-grandmother of David)
  5. Anna (grandmother of Jesus Christ and mother of Mariyam)
  6. Eve (wife of Adam and was the grandmother of Enoch, Olad, Lizpha and Fosal)
  7. Naomi (grandmother of Obed, the father of King David)
  8. Rachael (grandmother of Ephraim and Manasseh)
  9. Sarah (grandmother of Jacob / wife of Abraham)

More Grandma Nicknames Insights From The Net

Here are some quotes from various sites that talked about nickname and name ideas for a grandmother:

Nanny – Much like the popular nanny Mary Poppins, this is a perfect name for a grandma who is sensible and sweet.

Glamma – Perfect for a glamorous and fabulous grandma!

Cookie – Perfect for a grandma who’s always sweet!

Granny – This name for grandma is perfect for an old-fashioned gal.

Gram – If you’re looking for a name for a laid-back and casual grandma, try this one!

G-Madre – This name for grandma is perfect for the one who has a little bit of edginess to her personality.

Insta Gram – Perfect for the social media savvy grandma-to-be!

Queen – Give grandma the title she truly deserves with this unique name.

Gram Cracker – Perfect for the grandma who has all the right snacks.

Lolli – If grandpa is called “pop”, give grandma this name for a particularly sweet paring!

Mimzy – This name for grandma is just the right amount of quirky and interesting.

Cha-Cha – Perfect for the grandma who always has a little bit of dance in her step.

Granny Pie – This name for grandma is best for the gal who’s as sweet as a slice of pie.

Pipp – If grandma is a little bit more of a free spirit, give this name a try.

MooMaw – This adorable name for grandma is so much fun to say out loud!

Tootsie – Perfect for the grandma who always spoils her grandkids with candy.

Marmee – This alternative grandma name comes from the warm and caring mother in Little Women.

Big Momma – This name is perfect if grandma rules the roost and calls the shots.

Sweetie – Perfect for the grandma who is just too delightful.

Two Mamma – This name is perfect for the grandma who acts like a second mom!

GiGi – This unique name for grandma will come naturally to babbling babies.

Geema – This name for grandma is perfect for a lady who’s cool and hip.

Foxy – This name for grandma is perfect for the gal who’s always down for a good time.

Coco – Perfect for the grandmother who’s always warm and comforting.

Bella – This name is perfect for the grandmother who’s beautiful inside and out!

Sassy – Perfect for the grandmother who doesn’t take any funny business.

GoGo – If grandma is always on the run, try this unique name!

LaLa – Perfect for the grandma who’s just a little bit musical.

Birdy – Perfect for the grandmother who loves the great outdoors.

Bubbles – for a grandma with a bubbly personality!

Twinkles – For the grandma with a twinkle in her eye.

Hempstock – From the grandmother in Neil Gaiman’s ‘The Ocean at the End of the Lane’.

MainMa – For the grandma who had a formative place in your life.

Grammager – The perfect funny nickname for a grandma who likes to manage everything.

Grandzilla – A funny nickname for the grandma who can be a bit of a monster!

GrimGram – For the grandma who doesn’t have a sunny outlook on life.

Hellfire – For the religious grandma who is fond of a bit of ‘hellfire and brimstone’.

Baby Kochamma – Named for the grandma in ‘The God of Small Things’ by Arundhati Roy.

Napa – For the wine-loving grandma!

Nano – For a small grandma.

My best friend from when I was a kid called her grandmother “Grammy”. I thought that was a sweet name!

My daughter’s friends all called me Mumsie so I am going with that.

Growing up I had a grandma doll and lolly. When i had my first granddaughter she couldn’t pronounce her Gs and called me Bramma.

My Aunt Vicky refused to become “Grandma” so she became Bicky…. and has been Bickyfor 36 years now!

My name is Jeanette so have chosen to be called Nanny J.

What about Grandy? It would work for a grandma or grandpa.